She was upset with herself for asking so much of him. No. No. No. The words just kept ringing through her brain. What was wrong with her? Why did she have to go and ask him such a dumb question. "Do you like me?" Only God knows why she asks. The more she thought about it, the more she felt stupid about it. She could kick herself for it.

Cameron was feeling worst about herself as the say went by. She may have been avoiding him, but she couldn't avoid him. His Office was next to her's and the doors and walls were made of glass. She would have to go home. She could claim she suddenly felt sick. Yes, that would suffice. She would just sign out early and than be able to think without feeling him around her all the time. That was a good idea.

She walked down to the Clinic where they signed in and out. She was feeling a little better after signing her name on the sheet. She reached into her lab coat pocket and cursed softly under her breath. She left her car keys in her office. She would go and get them, except surely HE would be in his office as well. She did have her cell phone with her though. She just might be able to get someone to bring them to her. Maybe foreman. Paging him, she reached into her other pocket and found nothing a but a few twenty dollar bills and the ticket to Gravedigger. She turned it over while she held it in her hands. He had been so great with her. Why was he suddenly so cold? And if he really didn't like her, why did he ask her out for that date? Even if it wasn't a "date". He didn't have to ask her. But maybe it was just like she claimed it to be. That he saw her first and there was no more than that.

Sighing again, she looked up and Foreman was walking toward her and she stuffed the ticket into her pocket.
Nodding to her he spoke"Hey. What's up?"
She bit her lip" Is House in his office?"
"He always is. Probably playing on his Gameboy or something of that matter", She bit her lip once more "What's wrong Cameron?"
"Um can I ask you a favor?"
"Yea sure. What is it?"
"Actually, don't worry about. I don't want any questions. I'll see you tomorrow, I'm going home" Screw asking him to get her keys for her. He would definitely ask about the reasons behind it anyway. She did have some money in her pocket. She would just grab a taxi. Nothing wrong can come from getting a taxi. At least this way, he wouldn't know she left or even see her drive away. If he was looking that is.

Patting down her lab coat, she headed out the door and hailed a taxi.