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Chapter Thirty Two: Thoughtful Dead

In a dark, damp cave barely lit with corroded lamps bolted on to the rocky walls. In the center of the mist covered floor, laid a single coffin faintly glowing with flickers of purplish electric sparks running across its surface. A portal opened with a loud hiss, creating currents in the mist and allowing Arianna to step through without a glance towards the sputtering lamps her full attention on the coffin. She knelt down and almost lovingly stroked the coffin's lid. Her hand froze for a moment as a frown appeared on Arianna's face. The frown vanished as her eyes widened slightly as if in understanding. The woman stood up and walked towards one of the cavern's walls to pick up a web encrusted mace from the ground.

Unseen in a darkened crevasse, Lillith observed every single move Arianna made. What the vampire saw concerned her. Arianna was suppose to be preparing to acquire the orb but was instead wasting her energy on…whatever this was.

Arianna placed the mace on the coffin and smiled as it seemed to melt into lid, leaving behind the webs which she gently dusted away as the coffin lit up. At first the coffin lit up slightly only to end up flaring nearly blinding the vampire. The purple tinted light eventually died down to the same dimness as before with the only noticeable difference being the sparks running across the coffin seem to be more numerous and faster than before.

"Soon, my brother, "Arianna whispered as she stroked coffin and then said louder, "What do you want Lillith?"

The vampire walked out from the shadows, her wings flaring in agitation. "This does no look like preparations for…"

"No they are not, "interrupted Arianna as she turned to faced the winged female, "Surely a creature such as your self should understand what I am doing."

It dawned on Lillith as she hissed, "You can not be considering bringing one such as him back…Even if it was possible it would be insane to do so."

"Insane…maybe, "smirked Arianna, "Possible…definitely."

Lillith hissed as she pulled out her kamas, "You never meant…"

"Oh I plan to keep up my end of the bargain, "Arianna said still smiling, "For what good is a god without a realm."

Lillith snarled as she ran to attack, eyes glowing red in her rage. Arianna sighed exaggeratedly as she dodged the first two swipes of Lillith's kamas. Lillith opened her mouth to spit only to end up gasping in pain and falling to the ground to reveal a single kama deep in the center of her back.

"I never did tell you about a new trick I learned, "said Arianna to the dieing Lillith, "Guess you could call it a 'Timely Attack.' All I have to do is throw one of these, "Arianna pulled out a kama from her belt and then threw it hard only to have it vanish is a flash of dark red light, "And it will appear almost as if out of nowhere minutes before I even threw it or minutes after whichever I choose. Funny thing is I can't make it go any father than a few minutes either back or forward in time. Guess that old paradox rule prevents any further leeway."

Lillith groaned and moved slightly. "Still alive, "said Arianna as she placed a foot next to the partially buried kama and raised a red flame engulfed hand, "Guess I'm just going to have to correct that."

(A Dark Forest)

Shujinko looks around trying to figure out where the mysterious woman sent him to. All he sees is a dark forest with strangely moaning trees.

"The Living Forest, "mumbled Shujinko who then sighed just before slapping himself, "Ok old man, time to…"

A loud growl interrupted his verbal thoughts, he slowly turned to see every single tree now had at least one Tarkatan standing either at its base or up in its branches. Shunjinko took a step back and bumped into something…someone.

A more feminine growl sounded right behind his ear as a single sai appeared at his throat. "Foolish old man, "hissed the woman, "You dare…"

The sai scrapped across Shujinkos throat as something pulled the woman away from him.


Shujinko turned to see a pink and black clad woman being pulled back by a rope of some sort around here throat to a yellow and black clad warrior.

Once the woman was within reach, Scorpion ran the rope once more over the throat to hold it with both hands.

The woman roared as her foot went up and over her head to slam into Scorpion's face forcing him to let go.

The Tarkatan started chanting, "Mileena! Mileena! Mileena!"

Mileena turned to face Scorpion, but then back flipped away from him. Shujinko ran to the side of the area, only to find that she stopped to pick up her fallen sai. Pulling out its twin from her belt, she twirled them and went in to a combative stance.

"What is this human to you?" she demanded.

