Reiko, the Shadow Fox

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Chapter 3: Old enemies, new allies

A month had passed since the former Uzumaki Naruto last heard of Anko. She had returned to pick up her new customized snake sword. The sword was one of the ten others that Arai Shakkuu had made with his assistance. The teen his new life and grew a passion for sword making, after all each creation were bought at a hefty sum. Not to mention that no one would dare to question who he was, the villagers by now had gotten used to him and considered him simply another artisan who worked for the well-known sword smith. This also allowed him to practice his own muramasa without much suspicion. After all sword smiths were known to be also swordsmen.

He's training had improved by a lot ever since he met Shakkuu. The teen now nearing his fifteenth anniversary had mastered Shakkuu's kenjutsu style. He also improved his speed vastly, thanks to all the drills the master had put him trough. By now mikazuki was part of him, its weight was no longer bothersome and he knew how to wield it without the slightest echo.

The rough training had made him leaner and compact and replaced his fat with well-shaped muscles. He's facial expression had changed a lot; he's face was solid and his eyes colored red. Thanks to some help from Kyuubi and his cosmetic help, his fox grin was now hidden and his hair was up to his collarbone. He had also gotten taller; puberty had finally begun to sprout in him he was getting near six feet already.

His ninjutsu had also improved vastly he now possessed an arsenal of jutsus at his position. He mastered water elemental skills from Shakkuu while the other elements and ninjutsu came from the scroll of forbidden seals. Not all were mastered but at least he had them. Another year of refining was all he needed. He had mastered the two most feared jutsus of Yondaime, the hirameku and jikuu shunshin. These two jutsus along with the kirigakure made him become a stealthy fighter, which he desperately needed. Reiko also completed his eizou jutsus that he developed from his former favorite move kage bunshin. This worked perfectly with his now mastery of the one handed rasengan.

However, Reiko still had some problems, all the jutsus in the scroll were high ranked jutsus, apparently Yondaime was lazy. He only added jutsus that were considered A ranked or higher unless you specifically needed for one of his high ranked skills. This meant that the scroll did not contain most of the basic and lower ranked elemental jutsus of the village. This was the point were the former hyperactive genin realized how dumb his former self was. Especially noting that Yondaime considered only one fire spell to be in the list, the strongest one of them all. Reiko scolded the deceased Hokage for his laziness; since even though katon karyuu endan was a great spell, it also meant that he had only two fire spells now. Now Kyuubi had some other fire spells as well, however, unlike the katon kitsune kaenhoushaki they were also high powered and who says high power means high chikara consummation. He was still glad that the famous Hokage had at least added more earth elemental jutsus. They also ate a lot of chikara but at least they were equally destructive.

He also had a few genjutsu, apparently Yondaime as lazy he was only added his best illusions again. He left out the sealing methods as they weren't his style and mainly because they took a lot more time to master, sealing methods could take years to master, he now understood why that perverted sennin was so reputed. You had to be very dedicated to master them and they were very dangerous. If you messed up there would be hell to pay and he did not feel he was ready to even start them. He had bigger fish to fry.

Now we may wonder why high chikara consummation jutsus would be he's problem considering that he had infinite chikara. The thing was that when you use more chikara you also expose your self on the chikara sensing that many of the hunter-nin that may hunt him will rely on. So unless he wanted to bleep in their radar, he would have to refrain from using them. So he needed jutsus that required less chikara signatures.

Another problem arose when he realized that becoming a nukenin had another consequence on his formally known jutsus, he could not summon toads. If he did, the toads might reveal his existence to Jiraiya and if that happened all the effort of creating his own death would be down the drain. This was another reason he was angry with the lazy Yondaime. The other fire spells were combinations with Gamabunta, which lead to sever cursing from the teen when he discovered them.

The only one enjoying his misery was Kyuubi. The great fox was enjoying the struggle of the boy; he never liked those toads anyway. So he made a deal instead, since he cannot use toads he can summon foxes. This was a surprise for the teen, as he never expected the great demon's help especially in this issue. He used to frequently visit him; now and then after all he was his last remaining link with his old world. They discussed about life and once the young teen asked him why he attacked Konoha.

Kyuubi explained that once humans were able to summon foxes just like toads, but after they betrayed his trust he had decided to remove the contract and kill all the users. He had killed all apart one who lived at Konoha. Now he did go to the village and kill him but things got complicated. The villagers took him as a major treat and attacked him and he being a hot head fox retaliated. The fight escalated into a huge battle and that was how the event of 14 years ago began.

"You are one dumb fox you know that? If you came only for one guy and you had the power to transform into anything you wish like you told me, why the heck did you go there in your real form? Did you look at your own face its scary so of course they would attack you. Thanks to you, we are both stuck together", scolded the blond shinobi.

