Note 1: When it past tenses then its will be in Italic. The Present will be in normal Bold.

Note 2: Although I am good friends with the real Tahlia, Cassie etc I don't know a lot about their past so I am going to make it up but also realistic as I can. When it comes to Kieran and Grace's past I have to use enough of make up things.

Original Lost Pairings: Jack/Kate, Charlie/Claire, Jin/Sun, Sayid/Shannon

New Lost Pairings: Channa/Kirsten, Liz/Adam/Charity, Locke/Amber

Friendships, which will grow: Kirsten/Sawyer, Channa/Charlie/Claire, Jalisa/Jack, Tahlia/Jin/Sun

Disclaimer: I do not own the original Lost people, they belong to whoever created them. Characters such as Kieran, Kirsten, Tahlia, Jalisa etc are not owned by me and are in fact own by themselves in real life.

But I do own myself. Bree Winters, Charity Summers, Amber Summers and Adam Lusch belong to me are not be used without my permission.

Title: Lost again

Title of Episode: The Hatch

Summary: When Kate, Jack and others hear a crash from within the island, they see a crashed plane and goes to investigate, they find Twenty-five students, and two teachers survivors. Will anyone ever be found?

This is centered around the fourteen new survivors before they boarded the flight that lead them to disaster.

Liz and the others slowly followed Dean and Adam as they carried the box to the hatch.

"So, once we get close to the caves, how are we going find the hatch before Kate and the others get there?" Charity asked

"We just gotta keep going, we will make it" Adam reassured her.

"I am just glad that remote didn't belong to the box, I rather have a friend and boyfriend in one piece thank you" Liz said.

"I am good with directions" Rachel answered

"Yeah but that only useful once we find the hatch, and what's in that thing anyway?" Grace asked

'Nobody knows, that one of life's greatest mysteries, what is in that box" Bree said,

'Or what's the sex is, as in your baby" Channa replied

'I dunno, I just want to be healthy, but the kid is not going to find out who his father is until he is old enough" Bree said.

Tahlia saw some black smoke and looked at Adam

"Yeah I saw it too" Adam replied, leaves crunches and sticks snapped under their feet as they made their way to the hatch. Then a rumbling noise came

"What's that?" Rachel asked

"Maybe someone really hungry" Jalisa laughed

"Or someone is ripping up trees" Cassie said in front of Jalisa, they turned and saw trees going up.

"Or it's the monster" Channa gulped.

"Let's get out of here now!" Charity shouted, the group hurried but the beast came closer.

"Liz!" Charity cried as she fell.

"Charity!" Liz shouted. Shoving the box to Dean Adam ran as the beast grabbed Charity and dragged her away, Adam followed.

'Adam!" Liz screamed.

"Adam!" Charity screamed as she felt herself been dragged across the ground going who gods know where. She kept screaming as the beast continued dragging her until she almost went into a hole but Adam held her.

'Tell Liz I am sorry" Charity cried

"You can tell her that yourself" Adam struggled; she gripped Charity's hand and tried to keep her from going down.

"Hey Monster feed on this!" Bree shouted, Adam saw a bomb get thrown into the hole then a explosion, Charity and Adam crashed onto solid ground, when Adam looked up Bree was holding a remote.

"And thank god for able to use single bombs at a time" Bree said. Charity and Adam stood up, Liz comforted a terrified Charity.

'I saw that creature, me Claire and Charlie saw that thing" Channa said

'Really" Grace asked

'Oh my god" Rachel commented

"Let's get out of here first" Adam said, Hey that a collapsed cave, this is where Amber and Locke had got trapped" Charity stuttered pointing to a fallen in cave. Liz had a flashback of the Hatch.

"Oh my god, I know where is it, come on!" Liz remembered.

'Okay then let's go" Adam said, they now followed Charity to retrace their steps then to follow Liz to the hatch.

"How do you know that?" Claire stated, her and Sun were talking about Aaron and Charlie.

'Because he will, Charlie said he will bring back your baby" Sun answered.

'Sun/' Kirsten approached her

"Hi Bree" Claire muttered

"Um I got my personality back, why was Bobby sleeping with blood on him?" Kirsten asked

"I don't know what you mean" Sun lied

"Bobby, I remember being Kate or someone and asking what was wrong with Bobby?" Kirsten replied

"Uh well, Bobby was working to finish off the raft but cut his hand and it got on his shirt, and he fainted" Sun said

"Then why did you say he was sleeping?" Kirsten asked

"Because we didn't want to worry you" Sun said.

