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Sakura sighed in relief. "Then whose blood is it?"

"I don't know, it smells weird."

"What are you talking about?"

"It doesn't even really smell like blood!"

Sakura narrowed her eyes and stole the kunai from Naruto's grasp, and smelt it herself. Naruto frowned. She didn't have a heightened sense of smell like he did, due to the Kyuubi, so what was she thinking?

"Naruto, I'm going to ask you to be careful when you do this but….can you taste this for me?"

"For you? Anything, Sakura-Chan!"

She ignored the name, and gave Naruto the kunai, knowing that he would be immune to its effects if it were poisoned. She supposed that the Kyuubi did have its advantages.


"Bitter, really bitter. And it smells so funny!"

"I can't smell anything…."

"Then maybe if you have a normal sense of smell then you won't be able to?" Naruto said.

Sakura frowned. He said it was bitter, and it is odorless to those without heightened smell receptors. Please don't tell me it's what I think it is….

"Naruto, raid the room. Now!"


"Do as I say! Search, now!"

"What for!"

"Baka! You'll know when you find it, just look!" Sakura yelled, and stood up, leaving the organiser on the floor. Not wishing to be screamed at further, Naruto crawled straight to the only cabinet in the room whilst Sakura thoroughly inspected the shelf and the corner with the black pillow. In her haste to find evidence to her hypothesis, she knocked all the books on the floor, and almost tore the scrolls in half. Naruto opened each drawer, throwing various things out as he rummaged. Books, photographs, clothes, jewellery, it all fell to the floor in an undignified heap as Naruto reached the bottom drawer. He yanked it back, pulling it clean from the cabinet so that it flew across the room and sent the heroin needle away to lie in a dark corner. There was a white cloth covering the contents of the drawer. Naruto, of course, pulled it off, and stared at what horrors it contained.

"Sakura-chan!" He yelled, sitting down next to a candle to shed some light on the new problem.

"Have you found something?" Sakura asked, almost tripping on a scroll as she raced over to look.

"What…are these?" Naruto asked, feeling stupid.

Sakura gasped. Inside the drawer was row upon row of packaged pills, sheets of blotting paper and test tubes holding a transparent liquid. Needles glinted dangerously up at the two, all of which were clean. The medic nin picked up a package of pills, becoming aggravated when there was nothing to notify her of what the pills were. However, she still believed that she was correct in her assumption of the drug's identity.

"Sakura-chan? What's wrong? What are those pills!" Naruto pleaded, his bright blue eyes shining.

"Naruto, it pains me to say this, but can you wait here? I have to go see Tsunade-sama."

"Tsunade-baachan? Doushite?"

"If I am right about this, then Sasuke-kun is in some serious trouble. Please."

Naruto knew it must be bad, if Sakura didn't want to wait for Sasuke. Sometimes he hated being so uneducated in the ways of a medic nin.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. I'll be back soon, Hokage-sama will definitely know what is going on, and will be able to help."

"Sou ka?"

"Hai. See you soon."

With that said, Sakura went to the door and turned the handle. When she discovered it was locked, she narrowed her eyes in suspicion, before using her strength as Tsunade's pupil to tear off the lock from the door. She pulled it open, pills still in hand, and nodded to Naruto before she disappeared around the corner.

Naruto waved as she left, and sat close to the door, glad of the extra light. He glanced back and forth between the organizer and the A4 book still on the floor, and stood up. He grabbed the A4 book, and opened it to the first page.

"'The life of an Uchiha is never an easy one. Isn't that what my brother always used to say? Then again, why should I believe anything that bastard ever told me? He stole everything from me: my family, my life, and even my innocence. Brought up to be the perfect killer, seemed only fitting for him to be the perfect thief too. Funny how the one you loved most can turn around and simply stab you in the backside. And yes, I do mean backside. However, despite all his faults that make him appear to be more demon like than human, he did have a point. Life is hell and people are the demons inhabiting it. Maybe its preparing you for the real hell when you die. There are some however, who make this world not a hell, and more of a haven for lost souls. Such as my mother, such a beautiful and caring parent, the one who passed the Sharingan down to my brother and I. My brother. Why does everything always come back to HIM? I swear, on the grave of my mother that he will die slowly and painfully. Hn, listen to me go on, merely nine years old and I already sound like a raving lunatic. Maybe I should write books on how to be a psychopath, I know a few who I could trade tips with. I know that it will take me a long time to defeat Itachi, as I can admit freely in here that he is superior to me in strength. However, should anyone read this, I shall have to kill them."