"You dumb brat! Did you really think I went there in my real form? I went there as a small nine tailed foxed, but they had to insult about my tails calling me a freak and throw stones at me. I have a pride also you know? I can't just let them insult me like that and get away with it. Did you ever do that? If not who are you to tell me what I did was wrong. Humans should know their place in life. They think they are the kings of the world because they are more intelligent. Just because we let you control the world doesn't mean you can simply insult us", growled back the Fox.

Kyuubi had a point; Reiko knew how bad the villagers' mouths were. After all he was one of their greatest subject. If anything went wrong in the day they would curse it in his name. He got fairly used to it, but it was still hard to take. He could understand Kyuubi's reasons.

"So why are you passing me the contract then? After all I am one of them am I not?" questioned the blond teen.

"Hey I may be considered evil but I am not heartless you know. I know how much my decision affected your life. Besides, the suffering you had went trough my name and the endurance you demonstrated by not retaliating them for it, proved to me that there is still some good human left around the world. You and that blond Hokage bastard have sacrificed your lives for these fools, thus only you deserve to sign the contract", said the Fox softly.

It was the first time the teen sore the fox as a being rather then a monster. Then something hit his head.

"Wait a minute… If I sign the contract wouldn't that mean that I will be able to summon you? You trying to play me for a fool or what?" yelled back the kid.

"Kid answer me this, what would I get by making you summon me? I don't want to kill anymore those annoying villagers. After all, the one who defeated me took his own life in the process. You are not there also and unless you ask me too I have no more quarrel with them. Besides, if you do summon me it will be temporary because I will have to return in you sooner or later thanks to his unbreakable seals and killing you would serve me no purpose but dishonoring your brave act living in my shadows. Unless you tell me, I won't attack them, that is up to you", replied the Fox.

The teen thought for a while, the fox was right. Kyuubi no longer had a grudge against the village. He also did not hold any grudge against them, after all what would destroying them achieve in his life? Nothing. All he wanted was to live his life and strike down his enemies and thank the people that had faith in him. Uzumaki Naruto was dead, so was his ambition to become Hokage, but he could still defend the village in its time of need, that's what it counted after all. What better punishment could he give to them then to live their lives knowing that he, the boy they despised the most, saved them. So he agreed eventually and signed the contract.

What he did not realized was that his faith in the great demon had made Kyuubi his faithful servant. The beast added new powers to mikazuki; apparently he was another lazy guy like Yondaime. Why bother being summoned when he could simply transfer some of his attack via the sword. So he gave him power to use his tatsukami attack at the command of the name. Or course he forgot to warn the teen of its effect, luckily the teen was training in a dense forest, because not only the tornado created by the sword blew him off far behind, it leveled a section in front of him.

"You damn fox, what the hell gave you the idea to give me such a devastating move? You want me to accidentally destroy a whole village or what?" scolded the teen realizing the effect of the attack.

"Nah, if you leveled the forest it's cause you did not concentrate enough. If you concentrate it, then it will only hit the target you want", laughed back the Fox, from inside the boy.

"What you mean concentrate enough?" asked the teen.

"What you think I would make life easy for you? I will summon the attack but you got to concentrate and give me the target and the size of the damage you want. Think of it this way, I you only want to slice the man in front you with my tornado attack, you will have to tell me so I will use the amount required for the process. However, in battle, you can't tell me by mouth because if you do he will surely try to avoid it or might prepare a counter so he got to tell me telepathically via our minds", explained the great demon.

"Ah, so I see, it's like went I cut the wind with your chikara but this time I got to tell you exactly where I want you to hit, because the sword alone would take it as a wide attack, but with my help you will be sending the wave from a specific section?" asked the teen.

"Yup, this will take time to master, at your rate I would say about a month. After mastering it I will show you some of my other neat tricks. I am feared for nothing you know, I am one of the only demons that has many different elemental attacks. I should have been given the name 'natural disaster' thanks to my attacks", smirked the Fox.

He was indeed a natural disaster, thankfully Reiko had worked hard and by the next month tatsumaki was mastered. Reiko and Kyuubi were now working on developing new jutsu based on rasengan, which Kyuubi named taifuugan, but their training would soon be interrupted by an unexpected visit.

The story was simple, Muramasa Arai Shakkuu being the creator of the seven swords of the seven mist swordsman, had the visit of one of the users, who came to tune up his blade. Reiko had totally forgotten about Akatsuki and was caught off guard when he received visit from Hoshigake Kisame and his teammate Uchiha Itachi. It didn't take long for Kisame to figure out Reiko thanks to his samehada. Both were depressed that the demon fox boy was dead, but now they were overjoyed to realize that he was alive, especially Kisame, so the two began to fight while Itachi was the spectator.

