Those of you who frequent livejournal may have heard of the community "30 kisses." It's a project where you claim the pairing of your choice and write a fic for each of the thirty themes presented in the user info. (These themes are taken from Japanese fan sites where they engage in similar projects.) Only one person can have each pairing (it is all fandom, not just "InuYasha"), and by some absolutely awesome opportunity, I was able to snag InuYasha/Kagome. So, this will be a collection of thirty fanfics of varying lengths featuring said pairing. Some of the themes are a bit unique, and you'll see that as it goes on. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I think I'll enjoy writing it.

Ai No Kakera

Shards of Love

An InuYasha/Kagome '30 kisses' Collection

By Kelly O'Connor



(Based on the theme 'Perfect Blue.')

To everyone else, it was nothing more than a well. Creaky wood and unstable edges, vines snaking up its waterless and unkempt walls. Or elsewhere, nothing but a passage to nowhere hidden within a dark humid hut in a modern shrine.

Youkai and human passed by it, unaware of the magic that lay within its hidden depths.

A magic shared only by two.

Upon their entrance into its ink black depths, the well became another thing entirely. Not old, rickety or ignored.

But perfect.

For InuYasha it had brought him salvation, another chance at life via a girl who slipped into his life through a wrinkle in time.

For Kagome it had jump-started her maturity, giving her a bright new outlook on living through a boy who the world had all but forgotten.

Their own clandestine place.

As always, they'd take each other's hands as the lip of the well came into sight. Stepping upon, the threshold, the Miko and Hanyou would flash each other grateful smiles before together plunging into the shady abyss.

And for them it changed, color filled their vision as they found themselves floating hand in hand through a snatch of a world unknown. The passage that led them to each other was blue: luminous, perfect.

Perfect blue.