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Chapter 10: Aftermath

I was still in a daze when Seras came back from her mission. She found me laying on the cot, basking in the afterglow.

"What's up?" she asked jovially. I rolled my head towards her, and a lazy smile curled my lips. Stretching my hands above my head, I sat up and said:

"Mmmm…nothing much. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I was just wondering if Master gave you any trouble. He didn't, did he?" her eyes were desperate. I didn't want to lie, but the truth would distress her, and maybe even make her jealous. Suddenly I though of a way to tell the truth, and refrain from worrying Seras.

"Seras, if your master had given me any trouble, do you think I'd still be alive?" she considered it for a minute.

"Well, I guess not!" she looked at her watch and jumped.

"I've got to take a shower! Its almost dawn!" she hurried out of the room. Alucard's voice ran into my thoughts like quicksilver. You're not going to tell her? I lay back down, savoring the rich sound of his voice. No, not yet. I don't think she's ready to know. She still holds on to humanity. She has a crush on you too, you know. Telling her that her master would do this to someone not in danger would completely crush her perception of you. Besides, I want to keep this a secret. He chuckled, then withdrew from my mind. Yes, I thought to myself, lets just keep it our little secret.

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A Sonic/Hellsing crossover (Un-named)

Robotnic shoots Sonic with some weird new ray, and sends him to another universe. Where should he land, but Hellsing manor! Unable to find a way back, Sonic signs up for Hellsing, and only hilarity can follow!

"So, small blue creature, what exactly are you, and what are you doing in my home?" tall and blond, Sir Integra Hellsing swept around the corner. Sonic could tell just by the tone of her voice that she was in charge. He got ready to run, then answered.

"I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! Best freedom fighter on Mobius! As to why I'm hear, I haven't got a clue. Butnic, the leading criminal on Mobius, hit me with some sorta weird ray gun, and the next thing I knew, I was here dodging bullets." Sir Integra raised an eyebrow.

"Dodging bullets? Come now, you may be fast, but no one is that fast." Sonic only snickered.

"Why do ya think they call me 'Sonic', toots? Sonic speed, sonic boom, any of this ringin' a bell?" Integra's glare got icy. Sonic took a step back despite himself.

"Don't ever call me 'toots'. I am a knight of the round table, and I will receive the respect that I deserve, especially in my own house." Sonic nodded.

"Yeah, that makes sense. I don't know any knights, but I do know a princess, and she's big on respect. Sorry if I offended ya." Sonic offered a low bow, managing quite well for one of his stature. He then offered his hand to sir Integra. She took it, and they shook.

The Newest Member

Alucard is bored. His master allows him a visitor, and it turns out to be a child vampire, all the way from Canada! She wants to help the Hellsing organization, but is to gentle to kill. So, she leaves her Human Servant, a very powerful, crazy, and fun loving professional vampire victim known as 'Scott'. What chaos will ensue?

"Very well, you may bring this vampire in. But if they try to harm any one, or steal anything, you will be expected too kill them. Is that understood?" Alucard chuckled.

"If I can, my Master." With that, he dissolved into the shadows, leavening the knight to ponder what he meant by 'if I can'.

The Police Girl, alias Seras, was wandering the streets, it being her night of this month. As she walked by a dark ally, she heard what seemed to be, children's laughter? She peered into the ally way.

"Ah hah! You see? The perfect example: there is absolutely no privacy in this country. Here we are, minding our own business, and some little girl pokes her head in on what we're doing. You see?" Seras gasped. The speaker was Helena. A very off balance Helena. A slightly drunk Helena. There was another child vampire standing next to her. This one seemed to have walked right off the Hollywood big screen. It wore a black tuxedo, with a frilly white shirt and, Seras did a double take. Yes, it was wearing a black and red cape. It shook its head.

"Honestly, Helena, that last one was just a little overboard. You can hardly stand!" Helena hiccoughed. She jabbed a finger in the other vampire's chest.

"It was your idea to get me out of the house, and your idea to go to that party." The little blond dead girl was by now hanging off her companion, unable any more to stand on her own. She was giggling.

My Meeting With Death, A Sequel!(Un-named)

Weeeeeeeeeere baaaack! Scott's journey to become a vampire, another bite scene, this time the real thing, and some of what happens after she becomes a vampire.

(Story not started(yet!))

My first original fic! (Un-named)

This one will be hosted on fictionpress. Scott (From the newest member) has a doppelganger in another universe, and she's been turned into a vampire! With all the adults missing from this world, and only children to combat the un dead menace, this new Scott is sticking with her human friends, whether they think they should kill her or not!

"Welcome back to consciousness, my child." I looked for the source of the sound.

"Your child? Are you my sire then?"

"I am."

"Cool. Why not just kill me, instead of going through all the trouble of changing me?"

"You are needed. You alone have the skills to truly conquer this world." I walked around a bit, getting more used to my new body.

"And you think I'm going to help you, why? You killed me, decimated my troops, as a matter of fact, its all your fault my parents disappeared and my best friends died. Yet you assume that I'll help." A man materialized in front of me.

"You will help! You must, for I order it. And if you choose to disobey your sire, you will starve!" I put my hands on my hips and grinned.

"I guess I starve then."

Vampiric Future, With A Quirk

Another one for fictionpress. In the future, there is a hostile take over, but it's the vampires who are in cages. Being used as science experiments, they wait for their savoir, not knowing, that she herself has been caught! Told from the POV of said savoir.

In the past, humans had liked to write stories and movies about us, our dark majesty putting us on the top sellers list for the horror genre. One of the favorite themes for aspiring young writers was…vampires taking over the world. That's a laugh. Human technology grew, and grew. They became able to track us, to hunt us, and eventually, to capture us. They put us in 'Scientific Establishment Holdings' as they called them. Anyone who didn't co-operate, was destroyed. Have you ever noticed that? When you kill a human, it's 'murdered', when you kill a Lycanthrope, it's 'killed', but when you kill a vampire, it becomes 'destroyed'. Nice to know that you're thought of aslittle more than an inanimate object. Humans don't even see that not all vampires are harmful. Very little in this world is truly evil. Myself, I can't complain. I don't fight them, they feed me this chemical thing that states my hunger. It's a mutual agreement thing. Oh yeah, one more thing. They do tests. New ways too kill us, better ways to trap us, just what are our abilities. As if we were lab mice and couldn't answer for ourselves. I've given up trying to reason with them. But there are others who haven't, and the amount of blood that stains the floor of this holding center make even me queasy.

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