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Circle Backwards: Part 1

I woke up feeling like my whole bloody head was ready to explode, to top off all of that I had no clue where I was or for that matter how I had even gotten there. It was supposed to have been a simple little investigation. Just go to this spot and see if the Decpticons had set up the space bridge there. Though honestly? I didn't even know what that meant or what we were going to do if this thing did turn out to be there. I was trusting that Optimus did though and I was of the mind that I could handle my self.

Now here I was laying on something cold and hard, realizing that I had been completely and utterly wrong on that account. I just wanted to lay there, I really did. Just lay there and wait till the pounding in my head finally stopped. But someone else out there had other ideas. Some thing slammed into something else and the clanging reverberations literally jarred me into a sitting postion.

"WHAT?" I jumped up looked around and then wished I hadn't because of what my head did.

"There now," A voice with a slightly English accent said. "It's alive. NOW will you be silent?"
I held on to the sides of my head for another few minutes and then look up. I looked up and realized I was also looking out through bars.
"What the?"

"ANGEL?" Optimus asked frantically from some where next to me.

I looked in the direction of his voice and found him. He was shackled to the wall next to me and had a look of utter relief in his eyes at seeing me awake.

"Op? What happened?" I looked around and finally lit on another transformer that would have been looking down his nose at me. If he's had one.

"We captured you human." He told me with the English voice from before.

"Uhh.. At the risk of sounding like a smart ass… I WASN'T talking to you Cyclops! So just shut your… whatever and let me talk to him." Then I turned back to Prime. "Wanna tell me how we got caught?"
Some how he actually grinned at me slightly, "That's what happens when you drive into a hidden space bridge."

I opened my mouth say something and I got the distinct impression that the purple one was staring at the back of my head. So I turned back to face him. While I was doing that I got a pretty good idea of where I was. It was a brig, a pretty nasty one for that matter. Optimus was chained to the wall and I turned out to be stuck in something that looked like a giant bird cage. I took all this in and then finally looked back at the one eyed purple one.
"Is there something you want?" I griped.

"Well I can see what Megatron said was true, you are an impudent little flesh being."

"Chrome boy is just mad over the pink nail polish." I glared out at him, "So I guess your one of his lackeys?"

"Lackeys?" Again if he had a nose he would have been looking down it at me, "I happen to be the commander that was left in charge of Cybertron until Lord Megatron returns."

"Oh." I blinked at him. "And that's supposed to impress me?"

"IF I were you female, I would watch your tongue. The only reason you are intact is due to the fact of your status as Prime's life mate."

"Gee that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy." I crossed my arms and looked him over.

Honestly this one was no where near as attractive looking as some of the others I had met. Compared to Optimus this guy was down right ugly. He walked off for the moment and left me there in my cage next to Optimus.

"Well this is a fine mess." I sighed and leaned back. "Alyssa's going to have a conniption fit when we get home for not bringing them with us."

"Prowl's probably already having one," Optimus said echoing my sigh.

I scooched over and looked out at him taking stock and trying to make sure that he was alright. "They didn't hurt you did they?"

Prime shook his head at me. "No, I was like this when I woke up. Something they did to the transport wavelength on the Space bridge, it was designed to knock who ever it teleported off line."

I shut my eyes and put my head back, "Thank God. I thought they might have …"

"Used you to make me agree to being held?" He shook his head, "No, though I was starting to worry when you weren't waking up there."

"Sorry about that." I looked out at the purple creep again. "So how DO we get out of this mess?"
"Shockwave doesn't know about the transmat…." Prime trailed off.

"I see. So if I can get out…"

He nodded at me, and that left me to think about how I was going to get my self down.

While I was wracking my brain on how to get away from the purple people eater on cybertron, back on earth Wheeljack and Alyssa were at the ark and as predicted Alyssa was just about to give birth to a heard of kittens.
"HOW! How did this happen?" She demanded.

"As far as we can tell," Prowl replied, "The whole lead on the space bridge was a trap. There was one there but it wasn't where we expected it to be."
"So where was it?" Wheeljack asked.

"It was here," Prowl pointed to a spot on the map Telatran was showing. "When they pulled up to this place, it just turned on. There wasn't any thing they could have done to stop it."

"There must have been something! WE should have gone with them! But NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I had to go show my boy friend off to my dad!" Alyssa wailed. "How could I have been so stupid and let her go off alone! I should have …"

Wheeljack grabbed her by the shoulders and whirled her around to get her attention, "Listen to me! RIGHT NOW. This wasn't your fault, or mine. There is no way we could have predicted this would happen."

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, "But jack we joked about it. We knew that something like this would happen!"

"Listen to Me Miss Alyssa," Prowl told her, "The truth is, if you and Wheeljack had been there. Then all of you would have been caught and they would have four hostages, not two."

"But maybe…" She tired again.

"There is no maybe to it," He touched something on panel and a display popped up. "See this? This is a map of the wavelength they used on the bridge. It would knock anything off line."

She looked at it for a second and then visibly wilted.

"At least shed have someone to help." Alyssa told them softly.

Wheeljack turned on his own transmat and changed to human size. A few seconds later he had his arms around her.

"We'll find them Alyssa. We'll get them back." He felt her hug on to him and bury her face in his arms. "We haven't gone through everything we have just to loose them now."