Chapter 1, The Fight and the winner...

"Damn, take this!" Shun exclaimed while executing his ultra whirlwind slash.

Reiji dodged and attacks Shun. Megumi casts Iron Wall for Reiji.

"Megumi! What are you doing?" Ruriko asked her while preparing her arrow of life.


"Dammit! Megumi!" Shun can only say.

Reiji jumped in the front of Shun, "Say what! You can't even hit me!"

"You whore! ULTRA WHIRLWIND SLASH!" Shun is at it again.

"IRON WALL!" Megumi just casts it.

What's the matter! Megumi, I'm good at you! We're good at you! Why?

"You're time is here Shun Ukiya!" Reiji calls out. He casted his gate power against Shun and successfully hit him and the gate robot.


"SHUN!" Kauro, Ruriko and Reiko called out. Shun was hit on the chest and instantly killed him, leaving the GateKeepers in defeat.

"Say what! You're just a newbie!" Megumi whispered.

A smoke began to spread out in the place. Ruriko was blinded after 3 seconds, she sees a spikey-headed boy running towards Reiji's place. Then she heard punches and Reiji's cries for help. But Megumi doesn't know where to cast because of the smoke. The smoke began to clear out by the power of Yukino, gatekeeper of Snow and Ice. Everybody was surprised when they saw Reiji, lying on front of the spikey-headed boy in defeat!

"WHAT THE-!" Megumi almost shouted when she saw Reiji down, "I'm sorry!"

The spikey-headed boy turned his face on Megumi. Then he threw a fireball on her direction.

"IRON WALL!" Although crying, Megumi defended herself.

The spikey-headed boy charged something and teleports behind Megumi. Smoke began to spread out again and Ruriko heard a punch and the tip-tap of Megumi's glasses.

"MEGUMI!" Ruriko ran fast to protect her friend.

The spikey-headed boy stood up and carried Megumi, "Don't worry girl. She's alright. I have lost her consciousness."

Ruriko began to feel tired and collapses... Shun! SHUN!

Ruriko and the rest of the gatekeepers woke up in the headquarters. Ruriko went to the clinic for she thought Shun was there. Shirei met her and signalled her to go to the next room to wait for him.

"S-sir. Is Shun alright?" Ruriko asked.

Shirei shook his head in desperation. Ruriko began to cry.

"I'm sorry Ruriko. But he died..."

"OH MY GOD!" Ruriko knelt and cry out loud, "SHUN! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME! SHUN! SHUUUUNN!"

3 days after Shun's funeral, Ruriko and the rest changed. They were all quiet and sad because of what happened to their captain. They can't accept the fact that Shun is dead.

Shun is dead! What can we do?

A new student was introduced in Ruriko's class. That boy was the one who have defeated Reiji and Megumi! What's his name?

"Greetings! This is your new classmate, Joshua Shinguji."

"Huh! Joshua Shinguji!" Ruriko began to blushed. But she fought off her feelings.

"Joshua Shinguji, sit beside Ruriko Ikusawa."

Shinguji obeyed. After sitting to his chair, he smiled at Ruriko like he knows her for a long time.

"How are you doing, Ruriko?"


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