Naruto felt slightly disturbed that a nine year old child could write like that. He turned the page, seeing that some of the writing was smudged and the pages were crinkled, as if someone was trying to tear it from the book. He quickly scanned the page, noticing that it was a poem, more than likely done when Sasuke was still the age at the start of the book. The title 'Obedience' dominated the top half of the page as it was written in big, bold letters. Naruto read on.

Never am I allowed to do what I wish

I must follow what I am told

Let my last hopes diminish

Act as if I know only the cold.

Otousan wanted me to be better then I was

Nothing I ever did was good enough

He always preferred my aniki because

He knew exactly how to be tough.

Okaasan wanted me to be happy as I was

She always smiled and welcomed me home

She always liked to see me smile because

She never wanted to see me alone.

Aniki wanted me to become stronger then he was

As I was not enough of a challenge for him

He always said 'later Sasuke' because

He was thinking of how to kill our kin.

Now only I remain

And I still must do as I am told

I have to wait for my brother to be slain

Before I can welcome the cold.

Naruto blinked as he re-read the poem again, and looked at the opposite page where what seemed like a child's sketch of a snow storm was. It was difficult to make out because of all the smudges, but Naruto assumed that's what it was. He turned over the page, intrigued. Another poem, still in a young handwriting style, entitled 'My Fault.'

Everything is all his fault

I want what was before

Everything is all his fault

Bleeding from the core

Everything is all his fault

He made my eyes bleed dry

Everything is all his fault

He caused my soul to cry

Everything is all his fault

He was my only friend

Everything is all his fault

Why did he cause the end?

Everything is all his fault

He watched me shake in fear

Everything is all his fault

Take me away from here

Everything is all his fault

I live now just to kill

Everything is all his fault

Broken to his will

Everything is all his fault

But is it, can't you see?

Everything is all his fault

Don't blame him, blame me!

Everything is all MY fault

I was the cause of death

Now I wait until the day

When he takes his final breath.

Naruto was becoming increasingly worried. He never realized that Sasuke blamed himself so much for his clan's massacre, or that he had so many feelings that he kept locked up inside. How did he manage to stand it?

"Sasuke…" he whispered. "Why couldn't you have just told me?"

He flipped over a few more pages, until he came to the last one with writing upon it. The handwriting had changed drastically, becoming much more neat and legible as time went on. Naruto stopped for a moment to envy Sasuke before shaking his head of the thought and looking at the page. This one, was dated two days ago, and as he read it, he remembered Sasuke coming to training with bandages on his knuckles.

Everytime that I look in the mirror

All the pain in my eyes getting clearer

The lines on my face are proof of my sorrow

Never knowing whether I will make it to tomorrow

Half my life I have been locked up in chains

My mind torturing me with fears and with pains

Always wondering why God chose me for this fate

Why not some other child to live for to hate?

The mirror shows some of my darkest fears

My face is getting more like his was all those years

Before and after the night of shattered glass

Before and after I became the last

I can see the image of the lines on my wrists

A battle I fought with my mind, not with my fists

Against a foe that was not out for my blood

But against one whom wanted to destroy my livelihood

This foe, is now lying shattered on my bedroom floor

Beside the wall that stands beside my paper door

Yet the only blood that was spilled was mine

The crimson coats the floor like a warning sign

To stop any other from entering my domain

Where I seek to glue back together the pieces that remain

Of my sanity, and my long ago forgotten soul

As I have long since given up on my goal

I am nothing now but a vessel for pleasure

And I have seen such horrors that no other can measure

Now my greatest enemy is a part of the past

So why do I still see my image in the looking glass?

Naruto shot to his feet as he heard a slam, dropping the book on the floor. He looked at the open door, seeing the silhouette of a person coming down the hall. He smiled and his hopes were raised, as he ran out the door.


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