Lieutenant Sonya Gomez was doing better on the Tolstoy then she did on the Enterprise. It was eight months after her promotion and transfer and she had not spilled a drink on anyone. She always did like working on the Enterprise, but working on that ship it would have taken years to get a promotion. Captain Picard was known for being stubborn about giving them out. So, when the captain of the Tolstoy offered her a promotion if she served aboard his ship, she jumped at the chance.

Gomez was proud of herself. She had been placed in charge of the third shift in engineering. Seemed her young and driven was helping her out. Things were going great. She had met a handsome man one day. That chatted a bit and later went out to dinner. That was six months ago, and Gomez was really starting to picture herself with him for life.

The thing that really seemed to draw these two together was that they would sometimes get to work together on third shift repair missions. He was a helmsman, so they periodically would find themselves working together to repair something outside of the ship. He would fly a shuttle and would lock onto the ship where the repair was needed. Then he would assist her in anything she need in an environmental suit. It was a shame today would not ve as sweet for her, especially on her six month anniversary.

They both managed to get scheduled for no duty shifts that day, because her lovely "Lt. Charming," had some surprise for her. The only thing she had figured out about it was that he had scheduled time in the holodeck. She did not know anything more, and it was driving her crazy. She had spent all morning trying to find some kind of dress she could replicate for this evening, but still had not found one she liked. She was just starting to look through Bolian evening wear, as a last resort, when her combadge chirped.

"Lieutenant Gomez, report to my ready room."

"Aye, Captain."

"And on the double please, Lieutenant."

"Yes, sir."

Why would the Captain be calling me to his Ready Room, especially on my day off? And why did he sound so urgent?"

Gomez hurried out of her quarters, but then tried to walk at a calm pace. Her mind could not decide if she should be panicked or not. Her instinct, however, had come to that decision already, it was in full fledged panic mode. She arrived at the turbolift , the door opened and she walked in.

"Bridge, please," Gomez said.

One thing about Lieutenant Gomez was that was that even in an emergency she always remembered to be polite to all the ships circuitry. It got her more then a couple raised eyebrows from Geordi La Forge on the Enterprise, which was something she never really understood. Of anyone, she figured Geordi would embrace the idea, considering how much his day to day life functioning depended on technology.

Finally, the turbolift doors opened and Gomez took a deep breath and collect herself. She was very carful to look professional when she walked onto the bridge. No one would know by looking at her, but she was scared to death inside. She did not know why she was being called to the ready room. Lately her work had been up to Starfleet standards and it was not like she had gotten in trouble for anything. She arrived in front of the ready room door. She stopped, breathed in a deep breath, and hit the door charm.

"Enter," the Captain said. Gomez walked in and saw that the he was busy looking over all sorts of PADDs. He did not even seem to notice she cam in. After waiting for a few moments she decided she needed to speak up.

"Captain? You wished to see me?"

The captain finally looked up.

"Ah, Lieutenant. Wish I could say it was good to see you."


"I'm afraid I have some alarming news, Lieutenant."

"Sir, if this is about any of my work..."

"Lieutenant, you can calm yourself. This has nothing to do with the quality of your work."

"I called you here because I wanted to inform you first, because of certain circumstances."


"You served aboard the Enterprise. Did you know Jean Luc well?"

"Well, I didn't know him that well. But I did managed to spill hot chocolate all over him."

"Tell me, Lieutenant, do you remember the mission to System J-25."

"Well, yes sir. We encountered the Borg when Q threw us into that system. Eighteen people lost there lives because of him."

"Well, I have some bad news. The Borg have begun an invasion. They have sent one of their cubes on a direct course for Earth."

"Sir, this is terrible, but why are you telling me first?"

"We have been ordered by Admiral Hanson to meet with the rest of the fleet at Wolf 359. There we have to try and fight the Borg, and the knowledge they stole from Captain Picard."


"They assimilated Picard"