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Chapter 18: Relax, Don't Get Updyke

I. Richard

Richard Cale had been glad to be out of the museum, and even happier to be done with the police for the moment. He was a bit embarrassed when the cops asked him if he was alright, and informed him his folks were worried sick about him. After they had seen the damage, they asked about what he knew. At first, the police didn't believe him about what had happened. Luckily, Carl was there. He quickly grabbed the photos, and showed the police, who were stunned. In a matter of moments, the cops entered the building, through the hole, and the secret entrance, and found the other bodies.

It took a while, and then everyone was allowed to leave. Michael had convinced his friends to take him to Yvette's house, and Carl agreed to take him there as well. Carl had led Richard to his car, and old Mustang, and sat back in the seat, feeling a bit relaxed, and almost ready to fall asleep.

As the car's finally reached Yvette's house, he heard Carl say, "I just thought of something. The police said a show was going to be in town today. Do you think they will scoop this story from me?"

Richard shook his head. "No, Yvette's parents know how to talk with the press, and have tools for you to get your story out to your publisher." When the car stopped, he got out and saw Yvette's parents standing at the door. He then looked at Carl and said, "Just ask them, I'm sure they will help you." He watched as Carl approached, looking all humble.

Once Yvette's father led Carl in, he walked over to Yvette's mother. He was surprised to receive a hug from her, and then heard her say, "Yvette has been worried sick about you. She didn't sleep all night. Everyone took turns staying up with her, the last being her Uncle Ron. Now get in there, and I'll let your parents know you are here."

He nodded and quickly ran in the door. After being trapped in the museum all night, he was looking forward to seeing her, and telling her about it. However, before he even saw her, he was caught off guard as she quickly hugged him. It was almost as she had tackled him, as it caught him so off guard that they fell to the floor.

He returned the hug, and even kissed her. After a moment, they stopped, and he smiled at her. "I'm sorry if I worried you so much. I sort of spent the night at the museum."

She let go of him, and gave him a pout. "I thought you didn't do those silly dares." In part, he could tell she was joking with him, especially as she turned her back to him.

He sat up, and pulled her up as well. "I don't. However, Mike got stuck doing it, just as I was up there. And we weren't alone. I met Carl."

He watched as she turned to face him, with her eyes wide. She leaned in close to him, and quietly said, "You got to meet Carl. Why was he there?" He didn't say, but he was sure she would figure it out. "He was doing a story on the museum and the disappearances, like that show is going to do today. Tell me it had something weird to go along with it."

He nodded, and pulled her close. "It did. Ancient evil spirits were involved. In fact, we found the bodies of the two teens, as well as Professor Windlenot. We also have proof. Pictures of each of the spirits, some attacking, some being captured. It was scary, but we succeeded." His last statement was rewarded with another kiss, and he accepted it.

This time the kiss was cut short when a unknown voice spoke. "Yvette, I just heard the good news." They had both stopped and look to a door way, in which a gentleman was standing, looking dapper, if not a little bit tired. He had a mustache, and right away, Richard knew this was Yvette's uncle, Ron Updyke. All of a sudden, a slightly embarrassed look appeared on his face, as if he walked in on an intimate moment.

However, before either of them could say anything, Richard heard the phone ring, and was grateful when Ron turned and went over to it. "I'll get that." Just as Ron reached it, he noticed Yvette's eyes going wide, and he looked in the direction she was looking. Standing in the doorway, obviously not seen by Ron, was Carl Kolchak, and he had a feeling who was calling.

II. Carl

Carl had moved to the room where the main phone was, and stopped at the sight in front of him. In the room, he saw that Richard was obviously hugging his girlfriend, but beyond them, at the phone, was his fellow reporter, Ron Updyke. After all he had learned the that night, he figured Ron was here. However, he was sure Ron was about to get a rude awakening.

As Ron answered the phone, he could already hear Tony on the other end, shouting after hearing Ron's voice. "Ron, what are you doing there? I just got contacted by Carl about the museum story, the one you said you couldn't do." Carl almost wanted to chuckle at the sight, but knew he had to let Ron off the hook, since he was the one who had called Tony.