Scorpion's answer was to raise his mask to reveal a skull and spit out a stream of hellfire towards the woman. When the hellfire cleared she was nowhere to be seen. Scorpion crossed his arms in a blocking move in front of his face just in time for a feminine boot to crash into it. Mileena was forced to flip backwards to land safely on her feet. While she was still in the air, Scorpion vanished in a puff of hellfire and smoke only to reappear behind Shujinko. The specter's arm wrapped around the old man's neck and then they both vanished with a flash of flame and smoke.

"Groarrrrrrrr!" Mileena screeched.

(Grassy Field)

Shujinko found himself falling and then landing heavily into the ground with a loud, "Oof!" Standing up and dusting himself off, he then looked around to find himself now apparently alone in a grassy field with nothing more than a single rocky outcrop in the middle of it. With nothing better to do, the old man walks over to the outcrop. As he nears it, he notices that what he thought was a natural but unusual pile of rocks was in actually a four sided column of stone that was obviously shaped by man. It was worn down so much it took getting up close to see the symmetric shape and faint carvings. Shujinko ran his hand across a few of the carvings trying to figure out what they meant. Faint engraving of two dragons flying over what could have been a battle of some sort covered one side. Another side two human-like figure barely distinguishable from the rough stone could be more felt than seen facing each other with one holding up a hammer-like weapon and the other more clearly a polearm. Shujinko walked around the monument to check out the other two sides. One had what appeared to writing in a language which Shujinko did not recognize; it was more noticeable being less worn down than the other two sides. On the fourth and last side were seven icons. Six of which were very familiar to the old man, in spite of being faint and worn down: The Kamidogu.

Shujinko raised his hand to touch the carvings only to hesitate just before placing his hand on the stone, suddenly getting that being watched feeling. He turned around to see Scorpion standing there staring at and through him. Shujinko went into a defensive stance not bothering to ask why only stood there waiting for an attack…that never came.

Scorpion walked pass and around the old man to look at the side of the column with the ancient writing. The specter's eyes narrowed as he apparent read the writing. He then looked down to the palms of his hands, which then closed up into fists. "You are unable to read this, "said Scorpion with his hallow voice.

"No,"responded Shujinko, "I can't."

"It wasn't a question, "Scorpion growled and he turned to look at Shujinko directly in eyes, "It seems you are not worthy to read the writings of the Elder Gods. Only those truly touched by Them are able to do so."

Shujinko was about to respond that he was the Elder Gods chosen warrior when full implications of what happened in the Nexus finally sunk in. Nearly falling to his knees, Shujinko could only curse him self for being a fool for so long. Of course he was not worthy for the Elder Gods, he possibly handed over the tool to the destruction of all Their work to a creature who obviously wanted them for something not for the greater good.

"I may not be worthy, "said Shujinko with a rough voice, "But I know part of what I have to do to make amends to Them."

A creepy laugh filled the air as Scorpion seemed to have found some humor in Shujinko's response. "Do you really think, "said Scorpion, "That They care?"

"What do you mean?"

"For eons They stand back, watch and do nothing, "answered Scorpion, "There was even a direct invasion of Their temple and yet They allow two of Their most loyal followers fight to possible destruction. If it wasn't for the actions of one They once sought to destroy, there would be no Elder Gods."

Shujinko frowned and said, "You would speak in such a way…Yet are you able to read…"

With flaming eyes, Scorpion sent a fist into the stone monument with a loud crash. Cracks ran from where he struck the stone running slowly across the writing stopping just short of the corners. Scorpion breathed harshly as if trying to regain control. After a few long minutes of silence the specter answered, "Yes I can…yet I do not understand."


"What the words speak of…happened eons ago, before my own existence, "replied Scorpion in a voice not as hollow as it normally was, "Yet it brings…memories."


"Shinnok!" A dark armor wearing, Rayden yelled with all the rage in his soul.

"Raijin, "the dark lord answered astride his new steed, the Black Dragon, "Let us end this once and for all."

The Black Dragon flew down breathing its deadly flame upon mortal and immortal alike. Shinnok still on its back, roared with laughter at the slaughter. Fuijin let his arrows fly one after another into the Dragon's wings, shredding them as they flew through them. The Dragon and its rider fell to the ground. Shinnok walked from the crash unharmed as the Dragon writhed in pain.

