13 March 2005
Title: Drop It Like It's Hot
Author: Orli
Fandom: LazyTown
Rating: G
Summary: Response to queenof1000days's challenge. Sportacus "Drops It Like It's Hot" in front of Stephanie, Pixel and Ziggy much to their dismay.
Cross-posted at mutiedotnet and livejournal

"Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto," Pixel sang to the tune of the music flowing from his headphones as his body moved in the staccato movements of "the robot" dance.

"I'm cravin' for you—I'm missing you like caan-daay!" Ziggy crooned, his eyes closed as he envisioned a fantasy of taffy.

Stephanie covered her ears, her nose scrunched in distaste at their cacophonous voices. "Guys, please, stop singing!"

"Singing? I love singing!" Sportacus exclaimed, jumping in out of nowhere! Pixel lowered his headphones, and Ziggy opened his eyes, a smile of his face.

"Sportacus! Thank God!" Stephanie sighed in relief, dropping her hands to her sides.

"All the heroes in the house drop it like it's haaawt!" Sportacus sang, dipping it low and bringing himself back up, completely absorbed in his singing and dancing. "Drop it like it's haaaawt!"

"Whew! That was fun!" he proclaimed, gleaming at them as he stood up straight again. Three pairs of traumatized eyes, accompanied with mouths agape with shock, faced him.

"What's wrong?" He asked, thoroughly confused.

"Everything" "That…" "Mommy"