"Okay whatever, I will look for him after I go find Channa" Kirsten said.

"Channa isn't here, Tahlia and the others are out" she replied

"Oh that's right they went to blow the hatch up themselves. Oh-ho I wasn't supposed to tell you that" Kirsten realized.

"I am going to say a final goodbye to Sawyer" Kirsten stated

"The raft is gone, Sawyer, Michael, Jin and Walt left earlier today" Claire whispered.

'Sawyer? No, I was, No!" Kirsten shouted she ran out of the caves, Sun followed.

"Kirsty!" Sun shouted Kirsten stood on the beach staring at the sea.

"Kirsty, Sawyer left to save us" Sun told her

"But he didn't say goodbye, None of the boys said goodbye" Kirsten said, Shannon was walking by them with Vincent.

"I know, One day I was gone was the day Boone had to die, I couldn't say goodbye" Shannon answered, Kirsten's eyes widened.

'Boone's dead?" Kirsten asked shocked.

'You don't know?" she said

"No, I can't believe this, Boone's dead, Channa and Bobby went with the others to blow the hatch up and Sawyer left to save us and I may never say goodbye to him" Kirsten said angry and upset.

"You didn't tell her!" Shannon said angrily to Sun

'Tell me what?" Kirsten asked

"Bobby is" Shannon started to say

'Not in love with you, he doesn't want you anymore and he left with Kieran on a boat and their boat sailed away, this was on the other side of the Island" Sun covered up, Shannon glared at her.

'Kirsty?" Sun asked after a moment.

'Just leave me alone, I need to talk" Kirsten said walking away.

"What are you doing telling her Bobby's dead?' Sun snapped

"It's not better then lying and telling her that her boyfriend eloped with the girl who shot Sawyer!" Shannon shot back.

"Just keep it to yourself, this way Kirsten's pain will heal" Sun said before walking away herself.

Grace held a ticket as she waited to board the flight. She was glad to get away as Buddy was due for his parole today. Grace heard her flight been called and started walking towards it when Buddy stopped her.

'Buddy!" Grace exclaimed

"Grace my dearest" Buddy replied

'Buddy, How it's only like nine in the morning how did you get out so quickly/' Grace asked, Buddy held her wrist.

"Got out yesterday, got bailed too and I am not leaving you this time" Buddy threatened.

"You lost me the day you killed Damien and shot Kirsten" Grace said plain and simple.

"No! You are mine" Buddy threatened, Grace struggled from his grasp

'Buddy, I have to go on my plane and you are hurting me!" Grace said

"Stay with me, love thy forever!" Buddy said

'Lay off Romeo" Grace said.

'No" Buddy simply said.

"Lay off!" Grace growled

"You are pure beautiful and I won't leave" Buddy said.

'Hey you whore get away from her!" a voice said, Kirsten, Jalisa and Cassie appeared.

"Hello Kirsten" Buddy said

'Buddy, you aren't in jail" Kirsten realized

"Yeah, I got parole" Buddy smiled

'You should have stay gone" Jalisa growled.

"Nice, you think you can threaten me?" Buddy growled

"Back off" Kirsten said.

'No" Buddy replied back.

'Security! Police!" Jalisa shouted attracting a thousand eyes.

'You will pay, I will be waiting in Los Angeles for you" Buddy said, he ran off.

"Grace are you okay?" Cassie asked

"Yeah now I am, let's go before we miss the flight, and where is Tahlia?" Grace asked

"She will catch up" Kirsten reassured her as they left.

Amber had once again lost Danielle but she kept following the black smoke, she will get that baby back.

"Danielle! Come on, the baby wants it's mother!" Amber cried out, she jumped when she heard a faint scream. She backed up, she had to get out fast before anyone dangerous came to her.

'Dani!" Amber shouted she took a step before tripping and falling down a sledge.

'Ouch" Amber groaned, she realized there was a log next to her

'Lunatic" Amber growled as she realized it was a trap planted by Danielle. She got up and stumbled back down, she looked at her ankle which was bleeding a bit and was sprained.

"No, this won't stop me!" Amber shouted, she struggled back up, she had a dream about Locke carrying Boone's body despite his legs, and Amber was just as tough as he was. She stood up.

"Charlie!" Amber shouted out, she knew once Charlie found out he was going to chase after Danielle.

She walked another step before clutching her stomach, a vision came to her.

