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She walked on the street at a normal paste, her nose in the book she was reading. Her school skirt was over her baggy black jeans. Her school top was plainly set. Her strawberry blonde hair kept falling into her eyes, preventing her from seeing her book. She growled in agitation. She bit down on her book and stopped, getting out a pony tail holder and wrapped her hair in a pony tail.

"Kristi! Kristi! Wait up!"

The girl in question blinks and turned around, her hands still up, holding her finished hair. She saw her buddy Minoka and Katana running up to her.

"Mino-! OW!" Kristi cried as she accidentally dropped her book on her foot.

"God, how much does it weigh? A ton?" Katana joked.

"Oh shut it." Kristi said playfully, her grey eyes shining. She stood and dusted herself off. The three walked on silently. "You know… I'm gonna miss you two…"

Minoka looked at her. "What do ya mean?"

"I mean… it was your last day here… your going to that new school tomorrow."

Katana looked down. "Yea… but at least you can come to our school!"

"Yea that's true." Kristi walked with them until the reached the school, expecting it to be empty, yet there were four guys and two girls. They seemed to be… normal, but Kristi stopped upon sensing their energy. 'Hmm… Demon's? This is… odd.'

The group turned when they noticed the three girls there. The red head walked up to them. "I take it that you're the new students?" He asked politely, shooting small glances to Kristi every once in a while.

"Oh… That would be us!" Minoka said, looking at him, pointing to herself and Katana, who was right next to her.

Kristi didn't speak. She looked at him with her cool eyes, not commenting no matter what she had in her head to just bust out and say anything that came to her mind.

The red head smiled politely and bowed to them. "I am Shuichi Minamino; I have volunteered to stay after today to show you around the school. My friends," He pointed to the group behind him, "Has decided to stay back with me until it is over."

Katana nodded slightly, looking at Kristi out of the corner of her eye… 'I wonder… what is she thinking?' Katana shrugged and looked at Shuwiwi. "Hello Shuwiwi. I'm –."

"It's Shuichi ma'am."

"Oh… sorry… ha-hah…"

Minoka shook her head. "You are such an idiot." She looked at the red head in from of her. He had a warm smile set on his face and long flowing red hair. She watched as his hair fluttered when the wind blew. The boy in question reached up to his hair and tucked it behind his hair. The wind didn't seem to want to stop. Soon, flower petals started falling from the tree, a good indication that it was fall. The petals falling, and swirling around his body while his hair blew around him, was just a beautiful sight. Minoka found herself blushing as her wind blown hair got in her eye. "I… er… I am…"

Katana watched as Minoka tripped over her tongue. She sighed "I'm Katana, and that's Minoka." She said with a smile. Shuichi raised an elegant eyebrow.

"Katana… they named you after a sword?"

"I don't know why, but people always come to the conclusion that I'm the fighting type, but I'm not."

Kristi sighed "Can we get this tour going! I would like to go home in this life time thank you!"

They all looked at her with the same expression 'Where the hell did she come from?'

Kristi twitched "YOU FORGOT ME!" she raised a fist.

"Oh calm down." Minoka said, her voice a little dreamy, "It's not our fault your not noticeable Krimy"

"KRIMY! It's KRISTI! That's it Minoka…. YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!"

Kristi chased Minoka around until Katana got the brilliant idea to trip her.

Kurama watched, sitting on the bench with everybody else.

"They're a crazy group huh?" Kuwabara asked.

"Not as crazy as you, butt head" Yusuke retorted.

"What was that Urameshi!"

"You heard me!"

"Would both of you baboons shut up?" Hiei snapped irritably from his place on the tree.


Kurama sighed, "Here we go again girls…"

Botan and Keiko nodded. "Yes……. Here we go again…"


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