Note one: This is set after the Charlie Episode (The Charlie episode after Rise of the Morning sun Jin/Sun Episode), the reason why we are so behind is well because I live in Australia and if its not Australia movies/TV show, then we are way behind. And now Easter is here and Lost won't return for three weeks and that makes us even more behind in Lost, Charmed, Desperate housewives etc. This is rated PG 13 on the safe side.

Note 2: many of the students in this fic will be based on people I know at my school (Including me!) but last names will be changed for the safety of them except the teachers because I am making them up. A few students may also be made up, all the students are in grade 11 as well.

Note: I don't know Korean or words of it so when Sun is talking to Jin, Jin is speaking Korean but it appears he is speaking English instead, but it makes us all know what they are talking about.

Note 3; This is my first Lost fic by the way.

Note 4: Characters may be out of character, I have only seen six episodes of Lost and known all their names but don't know their characters too well like I known Charmed or Buffy characters. But I have seen spoilers so I known a bit of what gonna happen.

Note 5: There could be a main character Lost character pairing with the new Lost ones, and friendships will bond between the new and the old.

Original Lost Pairings: Jack/Kate, Charlie/Claire, Jin/Sun, Sayid/Shannon (I believe these two do start having a relationship no, correct me if I am wrong)

New Lost Pairings: Channa/Kirsten, Rachel/Adam, Liz/Dean

Friendships, which will grow: Kirsten/Sawyer, Channa/Charlie/Kate, Rachel/Sun, Jalisa/Jack, Tahlia/Jin/Sun

Title: Lost again

Summary: When Kate, Jack and others hear a crash from within the island, they see a crashed plane and goes to investigate, they find Twenty-five students, and two teachers survivors. Will anyone ever be found?

The Survivors of the plane crash were sprawled around the beach when a sudden loud crash boomed into their ears.

Kate stood up and scanned, so hoping it wasn't the beast.

"What is it?" Shannon asked.

'Look over there!" Charlie shouted, Kate followed where he was pointing and saw a tail pointing out of the trees, a plane tail, and the symbol on the tail was a Kangaroo, a Australian plane like the ones they were in.

"Is that the plane we crashed on?" Claire asked.

'No, it's a new one" Kate replied. Jack then appeared by her side.

"Come on, they could be survivors" jack replied, he didn't wait for a response he ran for the plane wreck, the others followed.

Jack slowly approached the plane, it was broken in half but still not far from each other. Jack strained to look inside the darkness of the plane, he could see white shirts, a few of them in the last row.

"Jack, is anyone alive?" Kate asked.

'Well, standing here and gawking isn't going to help" Locke replied, he walked passed them and approached the inside.

"Hello, is anyone still alive?" Locke called out. Locke saw a movement, whoever he was, was still alive. Locke entered it and went to the figure.

"Hey kid, you okay?" Locke asked, it was a teenager, a least seventeen years of age, he had brown skin, black hair and brown eyes, he wore a white shirt and gray shorts, Locke guessed by the amount of people in the plane wearing white, it was a school excursion.

"I think she's stuck" The guy said holding tears back, Locke looked at the other figure he was trying to free, this one had the same uniform but had a tie also, she had dark red hair, pale skin with freckles and green eyes.

"Here" Locke replied, he unbelted the seatbelt, the girl groaned, Locke then knew probably half of the people here are survivors, just like them.

"Jack! Kate! We got alive ones, check the others" Locke called, he saw the young man and woman announce orders to everyone, Boone, Charlie, Sawyer and Jin checked the back part of the broken plane while Jack, Kate, Sayid, Michael and Hurley helped with the front part.

"You are going to be okay" Locke replied helping the girl,

'Grab her from the other end" Locke replied, the kid didn't waste time and helped carry her out, Locke heard the other people groaning and awaking from the crash, but he saw an adult, a teacher who was very well dead.

"We have to carry her to the beach" Locke replied, the kid, who seemed all right, only scratches and bruises nodded his head.

"Sun, Shannon, Claire, go help with the rest and bring them to the beach" the three females didn't waste time and helped.

"Walt, I want you to come with me, its too dangerous" Locke replied to Michael's 9-year-old son.

'But I want to stay" Walt replied.

"Walt, you can't help them right now, you're better off helping me with supplies" He replied, the young boy gave in and followed them, the other survivors of the original plane crash came and helped.

Half-hour later both sets of survivors were on the beach, the originals were helping the new ones.

As Jack passed Locke he called him over.

'Jack, how many do we have and not have?" Locke asked.

"Twenty-seven altogether including the two teachers, two other adults including the driver of the plane are dead along with five students" Jack replied.

'Twenty-five? That almost around sixty or seventy" Locke replied.

"Well, we just gonna have to try, these students can't be anymore then around fourteen and seventeen" Jack replied.

'Jack! We need you over here!" Kate yelled, Jack went to her while the girl who Locke was tending opened her eyes finally.

"Hi girl, what your name?" Locke asked.

"Kirsten" the girl said in a low voice, Obviously she knew Locke was helping her or she would of screamed. Locke looked at the kid named Channa to see if the name was right, Channa nodded.

"Someone, where is everyone?" Kirsten asked, she sat up.

'Its okay Kirsty, I am here" Channa replied holding her hands.

"Tahlia? Jalisa? Cassie?" Kirsten asked.

'I don't know, I haven't seen them, Locke?" Channa asked.

'Which ones are they?" Locke asked.

Channa scanned the area, he cocked his head to see what the doctor and the girl with brown curly hair were sitting over, the girl moved over slightly to reveal Jalisa.

'Jalisa's over their" Channa pointed, Kirsten looked but couldn't get a good view if she was alright. Kirsten tried to get up but Locke stopped her.