He walked over next to Ron, and gently took the phone. "Sorry, Ron. I honestly didn't realize you might pick the phone up. I'll calm Tony down." He watched the slightly bewildered man, nod and back away. He then turned to the phone, and said. "Tony, thanks for the call back. I have a bit of a story for you."

He waited as Tony paused and then resumed his tone. "Carl, where have you been? I wanted you to call back hours ago. I wanted something as a start to this anniversary piece, and now I got word that a television show will be there as well. Give me one good reason…"

Carl took a breath, and cut his editor off. "I have a ton of good reasons, Tony. I hope you've been getting the items I sent out to you. Lucky that Ron's relatives have a scanner and computer hook up here. I'll make this quick. Last night, I went up to the museum to look around, so I can get a feel for the place. There was no visible way in, so I was content to go by what I could see about the grounds. Then I met up with one local teen, and he told me some interesting things."

There was a low grumbled from Tony. "Carl, I hope this doesn't get worse. I know how some of your stories tend to go."

Carl grumbled in return, and continued, knowing Tony would change his tune when he saw the pictures he scanned in. "You won't think that in a few moments. Anyhow, another teen happened to be dared to spend the night, and we all got locked in on the museum grounds. As fate would have it, we ended up going in the museum, and solving the mystery. I'm hoping by now, you are getting the pictures."

At that point, he heard a sigh from his editor. "Yes, they are coming through now. Carl, if this turns out to be one of your….." At that pause, he knew Tony was seeing the various capture pictures for each of the Ixupi, taken by his Polaroid Instamatic. "Carl, I'm certain you didn't doctor these up. You barely know how to send an e-mail. These are genuine. Make this quick, and get a story here once you are done."

Carl smiled, and gave a thumbs up to Richard, knowing this would be his best story ever. "Long story short, back in 1980, two teens snuck into the museum while the owner was away, and released the creatures in the pictures. The creatures killed the kids, and then the owner. However, the creatures couldn't leave and were stuck in the museum. The two teens and I caught them, and solved the mystery. It will all be in my story to you. I'll also talk with those from the show that are going to be here today. They also are doing a story on the museum."

For a moment, there was silence on the line. Then there was a loud cheer on the other end, before Tony spoke, now in a completely pleasant tone. "Carl, that is great. This story will get published, pictures and all. Get Ron to help you too, since you must have been up all night. Make sure the teens both help out. I'm sure that you'll be able to handle Carl Denning, from that show Case Unsolved." There was a brief pause before Tony continued. "Carl, you did real good on this one. I'll make sure every expense is covered. Hell, treat them all to the best dinner in town." After that, Tony hung up, and he glanced as Richard, who was now standing, and jumping around with Yvette.

Carl had to admire the young love, and wondered how long before the two fell asleep. He put that out of his mind, as he then turned to Ron, and said, "Better brew some coffee, we have a lot of work to do."

He heard Ron sigh, knowing that this was interrupting his vacation. "Alright. I'm just glad they are safe." As Ron headed to the kitchen, he saw him stop before the man spoke again. "Honestly, Carl, I had a feeling they would be, since I figured Tony sent you there. However, I think you better get outside. I think that show's crew just pulled up outside."

Carl looked towards the window, and then bolted for the door, hearing the two teens behind him. Ron had been right, and he had to make sure of things before the only other person that was at the museum, Michael, spoke to the crew.

III. Michael

Michael McNeal sat on the porch as the van pulled up, talking with his friends about what had happened. None of them could still believe it, until they saw the vessel. Richard had let him watch it until they could get it back to the museum. While the people got out of the van, he heard Paige speak. "So all those years ago, those two teens, Beth and Merrick opened all of these things. How many were there?"

He looked at the blonde, and honestly answered. "There had been thirteen there, but the spirits of those two and Windlenot had been put into three of the vessels. That apparently means that three are loose in the world. The one in here, was the last one that was caught."

He then saw Everett point toward the van, and stated what he thought was obvious. "I guess you may have to tell the story again, but I'm not sure if they'll like it." Michael had thought it was an odd statement, until he saw that behind the van was a car with both his parents, and Richard's parents. He was certain he was going to get read him the riot act.

