..:Note:.. Sorry this one is so short, but I am really trying to speed things up so that I can get to the date :D


Cameron should've been on top of the world. And to a point, she was, but she should stay up there every single second. But that wasn't about happen, especially since almost everyone knew about their date on Friday. Each one had confronted her about the dire straits of her decision to go out with him to dinner. No one seemed to care that she was a big girl and could protect herself if need be. Not that he would try to pull anything.

Cameron shook, her head and smiled at herself. Just one more night and finally, they would be going out. She was feeling giddy and giggled to herself. Secretly, she had been wanting this since she was first interviewed by him. It was like a dream come true. She giggles once more and decided she should be concentrating on the vials of blood she was working on in the lab, when Wilson walked in with a look on his face that the others had. 'Damn it. Just as I was getting excited, someone else walks in and tries to rain on my parade.' she thought to herself.

Approaching her, Wilson spoke with distress in his voice

"Can we talk?" Cameron was right, and she was feeling bored of the conversation already.

"Gee! I wonder what this will be about"

"I just don't want anybody getting hurt"

"I'll be okay. You guys act like I'm going out with Jack the Ripper!"

"it's not you I'm worried about" Cameron stops and looks Wilson with curiosity on her face as he continues " it's been a long time since he's opened up to anyone," his demeanor changes and he speaks like he threatening her, " you'd better be absolutely sure you want this, because if he opens up and gets hurts, I'm not sure there will be a next time." Cameron looks surprised and shocked.

"You're worried I'll break his heart?"

"It's like all of his other stuff. He just leave it lying around. You could step on it." Wilson left Cameron to contemplate what he had just told her. She had never thought about it that way. Yet, maybe, she should've. She had know, in the recesses of her mind that there was a reason why he was so bitter and she had concluded it was because of an ex-lover, yet she just never thought about the fact she might do the same thing, especially since this was what she wanted, more than anything.

She didn't know how to feel now. Was going out with him such a bad idea like Wilson had made it out to be? Or was he just overreacting because they were friends and he knew all of House's skeletons?

Cameron grabbed the nearest stool and sat down and prayed things would go al right with him, and it never came down that something bad could happen. Rubbing her eyes, she looked at the vials.

"Now is not the time to dwell. If things came down to it, Will speak with him about it, but until then, I just had to focus on work."