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'Damn,'the god of wind thought as he painfully knelt down before the altars of the Elder Gods. 'Who would have thought that the Lin Kuei had such a warrior in this day and age?'

As Fujin though this, the ruined temple faded and was replaced with a marble lined room covered with murals of nature from throughout the realms. The altar of Air was replaced by the Elder God of that element. Fujin suppressed a flinch of pain, but one not of his injuries but of memory. For some reason the memory of his father, Enlil the former Elder God of Air crossed his mind. How long has it been since Enlil's and Benten-San's deaths?

"Lord Fujin, "the Elder God of Air spoke in a stern voice, "You have failed in your duties as one of the four guardians of the Temple of the Elements. A mortal warrior defeated you and has handed over the medallion to the sorcerer Quan Chi. What have you to say?"

The wind god hung his head down in shame as he replied, "There is nothing to say, I have failed and await Your punishment."

The Elder God stared silently for a few moments and then said, "We understand that the shields that locked in the medallion's power, also limited your and your fellow guardian's powers. You will not be punished but you will need to redeem yourself. Normally, I would give you the required task but another has requested your services."

As the Elder God of Air spoke, the altar of Time faded to be replaced by Kronos. Air continued, "I have agreed. Before you can returned to you place among the gods of Earthrealm you must complete the task He will set for you."

The Elder God of Air then vanished, to leave an uncomfortable silence between Fujin and the Elder God of Time. Kronos sighed and said, "You might as well rise, there is no point having your knees go numb in a false show of respect."

Fujin stood up and tried his best not to glare at the Elder God of Time. Over five hundred years ago, it was this Elder God that same as sent Rayden's soulbond to her death. What was worse, he had ordered Fujin to ensure that the woman would go. Not a day has passed since that Fujin hasn't thought of that day or blamed himself and the Elder God for Althea's death.

"You might want to know, that Rayden has already taken it upon himself to send that same warrior into the Neatherrealm to reclaim what was stolen, "said Kronos.

"That's impossible, "said Fujin without thinking, "Rayden has been suffering from the broken soulbond since…."

"True, but it seems that he has had a miraculous recovery, "said Kronos trying his hardest not to let his own relief show, "Actually, its your brother's recovery that brings me to this task I wish you to perform."

Kronos could almost see (as the mortals would say) the tiny wheels spinning in the deity's head as Fujin tried to guess what Kronos was hinting at. The Elder God continued, "I need for you to locate a certain person and return with her to Earthrealm."

The End….

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