'Tell me where what they look like and I go ask" Locke replied, Kirsten nodded her head and told him what they looked like.

Jack and Kate were patching the Jalisa girl up who was awake.

"I can't believe this happened the second time" Kate replied.

"Maybe we been drawn here" Kate wondered.

"I dunno, we all have connections and I don't think anyone knows this lot" Jack replied, Jalisa sat up, still blurred on what was going on.

"Who are you?" Jalisa asked.

"I am Jack and this is Kate" Jack replied.

"And where are we?" Jalisa asked.

'Only if we knew the answer, all we know is that we are on an island" Kate replied.

'My friends?" Jalisa asked.

'Well, we know one of them is defiantly alive, his name is Channa?" Kate said.

'Yeah I know him" Jalisa replied. Jalisa was tall and had long thin brown hair and brown eyes, she was pretty fit also, if there was a contest for beauty and body on this island, Jalisa would be up against Shannon. Her skin was quite tanned and she was tall.

"Jalisa is it?" a male voice said, Jalisa looked at a bald man with green eyes.

'Um yeah" Jalisa replied.

'That girl over their, Kirsten she going to be okay, she wanted me to check if you were" Locke replied.

'Kirsty, she still alive" Jalisa replied, she got up and ran to her, despite that she was wincing in pain.

"Seen a long brown hair girl, brown eyes, freckles, tanned skin, a fringe and named Tahlia? Or a girl with brown skin, black hair and brown eyes named Cassie?" Locke asked.

"Um Sayid is looking after a girl with the description like that, Hurley also looking after another girl matching it" Kate replied.

'Well, does one of them have a bit of blonde in her hair?" Locke said.

"That the one Sayid is tending" Jack replied pointing over to the young Iraqi.

'Thanks" Locke replied walking over to them.

'Jack, there's no one matching the description of Tahlia that I saw, dead or alive" Kate replied, the two looked at each other puzzled.

Sun and Jin were standing in the forest by a stream.

"More people just keeping coming" Sun said softly.

"We have to stick together" Jin replied.

"What if we are never found?" Sun asked facing him.

Jin was unsure what to say, he couldn't very well tell her they would but couldn't blurt that they won't, lucky for him a small girl's voice attracted their attention.

'" a voice said. Jin and Sun ran over the water and pushed some bushes aside, a young girl with brown hair, Tahlia no less was lying there, she had somehow gotten separated from the plane and landed their.

'Go get help" Jin said to Sun, Sun ran yelling for help.

"Someone! Help!" Sun cried, Kate left Jack who was still looking after a student and ran to Sun.

'What is it?" Kate asked.

"There a girl, another survivor I think she hurt badly" Sun replied.

'Whose with her?" Kate replied "Jin" Sun said. Kate followed Sun to Tahlia and helped her.

'This must be the Tahlia girl" Kate replied.

"Help me carry her to the beach" Kate ordered, Jin helped Kate grab Tahlia and with Sun took her back to the beach.

Three hours had passed since the new arrivals and Jack was just finishing telling them of what was going on and who they were.

"How long you have been here for?" Liz, another girl asked. She had short shoulder length brown hair, brown chocolate eyes and tanned skin.

"We can't lie, about a month" Kate replied which got worried expressions from them.

Once the meeting was done the survivors went and did there own things.

Channa sat on the beach near the water, he didn't know how he was alive, but he knew it must've a miracle. A scruffy young man came over and sat next to him.

'Channa right? He guessed,

'Yeah, that right" Channa replied.

'Charlie" Charlie replied giving out his hand, Channa shook it.

"All the things that happened to me, this one is the most puzzling and scariest" Channa replied.

"Same here, and I took drugs and was in a band" Charlie replied.

'I knew it was too good to be true" Channa said.

"What was?" Charlie wanted to know.

"Twenty five students were chosen to go to Hollywood and have an experience of their lives and meet stars, thought they were all random" Channa replied.

'Random? You mean some were picked out of a hat" Charlie said.

'Yeah, like Liz over there, she isn't in drama, and Adam, he didn't know if he wanted to go but changed his mind, I suppose I was just an random" Channa replied, pointing to each students.

'No, that actually makes sense, I mean I didn't know anyone when my plane crashed, and we lived but some still survived, I think someone or something did this on purpose" Charlie replied.

'Which means I wasn't a random but in fact someone chosen" Channa asked, Charlie nodded his head. Channa and Charlie continued staring out in the open seas.

Jalisa, Kirsty and Cassie all sat by a recovering Tahlia, Boone and Shannon were only a metre away. Jalisa noticed Shannon giving her weird looks and turned to her.

'Okay, unless if you are a lesbian and checking me out, then quit it" Jalisa said to her.

"No I am not checking you out" Shannon replied hastily.

"No, she's just checking her competition" Boone replied.

'Competition? and why" Jalisa asked.

"No reason, just because I seem to be the hot one here then you come" Shannon replied.

'Shan, be nice they didn't ask to be here" Boone replied.

"And neither did we" Shannon replied.

Sun then came over to the group.

'How is she?" Sun asked Kirsten as Tahlia rested on Kirsten's legs.

"She's okay, thanks" Kirsten replied giving her a smile. Sun smiled back then went back to her husband.

"Will we ever get off this island?' Cassie asked but none of them had an answer.

A/N Sorry it was short but I try to make the second one longer (And believe me when I said I made one story about 46-70 pages long), So what new friendships and Relationships will be tested? Has Shannon found a new foe or an ally? What is on the island that wanted the two sets of survivors? Will they ever be saved? Please Review, don't forget this was my first Lost fic.