Title: Invisible

Author: Me

Rating: R

Contents: language, mild violence

Characters: OC, Batista, Hunter, Randy Orton

Summary: Maria McMahon has a crush on David Batista but she's invisible to him.

(Chapter 1)

Maria entered the meeting room, looking around for her brother-in-law, Hunter and her godfather, Ric Flair. She found them sitting with Randy Orton at a table. She sighed, knowing she'd have to wait for Orton to leave. She'd been trying to solve her problem with Randy's help for months and it just seemed to get worse. The more Randy talked to him for her the more he seemed pissed off at her.

Maria let out a sigh of relief when she saw Stacy come and get Randy. When she was sure they were gone Maria walked over to the table and sat down.

"Hunter you remember that favor you owe me?" She asked.

"Who you want me to kill?" He asked.

"No one. I just need information and someone to stop hating me." She said, fidgeting.

"Hating you?" Hunter asked.

"Yeah there's this guy I like but for the past couple months he's kind of started being mean to me." Maria said. "When he first started I thought he liked me but now he's ignoring me."

"You don't know why?" Ric asked. "Haven't you talked to him?"

"He won't talk to me. I asked Randy to talk to him but he just seems to be getting madder at me." Maria said.

"You asked RANDY to talk to a guy for you?" Hunter asked.

"Well Randy's my friend and this guy is Randy's friend." Maria said, shrugging.

She looked up and saw him enter the room. It seemed almost as if he were gazing past her. Hunter could see the tears begin to form in her eyes and he could punch Batista for the pain he was causing the poor girl.

"Who is it?" Hunter asked.

"David." She said, standing. "I'll see you guys later."

She left just as David arrived and Hunter looked over at his friend. David had liked Maria from the start. And he had noticed the changed in his friend until now. When David debuted on RAW he'd talked non-stop about Maria for weeks and then suddenly stopped. Now he was curious himself.

(Chapter 2)

That night Hunter and Ric went to the club, and they took David with them. They made sure that Randy was busy with Stacy so they wouldn't be disturbed. As they ordered drinks Ric started the conversation.

"What is the tension between you and my goddaughter?" Ric asked.

"What tension?" David asked shrugging. "She doesn't like me and that makes me not like her."

"What do you mean she doesn't like you?" Hunter asked.

"She thinks I'm a pig-headed, overbearing, mouthy, stuck up, womanizer." David said. "And that's just the beginning."

"Oh yeah." Ric said. "She told you that?"

"No. She didn't." David said, downing his shot.

"So who did?" Hunter asked, downing his own.

"Orton." David said. "I was thinking about asking her out and thankfully Randy was there to show me the light."

"Really? What light would that be?" Ric asked.

"That girls like her don't like guys like me." David said. "I'm not good enough for her."

"I can only image what Randy said to her." Ric said, worried about Maria. "That little jackass is going to get his."

"What?" David asked.

Ric pulled out his cell and called Maria as he made his way toward the door so he could hear.

"Maria came to me today, tears in her eyes, wanting me to figure out why you hated her." Hunter said.

"You're just saying that 'because she's your sister-in-law." David said.

"NO. She was my friend LONG before she was my relative." Hunter said, slamming a fist on the table. "She said she'd asked Randy to ask you why you didn't like her or want to talk to her. She said the more Randy talked to you the more you hated her. And now I know why."

"Orton wouldn't do something like that." David said, shaking his head.

"Oh yeah. I wonder what Randy told her you thought of her." Hunter said, looking up as Ric returned.

"She's out with Stephanie. They said they'd swing by here on their way back to the hotel." Ric said. "I didn't mention that David was with us."

"Good." Hunter said. "Maybe we'll get to the bottom of this."