Rayden glared at his father with such hatred and anger that the surrounding battle slowed and then stopped. Rayden with his warhammer in hand watched as Shinnok summoned his polearm. "Well, my son, "the former Elder God drawled, "You've grown stronger than I ever hoped you would. If you were not on the wrong side, I would have been proud."

"I am no longer you son, "replied Rayden, "All I see in front of me is a traitor and cold blooded killer."

A human man looked around hoping that someone, namely Fujin, to step in. Surely everyone can see if the Thunder God continues as he was all would be lost. Looking towards where the Black Dragon of Shadows fell, he saw Fujin obviously debating with himself on whether to stop Rayden or keep his crossbow on the still breathing Black Dragon.

Shinnok shrugged with his polearm over his shoulder,"That's your opinion, Raijin, not mine."

"My name is RAYDEN!" the god of thunder yelled as he swung his hammer in rage. Shinnok smiled as he easily dodged the hammer. "Tsk, tsk, "he said, "Guess that bitch of a mother of yours never taught you to control that temper."

The man stepped forward and between the two deities. "Lord Rayden please, "the man almost begged. Shinnok's cruel laughter filled the air and that was the last thing he heard with the sight of Rayden's own hammer swinging towards him. The man's body flew through the air to crash into the ground. His hand landed open revealing metal strips in the palms of his armored gloves.

(End of Flashback)

Shunijko said, "So you were here for the battle this monument is…"

Scorpion's hands went up to the sides of his head as he growled, "That is IMPOSSIBLE! I was…created less than six hundred years ago from the death of a lowly bodyguard."

"Are you certain?" queried the old man.

The fires of the Netherrealm filled Scorpions' eyes as he glared at Shujinko. "You are lucky I have a use for you, "Scorpion growled.

(Quan Chi's Palace)

A mummified creature in armor raised a whip and slashed it downwards across the back of man he thought was moving too slowly. The narrow but long stream of downtrodden and beaten prisoners flowed pass. From an overhanging balcony Shang Tsung watched with a sneer. Was this the best that Quan Chi could provide for their army? He flinched as a searing pain flared across the inside of his head. Blast that monk! When will he give up and just accept his fate? The sorcerer brought a gloved hand to his forehead to rub it firmly. Enslaving the soul of a chosen warrior was a long, drawn out process especially if that warrior was a champion or stubborn. Normally, it wouldn't be worth the effort or risks but in this case, Shang made the exception.

The sorcerer closed his eyes briefly and the image of Liu Kang appeared in his mind. The beaten looking monk was still fighting the mystical tentacles that were to enslave him and fighting them to a standstill. Shang Tsung snarled as he opened his now green glowing eyes. Until that fool either lost or gave up the fight, the sorcerer would have to waste valuable energy and concentration just to keep the soul from escaping. It would almost be easier to just let the monk continue on to his respective afterlife and never bother with him again except for the fact that the dead seem to have an annoying tendency of returning lately. That idiot specter Scorpion, the clown Johnny Cage and the clone Arianna…the specter and clone he could understand for in a sense they were still dead but why the clown? If the Elder Gods were willing to allow that worthless mortal to return then there was little doubt that they will be willing to allow a Mortal Kombat champion that died through a definite breech of the rules to be resurrected.

Shang Tsung opened his eyes when he heard the sounds of footsteps approach. One of their recently animated soldiers approached and kneeled before him. "An army approaches, "it said from behind a rusty, moss covered mask, "an army of Tarkatan lead by a human."

"Kano, "Shang Tsung muttered under his breath and then more loudly ordered, "See to it that the human is led to the throne…no my study, I wish to speak with him alone."

The soldier stood up and saluted by slapping his right fist onto the left side of his chest. He then turned to follow the sorcerer's orders. Once the soldier was out of site, Shang raised his hand and with a flaming finger started writing strange fiery cuneiforms in the air. An evil smiled appeared on his face as he reconsidered his options and sent his orders to his 'lovely' subordinates.

"Don't worry about it, "said Johnny with his classic grin, "Even before I knew I had this chi power stuff, I kicked butt."

"And got your own butt kicked as well, "came Rayden's voice as he appeared behind Althea placing a hand on her shoulder.