Danielle. Danielle's baby, the baby been taken away and Danielle upset. Now the present where she stole Claire's baby.

"Oh my god" Amber said, she was going to switch Claire for her baby which must be sixteen years old by now. She struggled back up and continued on, even so she was getting the baby back either way.

It was nightfall and the group was able to have some fire on a stick as they got closer to the hatc, Channa was walking next to Rachel.

"Rachel do you think this is all for a reason?" Channa asked

"What you mean?" Rachel replied back

"All of this, everyone we crashed on an island and only two people died, and Miss Mannering and Miss Bond are nowhere to be found on this island, I always thought there weren't many survivors of an airplane crash, and then their the forty original survivors, we just happen to crash on the same island as they did?" Channa responded.

"Maybe it's just a coincidence" Rachel said.

"Really now? I don't think so, we were put here for a reason, I think everything that leads up to this very moment was supposed to happen, that we are here by destiny" Channa said.

"You are thinking way too much into it" Rachel said

"Am I? Rachel, I am surrounded by people I love, well Dean and Adam aren't close friends and I didn't know Charity or Bree that much but still, and I think the Island has a agenda, against Kirsten" Channa said

"Now you are just talking crazy" Rachel answered

"Come on, you believe in magic and witchcraft and destiny" Channa answered.

'Yeah but we didn't get brought here" Rachel responded.

"I am just telling you, Amber seems to be letting on more then she knows, Locke and Danielle probably would agree with me as well, I hear Locke talking about this all the time" Channa said

"Don't worry about it, if you really are concern ask Locke later" Rachel said. Channa wasn't convinced, Rachel didn't get him like someone say Liz or Claire or Charlie, even Locke would get what he getting at, maybe he will talk to Locke about it.

Dean was next to the teachers Miss Mannering and Miss Bond while waiting for Liz and Adam to arrive.

"Hey are you a Drama Teacher?" Dean asked Miss Bond. Miss Bond had blonde hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes with glasses, she was around her early forties, while Miss Mannering was in her twenties with short black hair, brown eyes and black eyeliner. Both had fair skin.

"Uh no actually I am a English teacher" Miss Bond said

'So how come you are here miss" Dean asked Miss Bond

"Actually I am not sure, my name just came up as one of the two, but hey I am going to meet some stars" Miss Bond said.

"It should be worthwhile, it's a pretty good collection of celebrities we are supposed to be meeting" Miss Mannering spoke up.

"Who are you waiting for/" Miss Bond asked curiously.

"Um Liz and Adam, they are probably making out" Dean said, Miss Bond and Miss Mannering laughed a bit.

"Well they better be sure they check in with us before they are late" Miss Mannering answered.

"Hey there Channa, looks like his family with him too" Miss Bond said

"A very big family" Miss Mannering answered, Liz and Adam arrived.

'Oh there they are, we thought you would be making out still" Miss Mannering joked

"Yeah, you know just having a bit of quantity time together" Liz said

"You two got a hotel room, don't see anymore special, and we all know what that means" Miss Bond said smiling.

"Oh thank you miss" Adam said

"What teachers can joke" Miss Bond replied

"Yeah well we have to go now, see ya on the plane" Liz said, Dean went with them.

"Bye" Miss Bond and Miss Mannering said together.

Locke, Jack, Kate and Hurley arrived at the hatch when they heard talking.

"What was that?" Kate asked.

"Did someone follow us dude?" Hurley asked, the twelve survivors appeared then.

"Oh hey Jack" Bree said, the others looked at each other.

'I thought we told you to stay at the caves?" Jack asked

'No you asked the others to, we were already gone" Jalisa said.

'Oh I am sorry I thought I mean tall of you" jack said, a hint of anger was in his voice.

"Listen Jack we just wanted to make it right" Liz said, Dean and Adam came in view with a box.

"What's that?" Locke asked

"Bombs to open the hatch but you got there before us" Adam said.

'Just go, you were asked to stay at the caves" Jack said

"Sorry" Bree answered for all of them.

'Just go" Jack said,

"Actually no, we are going to look for two of our teachers who went missing and they aren't dead" Adam responded.

'We have been doing alright so far" Liz said before Jack could say anything.

'Jack let them do what they want, just don't take so long okay? We can be saved any minute, well until Sawyer and the others get to land" Kate replied.

"Fine, but what did you need to make right?" Jack asked.

