Title: Fighting for Right

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A/N: I just found out that Wild Card is being cancelled...how very sad. I shall attempt to amuse myself and some random readers with some fan fiction centred around Zoe and Dan...probably going to be very fluffy and PWP but hey you never know when I get writing how it'll turn out! Reviews are like chocolate, they make me most happy (no pleasurable endorphins though, but they'll do!)

Zoe flew out of the elevator, nearly tackling Dan in her rush. "Sorry," she mumbled as she hurried to her office, slamming the door behind her. Dan shook his head in confusion and turned to follow the strawberry-blond to her office.

"Hey Zoe?" Dan tapped gently on her door. "Zoe can I come in?" He tested the doorknob and finding it unlocked he let himself in quietly, not wanting to frighten her. Zoe sat slumped over her desk, her coat and purse flung haphazardly onto a chair. "Zoe?" Dan whispered, "are you okay?" Dan approached her softly, lifting her belongings from the chair and settling himself into it. Zoe chose that moment to look up at him and his heart broke to see the pain in her soft grey-green eyes. "Zoe what is it? You're scaring me."

"I had a fight with Taylor this morning," her voice was barely audible and Dan leaned in so he could hear her. "I told her she couldn't stay out past curfew to go to a party tonight and she blew up at me." Zoe paused to regain her composure, something she was having a hard time holding on to. "She told me she hated me and she wished that I'd never come here to take care of her and Hannah and Cliff..." Zoe dissolved into tears, sobs wracking her light frame. Dan stood from his seat and moved behind the desk. He knelt down, spinning Zoe in her chair to face him, and pulled her into his arms.

"Oh Zoe she didn't mean it! She was just angry, it'll be okay, I promise." Dan stroked her back, attempting to console the distraught woman. Zoe finally calmed in his arms and then he felt her tense. She pushed him away the moment she realized what she was doing, too afraid of letting him get close. Dan stood and walked back to his seat on the far side of her desk, heaving a sigh as he did, realizing he had pushed her too fast. "Are you going to be okay?" he asked tentatively, testing the waters and trying not to frighten her into retreating. "It's a slow day, you can take off if you want. I'm sure M won't mind." He silently urged her to go home, knowing she didn't need the stress of a tough day on the job. Zoe contemplated his idea for a few moments before deciding that it probably was best if she left. She knew she wouldn't get any work done anyways, not with Taylor on her mind. She nodded to Dan, picking up her purse and coat and heading for the elevators, only to be intercepted by M.

"And where are you off to Ms. Busiek?" questioned M accusingly.

"I..." Zoe started, only to be interrupted by Dan.

"She's helping me with a case M. We're just on our way out so whatever it is that you need, can it wait?" Dan thanked his lucky stars he was good at thinking on his feet.

"Fine but I want both of you in my office at 9:30am sharp tomorrow. Clear?"

"As crystal M." the elevator chimed, signalling it's arrival, "Now we have to go, see you later M." Dan grabbed Zoe's wrist and led her onto the waiting elevator. Zoe's mind was still trying to process what had just happened.

"Uh Dan? What exactly was that? I thought you said M wouldn't mind if I took the day off. Is there a big case or something you're hiding from me?" Zoe meant for her words to come lightly, but as she spoke she recognized the accusatory tone of her voice. She mentally kicked herself for questioning Dan's motives, she knew he was just trying to be friendly.

"No Zoe, I'm not hiding anything from you. M had that look in her eyes and I knew she wasn't going to be in the best mood so I figured it was best to just pretend you were helping me out rather than try to explain anything to her." Dan explained, placing his hand on the small of Zoe's back and gently guiding her out of the elevator as it came to a halt in the lobby. They approached Dan's car and he felt Zoe's back muscles tense under his palm. "Want a ride?" he asked, not sure she should be driving considering her emotional state. She nodded and he opened the passenger door for her, clicking it shut after he was sure she was safely in. He walked to the driver's side and climbed in, starting the car as he did. They drove to Zoe's in a tense silence and as they pulled up Dan parked the car and climbed out, following after Zoe towards the door.

Zoe whirled around as she reached the door, a few stray tears running down her cheeks, "Dan you don't need to follow me, I can get inside my own house you know." Dan winced at her harsh tone.

"I know that Zoe. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, which obviously you are not." Dan stopped just short of the porch, waiting Zoe's permission before he escorted her the rest of the way into the house. He was determined to make sure she relaxed. Zoe sighed as she turned back to the door, unlocking it and entering, leaving it partly open as permission for Dan to follow. Zoe jumped when Dan swang the door shut and she quickly wiped away the tears on her cheeks. "C'mon Zoe. I'll make you some tea okay? You need to relax for awhile," Dan said as he led her towards the couch. Zoe sank to the couch gratefully and listened to the muted sounds of Dan rummaging around in the kitchen.

Dan moved around the kitchen throwing open drawers and cupboards in an attempt to find all the required ingredients for Zoe's tea. Dan had just removed the sugar bowl from the cupboard as the kettle whistled, signalling that it was ready. He quickly poured a mug of tea and went to join Zoe on the couch.