Disclaimer: I do not own or have any of the stories written by Anne Bishop, I have based this story on it, the character I own however, is called Trina, most of the other names are from the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop.

Glory of the Witch


Before the days of Reckoning, the Queen of Avaski, Janelle Angelline was a natural born black widow, healer and, queen, but more importantly Witch. Janelle was the greatest they had in the land, from ruling and setting uncanny terms, she and her Consort Daemon, left a seed of potential power, her name is Trina, however when she was young she was taken away from her parents and.. Gave her a new name Shadow, until she arrived at the keep, she accepted the name Trina and never reverted back to Shadow.

This is the Year of Reckoning.

All the greatest mages in the world past and present, are revived to tend the choosing of the next Witch.

Every now and then someone says "I am Witch bow before me…" but they don't believe them as the living do not believe in Witch until the sun shines in Hell.

Throughout the Kingdom of Hell and Earth, witches and mages and apprentices arrive at the holy sacred lands to hail the next Witch or Warlock who would rule the land with supremacy and glory.

Being Witch you will have to overcome all enemies … even if they are your friends that is why many of the ones chosen to be Witch as assassinated in the first year of their rule.

Usually being chosen as Witch you have power and advantage over all, but to misuse this power you will die a most painful death and be resurrected under the High Lord's mercy … or at his enjoyment.

Those who do survive past their first year of being Witch will live long lives and have many loyal subjects, and able to keep the generations of witches and warlocks safe, BUT not this year…