Seeking for Her




His First Tears

"Please, take him for us. I do not wish for him to lead a life such that he is to stay with me, Hokage-sama," a women put a tiny baby on the floor between her and the great Ninja of the Konoha village. The boy looked twisted his head back and forth, looking about the peculiar environment. Returning his sights to his mother, he called to her with a cry. The woman ignored him and bowed down in pleads.

"Hokage-sama, if you let him in then it will sure to bring danger upon our village later on," cried out one of the ninjas that gathered for the meeting.

"I know…" Sarutobi said, "But aren't all individuals created the same upon this earth?"---raises his head and glances at the tearing mother, then looks around to every ninjas that are in the room---"You all know as well as I do that if we do not take him, he will suffer for how long ever his life may last."

A smile crossed the mother's face, "Then are you…"

"Yes, I shell take him in," Sarutobi smiled softly and took the crying baby in his arms.

"HOKAGE-SAMA!" the ninja exclaimed.

"Ebisu, my decision is final!" he shot the outraged ninja a glare and Ebisu closed his lips as he grinded his teeth inside.

"His name is Naruto," told the woman, "I must leave now. It shouldn't take them long to find me here, I will run to a far away place to divert their attention from this village. Hopefully, they will never find out that I was ever here," with that, she gave a nod and left the room.

It's been nearly a month since the collapse of the sound village. Things seem to return to normal. The daily flirting to the blossom color haired girl from the loud blond boy. The name calling that went on between the cool calm Uchiha and the short-tempered idiot. The daily meeting that went on in the Hokage temple with occasional out bursts of rage from the woman with the plus-sized breasts.

The sun crawled up from behind the mountains and shined upon the young man's face. 'Don't wake up, I don't want to wake up, I don't…conscious thought, damn I'm awake.' He pulled himself up to a sitting position from his bed and rubbed his tired eyes. Giving a short grin to the early morning sun, he got to his feet, "Today's a free day! No mission for today! I wonder if Sakura-chan will go out with me today… meh, wouldn't hurt to try."

He tapped his fingers as he glared down upon his number one enemy, sitting with a bit of its mouth cracked open on the table as if it was giving a wise-crack smile to the inpatient Chunin. The three minutes time for the cup noodle to cook was truly a dreadful wait.


"Aha! You're all mine now!" he growled as he jumped toward his helpless pray.

He tightened his forehead protector after he locked the door to his house. "Today is another day! Let's Go!" he roared to himself and dashed to the streets.

---Hokage Temple---

A woman stood quietly in the darkened room as she gazed hesitantly down at one odd content of a book. "Tsunade-sama, is something the matter?" a voice came from behind.

"Oh, its you Shizune. I was just looking at the old man's journal, come look at this," she said waving her hand to her companion.

She walked over with a questioning look, then gazed down at the page. Her eyes widened with surprise. "Tsunade-sama, is this…"


"But how can this be, I thought he was…"

"Apparently not,"

"Call Jiraiya here, I need to speak with him." Tsunade ordered.


(On the street outside a teahouse.)

"Saakuura-chan, morning!" he called out with a bright grin lined on his face.

"Oh, it's you Naruto. Morning," she gave a smile. Then flickering her eyes to a figure in the distance behind, she jumped with excitement, "Sasuke-kuuunn! Ohayo!" she jumped again with her arms tucked to her chest.

The boy gave a "hmf" and raised his hand to signal a greet. "We have no mission today, and I still can't avoid seeing your stupid face," Sasuke chuckled.

"Who are you calling stupid!" Naruto raised his fist.

"You, got a problem?" he replied with a grin.

Sakura sweat dropped as she watched the sparks fly between the two rivals. 'I should be use to this by now. It's been going on since…forever'

"Oh," Naruto bounced his head up. Sasuke and Sakura gave look to the young lad. The boy gave a smile, "Sasuke, I'll settle things with you some other time. Right now, I gotta get to Old Tsunade's place."

"What for?" asked Sakura.

"I just gotta ask her when the next Jounin exam is," he rubbed the back of his head.