After a few sword blows, Kisame complimented on Reiko's sword skills. Who fearing that Itachi might join the fight soon wasted no time on summoning tatsumaki, a technique he knew the sharingan user could not copy. However, Itachi was bold enough to realize the danger of the attack on his teammate and thus pushed the shark man with on of his own jutsus to avoid the blow. The fight ended the next instant when Shakkuu interrupted the scene.

"I beg your pardon, but why are you three nukenins fighting?" asked the old man as old three stopped.

"Him nukenin? Since when that Kyuubi brat became nukenin he doesn't even have the tag nor his name in the bingo book", yelled back Kisame.

"That's because unlike you, he managed to fake his own death. Faking was never your specialty if I remembered correctly Kisame", laughed back Shakkuu.

"Hum, that would explain rumors of his death… I see now you must have killed those ANBU and escaped their plot. Considering how the villagers treated you, you must have guessed the odd of a fair trial would be against you so you fled. Must have been very sneaky of you if you managed to get the best of Konoha's trackers off your ass. I am impressed Uzumaki Naruto, looks like you were a genius after all", complimented Itachi when he sees the scratched forehead protector in the boys hand.

"Bold as usual, I see Itachi. Yes he did manage to escape it, Uzumaki Naruto is however dead, he is Reiko now, well Muramasa Reiko as I consider him as my adopted son. He is a missing-nin now, so you have no claim over him like the nukenin laws state", said Shakkuu.

Reiko did not like the situation he was in. Sure the nukenin laws, which consisted of laws imposed by the underground to make sure that all nukenin behaved between themselves. The laws were simple no nukenin fights another unless he has a grudge or if they are on opposite side of a mission and that nukenins help among themselves. After all they all have village hunter-nins to fight already that last thing they needed was fight among themselves. The problem was did Akatsuki follow those same laws. That he had no clue.

"I see you are right I guess we have none, welcome to the underground young Reiko the life of adventures. Can we rest? I would like to know what happened, I am intrigued how you managed to escape the last missing-nin to successfully escape from Konoha was me and I thought they had upgraded their defense much better from back then", laughed Itachi as he offered his hand in sign of peace.

So they sat around, Shakkuu's house, while Reiko explained his great escape. Itachi was surprised by the cunningness of the teen. After all this was the teen the village considered a failure. After chatting for some time, Kisame explained his reason for being here while Itachi kept talking with Reiko.

"Since you are a nukenin, you have my word that none from Akatsuki will attack you any longer. I know this may sound odd to you but we never intended killing you. You are like us after all a guy rejected by society because he was considered too strong", said Itachi.

"Oh really? Then tell me what was Shark man talking about him chopping my legs off on our last encounter? How do you expect me to believe a guy who is merciless to his own brother?" asked the teen as he glared at Kisame.

"First I must ask you not to comment on my past, maybe one day if we become better acquaintances I tell you. As for him, he tends to over exaggerate, besides we have a medical specialist who is second to the Hokage of Konoha, she can reattach those limbs in no time. After all Kisame has a bad habit of loosing an arm or two at complicated missions", laughed back the Uchiha, pointing towards Kisame.

"Oh I believe you will Itachi-san, it seems he also has a grudge versus an certain snake", smiled Shakkuu.

"Oh I see, I guess we will then. If you wish Orochimaru's head, as much as us, you can join us at your own free will. Although I do not think you are ready yet, even though I see your skills has greatly improved from your spar with Kisame, you have a long way to go. Even I could not take on him one on one without suffering some serious consequences", replied the young Uchiha.

"Thanks for the offer but I have no intention of fighting to gain power nor intentions of world domination", said the teen.

"We don't what world domination Reiko. We just want to live our own ways and learn what we love, new skills without having to be govern. Our villages in some way or another had rejected each of us. For some it was betrayal of their hope, for others it's because we were considered geniuses or powerhouses. Remember none is evil at birth we are turned evil by our lives. People tend to think that geniuses and powerhouses are too strong and need to be contained so they force us work more and they try to abuse our kindness. They think that way, they can control our lives, they think we have no live of our own. In my case my family overused me, in your case they made you an outcast. Do you know why? Because they fear us, they think if they give us peace we will take over their power. We don't want domination we only want a normal life, domination would only bring us back to things we hate…" ended Itachi with a silent whisper.

"I think we better not aboard the subject further we all had troublesome pasts", replied Kisame, looking at the emotional discomfort Itachi was feeling.

