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Title: Listen to the Rain

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Yaoi/Shounen ai, Self-harming, Rape, Lime, Lemon, Drug use, Incest, OOC, Torture

ClassiFICation: Multi-Chapter

Pairings: Reader's choice! But the main pairing has to include Sasuke!

Summary: Sasuke and the others are 15. However, Sasuke never went to Orochimaru and the snake is still after him. One day, Sasuke doesn't turn up for training so the others go look for him. Once inside his house, they are trapped by his memories. And what lock does that key go into? Where exactly has Sasuke gone? The others, won't like the answers to those questions…

May I introduce my muse, Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke: What are you going to do to me now?

You'll see Sasuke-kun. Warning to everyone, I am going to try and make this fic a tearjerker. I want to truly shock you, and if you like reading about exactly how screwed up Sasuke is, then this is the fic for you! This is NOT a sequel to 'What do you see?'


"Yo, Ohayo!" Kakashi said, grinning underneath that mask of his.

"You're LATE!" Naruto and Sakura yelled at their silver haired sensei.

"Suman, a pregnant woman stopped me on the way and-"


Kakashi sweat-dropped, as did the two genins in front of him. They all knew that the other would never change, even after three years of lame excuses and screaming. Naruto grinned wildly at his sensei.

"Ano sa, ano sa! What's the mission for today, Kaka'i-sensei?"

Kakashi closed his visible eye as he smiled, before he realised that something was wrong. The presence of one Uchiha was missing, and no matter how good that brat thought he was, Kakashi knew that Sasuke still was unable to completely hide his aura.

"Where's Sasuke?" the teacher asked his students.

Sakura's smile disappeared at the mention of his name, and her shoulders sagged. "He never turned up this morning," she said to the scarecrow.

Naruto scowled. "Yeah, that teme! He's so afraid that I'm going to beat him that he never showed up!"

Naruto, meet the floor. Oh, you've already been introduced?

Sakura blew the fist she just used to hit Naruto, before turning back to Kakashi with worried eyes. "He's usually the first one here sensei," she sighed, knowing that Kakashi wouldn't know what order his students came to practise.

Kakashi shrugged his shoulders. "We can't do anything unless all three are present. But, here is your mission anyway."

Naruto leaned closer to his sensei. "Nani?"

Kakashi bent down to Naruto's height, so he was eye level with the rather small loudmouth. "Find Sasuke, and bring him to the training grounds."

Naruto face faulted, and Kakashi jumped onto a tree branch and began reading Icha Icha Paradise. Sakura rolled her eyes, and turned in the direction of the Uchiha estate.

They walked through the busy streets, until they came to the side of Konoha where Sasuke lived. Sakura tread carefully, as she didn't wish to disrespect Sasuke in any way. Naruto, however, bounded up to the door and began pounding on it with his fists and generally making a racket.


Naruto was really beginning to strike up a great friendship with the floor.

As Sakura wiped her hands clean, she made sure to stand on Naruto as she slowly slid open Sasuke's sliding front door. "Sasuke-kun? Sasuke-kun?" she shouted. When she got no answer, she walked in and took off her shoes. Naruto did the same, whilst nursing a rather large bump on his head.

The two continued their calls for the Uchiha, and checked every room downstairs except for one, which was locked tight. They went upstairs, and Sakura grinned as she entered Sasuke's bedroom for the first time. Granted, she had hoped it would have been in different circumstances, but she was content for the moment with just looking.

"Sasuke-kun's not here…I wonder where he could be?" Sakura whispered to herself, as she looked around the dark room of the secluded Uchiha. When her gaze landed on the double bed, her imagination began to run wild. In her mind, she saw Sasuke lounging on his bed, wearing only a pair of silk boxer shorts, beckoning her to come forward with his right index finger.

"Hey Sakura-chan! Check this out!"

Sakura's right eyebrow twitched as her fantasy was interrupted, and her inner Sakura began to yell and complain at Naruto.

"NANI!" she yelled at the teenager, turning to face him.

Naruto was holding onto a black book, that was sticking out of Sasuke's bedside drawer. Sakura's eyes widened.


She charged at him, and in an attempt to dodge, Naruto fell backwards, dragging the book with him. It went flying across the floor until it stopped in front of the rabid Sakura. She stopped her rampage, as she realised the book was open.

"Oro?" she said, as her Inner Sakura forced her to look at Sasuke's personal property. Her eyes widened.

Naruto stood up slowly, keeping one eye on Sakura at all times. When he saw that she wasn't going to attack him, he called her name. "Sakura-chan?"

When Sakura ignored him, he just shrugged, as he was pretty much used to it anyway. But when noticed that her eyes were on the book he had previously been trying to see, he knelt down again to look. His eyes also widened, and Sakura bent down to get a better view.

She lifted her hand, and put it down upon an image in the book. The image was of a young boy with short black hair and black eyes, smiling up at an elder looking male. His eyes showed great admiration and respect for the other male, and Naruto's eyes widened further when he realised exactly who the pair were.