"I guess I'll tag along too," Sasuke said coolly, "I've only been acknowledged as a chunin so I still gotta take it too anyways."

"I didn't think I was going to go till later, but no point leaving things tomorrow to what you can do today," he said proudly.

'Wow, I think Naruto is finally growing up.' Sakura smiled gently at the young man.

"and then…" the boy crecented his eyes and stuck his face to the young woman, "Perhaps you and I could..go on a date?" he snickered.


The next thing he knew, he was flying through the air, landing on the other side of the block and sliding an additional few meters. "I just thought you might have grown up a bit and you had to go on and ruin it!"

'Man, I should really watch what I say around her. Guess that's what happens someone gets tutored by that strength mad baachan,' Naruto thought to himself.

Sasuke sweat dropped and coughed. "Alright, let's get going. Stop lying around, Usura Tonkachi."

'Shut up," Naruto got to his feet, rubbing the sore spot of his cheek.

"Wait up Sasuke-kun, I'll come too," the girl called out cheerfully.

---Back in the Temple---

"Tsunade, you needed something," an old man walked in from behind the doors, "Are you finally going to accept my date offer? For you, I can put all the other girl's behind if you want to," he gave a perverted smile.


The old man flew back out the door and hit the hallway wall with a loud thud. "You perverted freak, I called you to take a look at this." She handed him the book.

"The 3rd's journal?" he took to his hand and opened it to the page where she book marked. His eyes widened, "What!"

The three walked down the dimly lit hall of Hokage's temple quietly, careful not to disturb any meetings if it was happening. ---"what?"---

"Hey, I think that was ero-senin's voice," Naruto looked up.

"What's he doing here?" Sakura added.

They walked, listening carefully to see if another cry would burst out. Some muttering came to their ears. They followed the sound to a closed door. There, they decided to wait until what ever was happening inside was over.

"How can this be, Naruto was born in Konoha and his parents died, did they not?" Jiraiya said.

The comment caught the attention of the three outside the door. They silenced their breathing and listened carefully to the conversation.

"That is what the people here are led to believe. Reading that, I can understand why the 4th have chosen Naruto to be the holder of Nine-tails," Tsunade answered.

"I suppose, but…" Jiraiya said nervously.

"AND" Tsunade cut in, "It would explain why the Akatsuki wanted him as well." She said.

"Should we tell him?" Jiraiya asked.

"Why, we can't even be sure that she's still alive," Tsunade answered.

'She…Who's she…' Naruto swallowed his saliva as precipitation formed across his head.

"What if she's still alive. According to this, the 3rd had contact with her to not longer than a few weeks or so before he passed away in the battle." Jiraiya argued.

"It was after that, the Akatsuki took interest to Naruto. Yes, and it's almost like a turn base that when he stopped receiving messages from her, the Akatsuki took interest to Naruto. They probably found her and forced out the information," said Tsunade.

"For god sakes woman, the boy deserves to know something about his mother!" he raised his voice.

The door bursted open as a young boy dashed in with tears in his eyes. "Naruto!" Sakura called out to try and stop him from doing anything rash.

"What…did you…just say?" he demanded.

"Naruto!" Jiraiya responded in surprise.

Tsunade turned her back to the boy. A moment of silence hung in the air before the boy grew agitated. "You know something about my mother! I heard you say it!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Jiraiya replied hesitantly.

"Damn it, don't play dumb with me! I know what I heard and I demand an answer!" he shouted. He felt a warm substance streak down his cheek. He brushed it with his hand and looked down at the substance.

'Naruto…' Sakura watched the desperate boy with sadness and surprise. 'Is he…crying. The poor guy, throughout all these years, I've never seen him cry. I think I should be saying something, but what can I say to him…his Naruto.' She shifted her glance. Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

Ignoring his tears, he blunted again, "Ero-senin!" rage built in his eyes, "Tell me! What do you know about my mother? Is she still…alive"

"Just tell him," Tsunade said, "He already over heard our conversation so we might as well. He was bound to find out sooner or later."


"Fine," sighed the old man as he tossed the book over, "Read from the book marked page and you will find out what you seek."


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