'The troubles we made" Channa spoke up

'You haven't caused trouble, now go look for your teachers but be back soon" Kate replied.

"We will come back tomorrow before sunset" Adam reassured them then they left.

Kieran hadn't realized it until two hours ago when she discovered a transmission still working along with a flare gun and a radar.

"Here a toast to you Boone" Kieran said to the sky, so what if she was going a little crazy, she was alone after all.

"May you find your way" Kieran said, she looked around the ocean, still no land or ship or any flying planes.

'Come on someone! You should still be looking for us!" Kieran shouted but no answer of course, no until the radar started beeping.

"What?" Kieran asked picking it up, there were two green dots on the far right of her.

"The raft?" Kieran said, but what was the second one, she realized she was closer to them then she thought but the second one was passing her, she turned and saw another boat heading towards the raft.

"Hey! Over here!" Kieran shouted. But they didn't see us

'We aren't alone, there is someone out there" Kieran wondered.

Amber was getting closer to the black smoke, her sprained ankle made it take longer to get there.

Amber sighed and took a rest, that was until she heard crying.

"The baby" Amber breathed in relief, she found them, she walked closer and heard voices. Danielle, Sayid and Charlie, she walked out to the bushes to see Danielle seeking back into the shadows and a happy Charlie holding the baby.

"We did it, we saved the baby" Amber replied.

"Amber" Charlie said seeing her.

"Oh, he's cute" Amber said, she almost fell but Sayid caught her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I saw Danielle take the baby and then I rushed after her, I almost got killed in a trap and sprained my ankle, but it was worth it for Charlie and Claire" Amber said smiling.

"Makes two of us" Charlie said smiling.

'Come on, let's go back, we need to get Amber fixed up, can you walk?" Sayid asked.

'Yeah, I need some support but yes" Amber said she watched Charlie with the baby.

"His name is Aaron, Claire decided on the name before I left" Charlie said.

"Aaron, a wonderful name" Amber agreed.

"Well that was pleasant" Liz said with sarcasm.

"He could have been nicer, we were trying to do a favor" Charity agreed. They were now walking through the woods to find their teachers, they didn't take the box with them but Locke had given a gun to them before they left, Adam now held it.

"Well see it from his point of view, he was trying to keep us safe and we went behind his back" Adam answered.

'I guess" Charity mumbled.

"Lucky Kate and Locke were there or he might have gone crazy" Bree laughed she was behind Adam.

"Yeah" Rachel agreed.

'Well all we need to do is find the two teachers, head back to the caves and await Jack's orders, great I hate saying that" Grace replied.

'Saying What/" Dean asked confused

'Him ordering us around, I wish we had a bit more freedom in our lives" Grace told him.

Bree felt dizzy and stopped.

'You okay/' Channa asked but Bree stared at Adam.

'No, No you can't be you are dead" Bree said seeing Mal instead of Adam, Bree lunged for him

"No you aren't real you are dead!" Bree cried out.

"Bree!" Liz called out as the others pulled her off,

'He's there, he's there" Bree cried

"No Bree it's Adam, don't let him get to you" Channa said holding her, Bree saw he was right and that Adam was still there.

'I am sorry" Bree said

"It's okay" Adam reassured her

'He felt real, He was real" Bree cried

'He's never touching you again, I promise, we all do" Channa assured her.

Kieran grabbed her flare gun and fired before the boat left, another flare went up, the boat turned and went towards them but not her.

Kieran watched the boat come to the raft.

'Hey! Wait up!" Kieran shouted making a quick decision, she wouldn't face Sawyer for too long and maybe she would be free when she is saved. Smiling that she might see her friends again she went to them, that was before the light of the boat went out.

'Hey wait!" Kieran shouted suddenly a gunshot was heard and she saw someone fall off, a second person jumped in after.

'Oh my god" Kieran realized, they weren't going to save them after all, she saw a dark guy, possible Michael fall into the water.

"Walt!" Kieran screeched, she realized the people were kidnapping Walt. She grabbed her gun, the same one she used on Sawyer.

'For the greater good" Kieran muttered, she aimed for the boat and fired. The Raft exploded but she knew she didn't do it.

"Walt!" Michael screamed.

'Leave him alone you bastards!" Kieran screamed also firing again, she started speeding the boat up, which she figured how to do two minutes ago and was ready to grab Michael, Jin and Sawyer and then save Walt but someone throw something on her boat.

'Michael!" Kieran screamed as she realized it was a grenade, she jumped off as it exploded.

