Author Orli
PG, No Warnings
Archived at mutiedotnet and livejournal


Trixie wasn't the nicest kid in town or the best behaved, but she wasn't sorry about it, and why should she be? She was going to try to act like anybody but herself. The way she saw it, there was nothing wrong with being herself. She wasn't really bad anyway. She knew what friendship was, and more importantly, she knew how to be a friend. She knew that Ziggy liked cherry taffy the best and that Pixel had been the best player on his soccer team before he had his videogames and that Stingy had had his piggy since he was three.

She might hide Ziggy's candy or the pull the plug on Pixel's game system when he was about to win or show off her things in front of Stingy till he turned green with envy, but she wasn't trying to be mean. She was just having a little fun. She knew that they would all help her when she needed them and that she'd be there for them, too.

She loved the rush she got every time she did something mischievous. It wasn't like she did really bad things. She never hurt anyone or stole anything. She wasn't trying to get into trouble, but she couldn't resist sometimes. She got such a kick out of some of the stunts she pulled. She couldn't stop herself sometimes. But then again she didn't see why she should try to.

When Stephanie had shown up, she'd been excited to have another girl around to hang out with. She didn't mind hanging out with the boys so much, but sometimes she just wanted a change. But Stephanie had turned out to be girlier than she even imaged possible. She was like a cheerleader, and she wore pink from head to toe. It was enough for Trixie to want to back off initially. But then she'd taken them outside and shown them all sorts of cool games they could play, like hop scotch and jump rope, and Trixie figured she wasn't that bad after all (even if she was covered in pink). Trixie had long ago gotten sick of sitting around, watching Pixel play videogames anyway. She needed something new, and Stephanie had shown them a handful of new things to try.

Of course, she hadn't been bought immediately. What with Robbie giving her that ball to throw through the window and everything. She couldn't resist the thought of hearing that sound of broken glass, so she'd taken the ball without giving Stephanie a second thought.

But when Stephanie had called Sportacus, everything had changed. She'd never seen someone do so many flips and jumps in her life! She'd have never believed it either if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes.

But after he'd come to LazyTown, she hadn't wanted him to leave. There was no way she could have gone back to the way things had been before, sitting around playing videogames all day. She didn't want to. Not after everything Stephanie and Sportacus had shown her that day. So maybe she wouldn't give up mischief just yet, the occasional candy hiding or showing off, but she wanted to go outside to play and try new things.

So when Sportacus handed her the ball, she took it, imagining that the window would be glad to remain intact this time, and smiled because it was just that beautiful.