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Chapter 10

"Darien slow down!" Diamond shouted to the masked warrior as they ran, jumped and glided across the rooftops.

"I can't Diamond, I can't let her die, I wont do it!" Darien shouted back, jumping easily over the shop where Molly's mum worked.

"But she doesn't love you no more, she told you that herself." Diamond said catching up with Darien and matching his speed finally.

"How do you know about that?" Darien snapped, he couldn't deal with Diamond right now, he was too much hassle, but if he knew why Serena had suddenly called it off then Darien was going to get it out of him.

Diamond dodged a few birds that had perched on the ledge and then decided magic was much easier, so he lifted himself into the air, and flew along, following Darien to where he believed his beloved was.

"Darien I understand you and Serena have a great bond…"

"You know nothing Diamond, before you lived to destroy me and take her for yourself just because you found her to be beautiful. Serena and I share way more than you could ever dream of, I can feel the pain that she is in, I can feel her fear and worry. So don't tell me you understand anything about me and Serena!" And that ended their conversation. Both of them kept quiet until they reached the park where Serena was.

"Owwwwww!" Serena shouted as she accidentally moved and the branch moved around in her wound. Tears sprang from her eyes as she watched blood leave the wound and pulled her hand up to her face to see the amount of blood that she was loosing, her hand was covered.

"Not so cocky now are we Sailor Maggot." The Youma said, smiling and giggling a little at the end. So quickly that Serena did not see, the Youma was in front of her, noses nearly touching as the rancid breath of the Youma spread out and up Serena's nostrils. "And my master has such a great plan for you."

"What…do you…owww…mean?" Serena asked, accidentally jolting her injured torso. The Youma relaxed and moved a little further away from Serena, placing her roots in the ground and supporting herself as she leaned.

"I'm not here by my own free will you know, I am here to bring you back, to take you to my boss, so he can do what he plans to do with you." The Youma said, trimming a few of its leaves. "You are a major part in his plans, but I don't see why he needs you specifically." Serena looked strangely at the Youma as though she didn't understand the language she was speaking. But Serena knew exactly the dialect she was speaking. But Serena thought most of the 'big bosses' had been defeated, not many were left now and there hadn't been many Youma attacks in ages.

"Who? What's…his name?" Serena asked, looking around the park, surely Darien had heard her distress and felt her pain by now. Or maybe he wasn't coming; maybe he didn't want to help. She had hurt him really bad! But she had to do it- he must know that. But she didn't tell him why had she, she had just hurt him without explanation, he would never forgive her. And after that thought she gave up hope and gave up searching for his face among the trees.

"You aren't important enough to know his name, the only thing you will know is the pain and suffering he has planned for you!" The Youma spoke through a laugh, walking around her as she struggled to remove herself from the tree. "Your prince will not be coming for you tonight, you have hurt him too much, you will never regain his love for you." With this the Youma laughed and pulled Serena's left arm.

Very painfully she was pulled from the tree, landing face down on the mud before her, her painful hole in her side was ripped wider as she was pulled from the tree and now mud and grass coated the wound and stung her as she cried into her hands.

"Oh don't cry my little Sailor moon, I know it hurts, that's the fun part for me, but just think when my master is through with you, you will feel no more pain!"

"Just tell me! Who…is he?"

"Serena!" Serena managed to raise her face as Darien and… Diamond (!!!!) Came into the park.

"Master!" Came the voice of the Youma as she looked at Darien and Diamond.

"Master?" Came Darien's voice a little confused and then instantly jumped aside, pointing his cane at Diamond. "You bastard you tricked me." Darien shouted at him.

Diamond looked from Darien to the Youma to Serena and back to Darien again.

"Huh?" He said, looking at the Youma. "I think a few of your branches are one or two leaves short madam." Diamond moved towards Darien, "I don't know what that thing is talking about Endymion, trust me." Diamond said, holding out his hand in surrender.

"Of course that fool does not know me, how could he master? Why do you let him address you so?" The Youma spoke so suddenly and directly that it made Serena cry out in astonishment.

"Don't be… so stupid, Darien… is not your… master, he is… good, not evil!" She tried to move herself up on her arms but the pain from her side caused her to fall back down again and hit her wound once more in the mud. "Owwwwww!"

"Serena!" Darien shouted, concerned and ran across to her, pulling her body from the floor and in his arms.

"Master you can't tell me you care for that Sailor brat! What happened to killing her?" The Youma said, walking around Serena and Darien, and not taking her eyes off them.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Darien asked, his voice loud and confused. "I love this girl, and why do you keep calling me master?" He moved around to a bench close to the group and placed her lying down. "Now just stay still while I have a look…" He said, ripping the sailor suit and showing her wound, causing Serena to wince a little at the sudden movement.

"Oh my head," cried Diamond sitting next to Serena on the floor. "I give up. Why do you think Darien is your master?" Diamond mocked the Youma by pretend bowing and sucking up to Darien.

"Do not make fun of my young Diamond, I know all about you!" The Youma said and before Diamond knew it the Youma was on him and pinning him to the nearest tree, but it was so weird, the Youma surely couldn't have moved that fast. "My master is that man standing over there I assure you. Or he will become my master if he isn't yet."

"What do you mean become your master, I would never turn to the negaverse side." Darien said, putting pressure on Serena's wound and making her wince.

" I am from the future my prince, where your rule is by my mistresses side."

"We're both evil?" Serena said through gritted teeth, raising herself from the bench.

"No sailor brat, you have no future with my master, he has a new mistress now." And with that note came a whirl of smoke and sparkles like Serena had never seen before and standing there in front of them was that ever so familiar yet annoying Rini.

"Hi mommy, miss me?"

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