I Blame the Gate


The sirens blared. "Unscheduled offworld activation"

"Do we have an iris code sargeant?"

"Yes sir, it's SG1. They're early. Really early."

"Well get it open son". Hammond saw that Walter had predicted his command. "And get a medical team up here." Walter was already on the phone.

In the Gate room below, the iris retracted, and the bodies of SG1 tumbled through, looking a little the worse for wear, but not appearing to bear any significant injuries. "Shut it down, now sir" yelled O'Neill.

At a nod from Hammond, Walter started the shutdown. "Sir, there's an energy wave building up in the gate, I don't know if it will shut down in time..."

"Sir, open the Iris, close the blast doors and GET DOWN!" yelled Major Carter.


The blast cleared the still open wormhole and carved a neat hole through the descending blast shield, and another five levels on an ascending path before exiting throgh the side of the mountain.

The wormhole fizzled and shorted out as the energy sustaining it ran out. Hammond shifted himself, carefully brushing broken glass off his uniform. He could hear faint movement and groans around him , and could see dust and broken glass everywhere. "Close the iris, check for wounded and SHUT DOWN THOSE SIRENS" he said to Walter, who was emerging from under his desk. Thumbing the microphone button, he heard the telltale click that said it was still working and thundered into it "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT COLONEL!"

Through the hole in the blast shield, a neat elipsoid due to the movement of the giant shield as it closed, he could see SG1 clambering to their feet and brushing the dust off their shoulders. The SF teams that had responded to the offworld activation looked a little shellshocked. This was a bit much even for SG1.

"Sir, requesting that P3X69H be removed from the dialling computer" called out Major Carter. O'Neill had his finger in his ear and his mouth open. It looked like he was trying to relieve pressure, but all that was coming from it was a silly face.


"Ah? Oh, yeah, lock it out General, bad news place, p3 whatever" His finger was in his other ear now and he was waggling his jaw, as the medical team finally arrived.

"Very well Colonel O'Neill, you have two hours to get your medical checkup and to refresh yourself before your debriefing. I have to go and sort out what damage that whatever it was caused. And Call the President. I suggest you go with the medics."

"Ah, yes Sir. Thankyou sir." SG1 followed the medics after handing their guns over to the waiting SF's. Teal'c was helping Daniel Jackson, who appeared to have a definate wobble. O'Neill still looked like he needed his ears to pop. Carter appeared dusty, but fine.

With a sigh, Hammond turned to look at the mess of the control room behind him. How was he going to explain this one.

End Prologue

This isan SG1/Blame! cross. More people should read Blame, its awesome. Neither Blame!nor SG1are mine, only this story.

This part was written for Teri's 'Take 10 Minutes and write something' challenge, I sat down and wrote this between 11:35 and 11:54 pm. That included flipping between files to find the sound effect of a certain gun. Anyone who has read Blame knows who's gun that was.

This is obviously going to be multi chapter. We'll see how far I get.