I Blame the Gate

Chapter 1: Briefing Room Exposition

SG1 were assembled in the briefing room. With clean BDU's and slightly damp hair from the showers, if it wasn't for a band-aid on Daniels face no-one would have known that they had just returned from offworld. When General Hammond entered the room, Carter and O'Neill started to climb to their feet, but the General waved them down. Teal'c regally tilted his head. Daniel stared into his coffee while idly flicking his ear with his thumb.

"At ease everyone. Now, what the hell happened on P3X69H. And Major Carter, why did you tell me to leave the Iris open? Did you know what was about to happen?"

"Well Sir, I had seen Killy's gun discharged several times earlier during our visit, and I knew our Iris couldn't withstand it. I recalled a complaint you made previously about replacing the Iris after the incident with the black hole, and also how nervous we are whenever its is out of operation sir. I was hoping the blast shield would limit the damage in the control room. I guess I was wrong sir." Carter finished in almost one breath. O'Neill looked impressed.

"Yes Sir, Carter was right sir. We'd seen what his gun can do already, and can I say sir, the Asguard have got nothing when it comes to big honking space guns. This thing he had sir, it was... help me out here Danny."

Daniel started a bit, and looked up "Umm, oh, amazing, awesome, superlative.."

"Thanks Daniel"

"...tremendously dangerous, inhumane, possibly evil"

"And that was enough Daniel. It was tiny, looked kinda like a bulky 9 mil, but when he shot the silly creatures..."

Hammond interupted "Silly Creatures Colonel? And Killy? Are these what they were really called? Were they residents of the planet?"

"If I may Sir," Carter said. O'Neil waved both his hands ina 'go for it' gesture. "The planet we gated to had its Gate in the middle of this fantastic construction. I can't believe the size of it sir. It has an arcology beat for sheer massiveness. The materials used must be incredibly durable, and very light. Something like that should collapse under its own weight. I wonder..."

"Carter, stay on track"

"Sorry Sir. Daniel managed to communicate with some natives, and found out that they call it 'The City'. Later, we met Killy and Cibo, and Cibo informed us that the superstructure was constantly being built and rebuilt, and that the City had enclosed the nearest orbiting celestial body some time ago. The Silicon Creatures are what we would probaly call androids Sir. They seem to have evolved as intelligent life, generated by the City itself. They are extremely hostile to organic life Sir."

"Hang on, I dont remember that. Are you telling me that the City ATE its moon!" O'Neill interjected.

"Yes Sir. Daniel and I were talking to Cibo while you and Teal'c were setting up camp. I think you were struggling with the lid on an MRE."

"Ohhh, then. And I was the only one setting up camp. T was talking to Killy."


"Ah, wait a minute. Teal'c, you talked to Killy? Did he talk back? I couldn't get him to say anything in conversation. Cibo was more than willing to fill in, but he was somewhat... terse."

"Indeed. He had a limited store of small talk DanielJackson. However, it was after my discussion with him that he realised we might have the thing he had been looking for for some time."

"I should point out here Sir that Killy and Cibo were people we met in the City. They were, well, adventurers I guess. Cibo told us that Killy was on a quest, looking for uncontaminated human genes. From reading between the lines, I got the impression that a significant proportion of the population of the City had mutated or been genetically engineered in the millenia it had been in existence. It was difficult to understand, almost everyone had 'implants' and sometimes I had the impression they were communicating via internal links Sir"

"What did they want these genes for Major" Hammond had been sitting back, somewhat bemused, "and these implants, could we use the technology?"

"As near as I can tell Sir, it was some sort of encryption key. It was never clear what to, exactly. Cibo gave me the feeling we were simply unable to appreciate the concept without the implants. And the implants themselves were, somewhat intrusive. To be honest Sir, it was sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the Silicon Life forms and the 'normal' people we met"

"Give me your gut feeling on this one Colonel, do we go back, try to negotiate?"

"Well, we could really use a few of those guns Killy had, but they seemed pretty rare. No-one else seemed to be firing one anyway. And the Silly's, well, they were bad news General. We don't want them around. I think they'd scare the goa'uld, and not in that the enemy of my enemy is my enemy way"

"Friend Jack, its friend"

"Indeed, O'Neill, I have heard this saying"

"Yeah, but these guys didn't like anything organic. Lets hope they never meet the replicators"

"Your final analysis Colonel?"

"Ahh", Jack glanced at Carter, Tealc and Danny, who was still flicking his ear. "Lock it out General. And classify it as bad news. We don't want people going back there for the tech, they don't know what they'll bring back"

"All right people, thats enough for now. I expect all of you to have your reports on my desk by tomorrow afternoon. After you submit them, you're on stand down for 3 days. Dismissed"

George was met with a chorus of assent, and stood to leave. Jack and Sam started to struggle to their feet, but he waved them down again. "Thats all people. Get some rest, and then get working on those reports. Tomorrow."

After he left, Jack looked at Daniel and did his best Tealc impression. He could never get the eyebrow arch high enough. "So Danny, you gonna write it down?"

"Well, I don't know if I have much choice, Jack"

"Indeed O'Neill. I Believe it was a most disturbing experience for DanielJackson."

"Yeah, but he doesn't have to TELL everyone about it."


"Ok, Ok... Can I read it before you submit it."

"Sir!" If anything, Carter was more annoyed about that suggestion than Daniel. Jack knew when to stop.

"Bed time people. Get to it"

Slowly, the battered team stood up from the briefing table, and filed out of the room. Jack couldn't resist one last try. "So, can I get a summary?"


Should I continue trying to make Tealc start every line with "Indeed"? Will Carter let Jack crib from everyone elses reports? What happened anyway? All this and more!