However, before anyone could say anything, Carl came out of the house, followed by Richard and Yvette. He wasn't sure which sight was more comforting, the young couple, or the reporter.

Soon, Carl was at the front, talking with Carl Denning, whom he recognized as the host of the one show Richard and Yvette told him about. Carl had even taken off the straw pork pie hat he had worn all night. "Before anyone says anything to anybody, I'd like to make a few arrangements, if I may."

He moved up as everyone gathered around the reporter, adults and teens alike. He was surprised when the host of the show lowered his hands, and motioned for his crew to lower the camera before he spoke. "Not a problem. I've heard of the legendary Carl Kolchak, and I want to hear from you. I had spoken with one of the officers, and they said you know a great deal about the mystery."

He watched as Carl nodded, and spoke to television show host. "That's true. I know a great deal, as well as Richard Cale here, and Michael McNeal right there. We ended up cracking the case, and I'm willing to share the information, but I want to be allowed for my paper to publish the story right away. I know it may take a few days for the television spot to be ready."

He watched as the host nodded. "Sounds fair to me. I'd love to be able to interview you, and the two teens, if the parents allow it." Michael looked at his parent's and was surprised to see them nod. He wondered if his folks were already forgiving him for doing the dare.

Before anyone could say anything else, he heard a yawn, and realized it had to be from Richard. It was also contagious as several others yawned as well, and the adrenaline rush that was fuelling them all night was finally running out.

He then heard Richard's father speak up, speaking over everyone to Yvette. "Yvette, would your folks mind if we all come in. I'm sure that our unlikely mystery solvers of the night all need some rest. It may also allow some of us some time to calm down. Plus, I'm certain some of this tale would be best told after some rest."

Michael noticed that everyone seemed to be nodding. It sounded very good to him. In fact, he was certain he needed some rest too. They all then headed in, and Michael started thinking that now the nightmare was over, and he was certain he'd never step into another surreal situation like that again.

IV. Carl (2 years later)

Carl Kolchak sat at his desk, looking at the calendar. He signed and then picked up his favorite recorder, to record a little note about the day. He spoke after he turned it on. "About two years ago, I help solved a mystery that was fifteen years old. The events that followed were amazing."

He looked at the clipping from one of the papers that had followed his initial story, which showed a grand ceremony opening the museum. "After the mystery was solved, the museum was opened to the public, by Geoffrey Windlenot. It had been a grand occasion as the son of Professor Hubert Windlenot said he was proud the truth of his father had finally been revealed. It also lead to a return of glory to the family name, since many viewed the elder as a bit of a fraud, including his wife."

He then looked at the picture of him and the two teens. He looked at the African American boy first. "All three of us were guests of honor, and all benefited. My career truly took off, and all my old stories were published. Michael, who quickly put events behind him, enjoyed a brief bit of fame, before heading off to college in a town called Silent Hill."

He looked at the other teen in the picture, who had a redhead right behind him. "Richard also did well afterwards. His relationship with Yvette stayed strong, and they both were part of the original people staffed at the museum. People came many times just to hear Richard's tale about that night, and he had taken to wearing a hat like mine."

He paused long enough, and wondered what he would say next. However, before he could, he noticed Tony coming out of his office, smiling as he walked over to the area in front of his and Ron's desk. He turned off the recorder as Tony smiled and said, "I have a nice surprised for both of you. You are both getting assistants."

He noticed Ron had a look of shock on his face as he said, "Tony, I don't think I need an assistant. Carl usually gets the stories that an assistant would be helpful with."

He watched as Tony shook his head. "Not anymore, the powers that be want more stories like that. Plus these two assistants will be familiar to both of you. Now welcome them with open arms."

At that, Carl saw two familiar figures come rushing out of Tony's office. For a brief moment, he let out a joyous laugh, as he saw Richard and Yvette come over to the two of them. He then turned on his recorder again, and amended his statement. "As I was saying, Richard and Yvette has since left Mount Pleasant, Ohio, and gone into the reporting profession. Hopefully, they will become a success like myself." He then turned off the recorder, and welcomed the new members of the staff.

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