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Chapter 1: It's not that bad:

Minoka Shurugi walked down the busy hall of Meiou High. She watched as kids chatted against lockers, shared answers to homework, rumors, and any other thing that could come to their minds. She sighed. It's not that she didn't have friends but...

"Hey! Mika! Wait up!"

She turned to see 3 of her friends running to her. Well one was running, one was brisk walking and the other was just walking. "Hey guys" She said to Katana, Shuichi, and Hiei. Her friends were great.

Most people hated Katana and her because for one thing they were beautiful. Katana Shiruko had long, silky, black hair that she kept in a low pony tail. She had unique, but cute lavender eyes. As for Minoka, Her hair was long, silky, and thin. It was brown with natural mahogony tips. Her eyes were also a unique but cute color. They were blue with a pinkish glow. She hated her eyes. They were the reason for...

They also hated those two girls because they hung out with the smartest, hottest, and most popular boy in school...Shuichi Minamino, aka: Kurama. Minoka and Katana had found out about all of their friends abilities. Demonic and spiritual. True Minoka had developed feelings for Kurama but she had a feeling he wouldnt want her so she kept it to herself. Katana on the other hand, had feelings for a certin fire demon midget.

"So do you remember?" Katana asked.

"Remember what?"

"The party! At Genkai's"

"oh THAT!" Minoka smiled. 'oh that.' she tought glumly." I dont know if I'll be able to make it."

"Oh pooie" Katana pouted. That face could make the coldest man's heart grow soft. She looked so childish, so innocent...considering the fact that she wasn't.


The bell startled Katana. " I swear one day I'm gonna kill who makes it do that. It's gonna give me a fucking heart attack." she growled. Minok giggled.

"Well when you do call me so I can help"

"You bet...Lets go Hiei! Class awaits" Katana said

"Hn" Was Hiei's only reply.

Kurama and Minoka watch them leave.

" I think they make the cutes couple" she admited

" I must agree with you" Kurama says.

When they get in the class they take a seat in the back. Appearently the teacher was late...as usual.

"So we still meeting Yusuke and the others for lunch?" Minoka asked

"Well Yusuke will be here but Keiko and Kuwabar wont skip school. Botan might be here though" Kurama answered.

Before she could answer, the most popular girl of the school, Lina, and her crew came over to them.

"Hi Shuichi." Lina said sexily.

'She's trying to hard for her own good' Minoka thought with jelousy.

"Hello Lina" Kurama said polietly.

"You know today is Valintine's Day?"

"Yes. I'm well aware of that."

"Oh well I have something for you."

'Like pratically every other girl' Minoka thought.

"You do?"

She nodded then she gave him a cute red teddy bear that had a rose in its hands.

"Thank you." was all he said

"Your welcome." She shot Minoka a glare before walking off. Her crew glared at the brown haired girl before leving as well.

"Hn. She is so...so...uhg!" Was all she managed to say.

"Well I have a present for you to." He saud with a smile. She gasped.

"You do!"

He nodded. "But you'll have to come to my house after school. Is that ok?"

Her spirits dropped. 'after school' She didnt like the sound of that."ummm...yeah... I'll be there."

-After School-

"So Kurama. Can you tell me what you gonna give me?"

"It's a surprise."

Minoka sighed. He wasn't gona tell. They walked together, Minoka asking Kurama the name of any plant she had never seen. When they got to his house there was a message from Shiori saying that she might be home in the morning due to a delayed train ride.

Kurama led her up to his room and told her to close her eyes. She did what she was told and a couple seconds later she felt his body real close to hers. She resisted the urge to open her eyes and see what he was doing. It wasn't long before she knew exactly waht he was doing. He was putting a necklace aroun her neck.

"Ok you can open your eyes now."

She opened her eyes and saw a smiling Kurama and a shiny thing arund his neck. She looked at her neck and gasped. There was the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen. It was a thin golden chain with a golden fox at the end. The eyes were diamond and they was a 'K' on it's chest written with rubies. Kurama pulled out the shiny thing he had only to reveal the same thing eccept the letter was a 'M'.

"It's a way to remind me of you." He said.

"oh..wow...damn" was all she got out.

"What? If you dont like it I ca-"

"No! It's not tha- I love it. It's just that it totally out numbers my gift."

"Let me be the judge of that."

She nodded then went into her bag and took out two stuffed animals. One was a fox with silver fur and golden eyes. The other was a cat with Black fur with white tipped ears, tail and paws. The cat had pink eyes with a blue glow.

She handed them to Kurama and he looked at them for a second then started to put them together. As he suspected, a magnet pulled the animals together in a kiss. He smiled and looked at her anxious face. He just followed the animals actions by bringing his face close to hers and giving her a sweet kiss on the lips.

When he pulled away she was lost in a daze.

"I guess my gift was a success..."

"yeah..but why did you choose I cat? Foxes are canines and dont really like cats."

"I dont know. It was strange but something told me to get a cat."

She noticed nervous look on his face but it soon dissappeard.

"Well I love it. Thanks." He kissed her again, more passionatley.

"Your..Welcome..." was all she could say. "I'll see you tomorrow"


She walked down the road to her house completely forgetting what awaits her. When she stepped on the porch the lights cam on. She didnt have to look for her keys because the door swung open and someone pulled her in the house, then threw her across the room.

"Where were you, you filthy bitch." Her father roared.

"At school." She shouted back only to get a hard kick in her ribs.

"Dont you ever raise your voice at me! Your sister got home 30 minutes before you! You should be with her! You go to the same school! Even though I resent the fact that your stanking up her breathing space. You worhtless piece oh shit." He yelled pickimg her up by her collar and punching her to a wall.

He walked over to her and picked her up again. But this time he noticed her necklace."What's this?" He asked coldly.

"It's a watch dumbass. My friend gave it to me"

"You dont have friends"

"Well that just proves you more of a shit head than I thought."

He elbowed her in the gut. She doubled over in pain. He bent down and lifted her by her hair so he could examine the necklace."This should look good on your sister."

"NO" She pushed him."It's mine! She may get everything else but she not getting this!"

"Well bitch. If you want it you can keep it...for now. But know you get an extra beating"

She stepped back in fear, but she crashed into her mother.

"Watch where your gonig you little whore." She pushe Minoka back to her father. Minoka spotted her sister sitting on a chair, watching.

Her father beat her harder than he ever had. He also made it longer. He normaly beat her unti she was black and blue, but this time he didnt stop unti she looked near unconsiousness. "Next time, just give me the necklace."

With that said he left, leaving her there. She never let any tears fall. She vowed never to lets them see her cry. When she was strong enough she went to ger room in the attic. She fell on the mattress they called a bed. She rolled on her back and looked at the gift Kurama gave her.''I'll never give you up" She whispered. She winced in pain.

"It's not that bad"


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