"Very well, I guess I will think about it, after all we all need allies. However, I do not think I am strong enough to be up the level of your organization, maybe in a few years I will think about it. Besides Muramasa-sensei told me to only participate into simple missions, got any I can borrow", said Reiko quietly.

"Well that depends are you good at infiltrating?" asked Kisame.

"Oh that he is, most of his skills are based on stealth right now, since he lacks low rank fire jutsus", laughed Shakkuu.

"Hum, I think I can help you with that. It will be half of the price of the mission. So if you succeed I will supply use with a few low ranked fire jutsus the basics what Konoha shinobis know and the rest will be paid in cash, which I will pay you immediately if you accept", said Itachi.

"What's the job about?" asked the teen.

"There is a Mist load in this country at the village of Hari. He has currently gathered data about our organization, which he plans to report to the Mizukage as well as the other lords in Water country. Your mission is to infiltrate his mansion and steal one of those scrolls without suspicion. We don't want to kill him if possible, all we wish to know is how much he knows about us. He's house will be guarded so be ready to use force if necessary. Do you accept the mission?" asked Itachi.

"Sure, where is the drop off point?" asked Reiko.

"Let's see, Shakkuu-san said he will be done with samehada in 7 days, so we will be back by then to pick up and pass you the jutsus. Remember kid, this isn't your old genin mission. If you mess up, you'll be dead before anyone can save your butt. So be cautious, he is very weary of shinobis so he will have plenty of guards. I suggest that if your ever discovered do not hesitate on killing people, if you hesitate, you are doomed. Do I make myself clear? Good luck", said the Shark man.

"Understood, don't worry you will have your scroll word of the Shadow Fox", said Reiko.

"We are counting on you kid, here is the map of the mansion and where the scroll is supposed to be located according to our sources. By the old man, make sure my samehada is shining in seven days ok?" said Kisame as he and Itachi got up and prepared to leave.

As they left, Reiko and Shakkuu sat down. Reiko studied the map for a bit, looking for ideas of how he could enter the mansion. He noticed that the mansion was near water source and it was fog season in Wave this gave him an idea. He elaborated his plan, it would take him a day to reach the location by foot without much suspicion and a day to return so that left him at least 5 days to work it out, out of which only one night was needed. The sword smith looked at him while the youth worked.

"You think you can pull this off?" asked the old man.

"Yeah, I am thinking of using kirigakure to cover my entrance then with the help of my silhouettes and other stealthy techniques, I should be in and out before they notice me" nodded the teen.

The 15 years old shinobi spend the night chatting about his new mission and how he was going to accomplish it. Tomorrow is going to be the first real day in Muramasa Reiko's nukenin career.

End of Chapter 3
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Muramasa Shakkuu/Arai Shakkuu: The famous black smith from Mist country. He is the one who build the 7 swords for the Mist's seven Swordsman. He will become Naruto's trainer and father figure. If you have noticed I picked the name Arai Shakkuu from Rurouni Kenshin. Since he was the sword smith who made Kenshin's sakabattou. OC character.

Muramasa Reiko/Uzumaki Naruto: Container of the demon fox Kyuubi, he had been always hated by the village of Leaf. At the age of 13, he became a nukenin, after a failed assassination attempt on his life. Thought dead, he became Muramasa Reiko the Shadow Fox, an s-ranked nukenin. He is considered one of the most dangerous shinobis in the underworld. He wields a muramasa sword known as mikazuki kaze setsudanki. He is somewhat affiliated with Akatsuki.

Mikazuki Kaze Setsudanki: A Muramasa sword that measures 150 cm. its name means, "crescent moon wind cutter", as it is known to use the Reiko's chikara as forms of wind waves; a worthy sword for its master the Shadow Fox, Muramasa Reiko. Often referred as mikazuki.

Nukenin: Missing-nin.

Samehada: The large sword that Hoshigake Kisame uses. It is made of sharkskin and has the property of stealing chikara.

Scroll of the forbidden seals: The scroll contains the skills used by the Forth Hokage of Konoha, and some of them are considered forbidden.


(Most of the techniques are not explained due to them not being used in this chapter, they will be in the chapters where they are used)

Eizou / Silhouette

Hirameku / Thunder flash

Jikuu shunshin / Space-time body flicker

Kage bunshin / Shadow clone

Katon kitsune kaenhoushaki / Fire element fox flamethrower

Katon karyuu endan / Fire element stream of fire

Kirigakure / Hidden mist

Rasengan / Wind spiral

Taifuugan / Eye of typhoon

Tatsukami / Tornado: Creates a powerful tornado via Mikazuki that can level a forest unless used correctly. It's also one on the main attacks of Kyuubi, who creates the same attack by waving his tales. User: Reiko (mikazuki), Kyuubi.