Amber was tired and sore but it was worth it, she made it with Sayid and Charlie, they entered the cave as Claire looked up, a great smile appeared on her face as she came running towards them. Amber smiled as she hugged Charlie, Amber hugged Claire as she realized Amber had also gone after to save Aaron.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Shannon walk to them but then ran past them to Sayid, they both hugged and Amber smiled again.

When they sat down Claire tended both of their wounds with care.

Bree wandered onto the plane and to her seat, Mal held her side as they walked towards it, she shivered a bit but didn't show it. Her eyes connected with Tahlia, she gave a very weak smile as she took her place.

Kieran wasn't so pleased about sitting in the middle, she was in front of Dean and Miss Mannering. Taking out a book and an MP3 player she read and listened to music, the book was called A crash to remember, Not.

Channa was a bit insecure about the plane, he hoped they made a safe trip. He sat next to Miss Bond who smiled at him, he was behind Kirsten and just hearing Kirsten talk would calm his nerves, he took out a picture of Kirsten and Tahlia, he stared at them and then to the back of Kirsten. He traced his finger around the picture of Kirsten, the one he couldn't have and the one he didn't want to be in love with.

Charity was glad when she saw that she was sitting across from Liz, that way she could see her smile just as long as Liz didn't look her way. Liz hadn't sat down yet so Charity stared out to the airport, soon she would be flying into the air and on their way to Los Angeles, she smiled, Piper had shown up just before she boarded and gave her a big hug and now she could faintly see her on the other side of a fence waving to the plane, she waved back.

Liz smiled as she and Adam put the suitcases up onto the top, Adam made a crack about how a girl couldn't reach but it made Liz laugh anyway, so she decided to let him to the work and sit down instead, no worries.

Adam put his last bag up and then sat next to Liz, Liz shifted herself into Adam's arms, Adam smiled, she smiled like chocolate and vanilla, he looked over and saw a blonde girl looking at them, he looked away not sure if she was actually looking at them.

Dean was joking with Miss Mannering, who he was sitting next to behind Liz. Dean picked up his MP3 player then and listened to it, he let Miss Mannering listen as well.

Rachel waved at Channa and then sat in the seats in front of Kirsten, Rachel took out her book and started to read it, a blonde girl walked past her with an older guy, Rachel gave a smile but the girl didn't take notice.

Tahlia was emotionless, something had happened to her before the flight and wasn't sure how to feel. she sat behind Jalisa and Cassie and sat next to Grace. Kirsten was two rows in the middle down. Cassie was talking to Jalisa and they laughed.

Grace smiled at Tahliat and then looked at the front, Buddy had really ticked her off, she had moved on and it was about time he did,

Bobby sat down and smiled at Kirsten, the two started kissing, Bobby knew he would be happy with her but hoped she wouldn't choose a acting career over him.

Channa saw Bobby sit down and then a moment later Kirsten and Bobby was kissing, Channa looked away, it was bad enough he was here but did they have to kiss in front of him, Miss Bond knew about the situation and put a comforting hand on his hand, Channa smiled at her.

Jalisa and Cassie were listening to their CD Player and singing. Jalisa was excited, she was going to Los Angeles, and she could finally be free for a little while.

A red head stewardess asked Cassie if she wanted anything but she shook her head, Cassie was already missing her boyfriend John and just wished he could come with them. She closed her eyes as she imagined them sitting here on the plane together, she looked over to see Kirsten and Bobby kissing, she pitied Channa who had the misfortune of sitting behind them.

The group had stopped and rest, Bree still was in Channa's arms. Bree's eyes flattered open and closed, she was tired but didn't want to go to sleep. Tahlia stared into the woods, she was worried about Kirsten, she hoped she wasn't scared. Tahlia saw a bright light coming towards them, she tapped them on the shoulders getting the others attention, the others were confused as she was.

The light came closer then hit the ground, they went over to it and saw a hole.

What was it? The other side of the Hatch or something else?

A/N, Okay not so good cliffhanger but still. Anyway this is the last chapter for now until Lost comes back to Australia like January (Lost ended in August but my story ended now). Anyway so what gonna happen now? Well I can tell you that Two survivors of the new plane are with the tail end survivors of the old ones. What did that light do? What is this hole? What happened to Tahlia before she boarded the flight, Did Kieran make it into the water before the boat exploded? What will happen when Kirsten finds out Bobby is dead? Still the same old questions and mysteries.