"Sasuke-kun…" the pink haired girl whispered, as her fingers continued to stroke the image of the much younger Sasuke.

"Itachi…" Naruto growled, remembering what happened the last time he met the male.

"This must be all of Sasuke-kun's memories…" Sakura muttered to herself, and she turned the pages back to the beginning.

The first image was of a young boy, with greyish hair and two scars on either side of his nose, glaring into a crib that held a black haired baby. The next was of that boy practising his shuriken throwing. The last one of the boy looking that particularly young, was of him with the sharingan eyes. From then on, it showed the black haired baby as it grew up. Towards the end of the book, the grey haired boy appeared again several times, looking a lot older. He was wearing an ANBU uniform.

On the last page, was a photo of four of the Uchiha family. A boy with black hair who looked about seven, was sat on a grey haired teenager's shoulders, grinning at the camera. The only woman in the picture was beautiful, and the youngest boy resembled her more then he did his father! She was smiling sweetly, holding onto one of Sasuke's hands. The eldest male had his hand on the grey haired teenager's shoulders, and a rather stern expression on his face. As for the teenager himself, he had his sharingan on, and was looking at the camera without any emotion crossing his face.

Sakura and Naruto both raised their hands to the picture. Sakura stroked Sasuke's smiling face, smiling slightly herself, as she thought what a wonderful and joyful smile he had. Naruto's hand stayed in mid air, as if he were afraid to touch the image in case it would shatter. But then, his hand did move. However, it was the inside cover it touched, and not the picture. There was a hand made pocket sewn carefully on the cover, and a small lump was visible, indicating that it held something inside. Ever the curious one, Naruto dipped his fingers into the pocket, and took the object out.

Sakura's eyes saw the shine from the object, and turned to look at Naruto. "What are you doing, Naruto?"

Naruto just showed her the item he held, with a confused expression on his face.

"A key? Why would Sasuke hide a key in a photograph book?" Naruto asked.

"How would I know?" Sakura said, exasperatedly, before snatching said key from Naruto's grasp.

Before Naruto could protest, she spoke again. "It has the word 'KILL' carved into it."

Naruto jumped back slightly, before moving forward to inspect it closer. He saw that the blossom girl was right, as in kanji there was the symbol for kill carved into the top of the key. He shrugged. "I always knew Sasuke was crazy."

He was expecting a hit from the fangirl, but he never received one, as she was too busy looking at the key. She most likely hadn't even heard him. Naruto just blinked, before sighing in thanks that he escaped a slap. Sakura turned to him.

"There must be a connection with the key and the photographs. Why else would it be stuck specifically in here and no-where else?" she said logically, still thinking about it as she spoke.

Naruto crossed his legs and closed his eyes, as he also tried to think. Suddenly, a light bulb appeared over his head, and he shot up from his position on the floor.

"I've got it! I'm a GENIUS!" he yelled.

Sakura scowled in annoyance. "Hai? Come on then. Tell me."

Naruto's grin widened so that it almost split his face in half. " Sasuke-teme's family were KILLED. By his older brother, who he wants to KILL."

Sakura saw the connection, but that didn't mean that Naruto had the right to grin like an idiot whilst talking about the deaths of her future in-laws! She raised her fist and brought it down. Due to a high amount of luck, Naruto moved out of the way when he bent down and started flicking through the pages of the book again. Sakura forgot about hitting him, and sat down again to see what he was doing. Naruto stopped at the page where they had begun, the image with Sasuke smiling up at Itachi. He then tore the image off the page.

Sakura opened her mouth to yell at him but closed it again when she saw the word underneath.


A simple word, written in crimson. They both recognised it as dried blood, and it wouldn't surprise either of them if that blood turned out to be Sasuke's own. Frantically, they began to tear out some other images too, and saw more words behind them, all written in blood.







This continued until they got to the last page. The family portrait. Sakura tore that one off herself and gasped. This one had four words on it, beneath two more pictures. But were as all the others were happy and peaceful images, this one wasn't. It was of a woman lying on the floor, with a man slouched sideways on top of her. Both had their eyes closed. Both were bathing in the light of the moon. Both were covered in blood. The picture beside it, was of a black haired child, lying face down on the floor, with only a blanket wrapped around his waist to preserve his modesty. Blood surrounded his tiny body, and was soaking through the blanket. Beneath the two pictures, were the words:


And then an arrow, pointing to the pocket where the key once resided. Sakura and Naruto looked at each other, both thinking the same thing.

The locked room…

They both ran downstairs, ignoring the mess they'd made in Sasuke's room, and to the door that they had been unable to open. Sakura raised her shaking hand, and put the key into the lock. It fit. She turned it, and swung the door open. It creaked as it moved. The two of them walked in, and four candles, one in each corner of the room, suddenly lit up as if by magic. However, even through the dim light, they could see all the horrors that this room contained.

They both gasped as they looked around, but because they were so horrified by the room, they didn't hear when the door creaked back into place, and shut the two inside…


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