Author's Note: Most of the dialogue will be copied from the game. They will usually tend to be the more light-sided conversation options. Most of my own stuff will come in when flying from planet to planet or in situations like when T3-M4 opens the emergency hach on Peragus. Some conversation options were in my opinion irrelevant and brainless so I changed them. In situations like the Nihilus/ Exile duel, I will change a few things due to the fact that I had all my characters run back to the door and switched on solo mode taking on Nihilus by myself. Additionally I keep getting reviews of droids being written druids... I'm sorry I try correcting that but Microsoft Word turns droids into druids and sometimes I dont notice.

The Exile's Path

It has been five years since the Mandalorian War's or has it been more? I looked around the space port I was on. There were a few small ships but none which took passengers. The planet I was on, was getting uncomfortable. Work was sparse and people began suspecting me. I had done many jobs since I was exiled. I had been working as a bounty hunter on this planet. The planet had been newly settled and had no name, just a designation which I had forgotten.

I went to the docks for larger ships. The sight that greeted me surprised me. A capital class warship was docked there. Republic Soldiers were patrolling back and forth, easily recognizable in there red uniforms. I saw a officer arguing with a dock worker. Fuel from Peragus was being loaded. That stuff was horrid on the engines but was certainly better than nothing. And nothing was the only other option in this part of the galaxy. I decided to take my chances. Maybe they would take me on-board and if not…, well it didn't hurt to ask. I pulled the hood of my cloak over head which darkened my face.

I approached the officer. "What do you mean you only have fifty barrels?" he asked the man angrily.

"Just what I said. We only have fifty barrels. Peragus has had some recent supply issues. They only received a sparse amount of mining shields, which means that they can't mine as much as they usually do." the dock officer replied patiently.

The officer grumbled something and turned towards the ship. I decided to address him. "Sir?"

"Yeah what do you want, citizen?" he asked annoyed.

"How times change…" I thought. "A few years ago he would address me as "general"."

"I'd like to ask if there is any chance if you could give me passage off this rock. This place doesn't have much to offer as work goes." I asked making my situation sound pitifully.

"No, we don't take on civilians." I looked at him closely. He had a medal on his chest given to those who served on Dxun at the start of the Mandalorian Wars. Maybe I could win him over yet.

"Did you serve at Dxun?" I asked pointing in the general direction of his chest.

"Yes, why?" he was curios as to why I asked, I could tell.

"Under who?"

"General Marik, citizen. Why do you ask all this?" he asked annoyed.

"Was he a good general?"

"Here goes nothing." I thought to myself.

"He was a good general. I never met him personally but I saw him often at the officers meetings. I'm curious why do you ask. Did you know him?" he was beginning to get impatient and I thought it was not best to put his patience to the test much longer.

"I might but I would like to ask you one more question. After Dxun, what did you think of him?" now this would be interesting.

"He ordered us over that ridge and we lost many men to the mines. But the order came from Revan, ultimately, not from him. He fought with us personally that day. He killed many Mandalorians. He was a brave man but like all soldiers he had a superior. I don't know why I'm telling you this anyway." he turned to go but I stopped him.

I lifted the hood from my face. "You said you didn't take civilians aboard. Does that include a retired soldier?" I asked smiling.

He was gaping at me. "I-it cant be." he looked me over again and he visibly straightened.

"I didn't know you were still alive, sir. The last thing I heard was that you left after Malachor. Did you return to the order?" I was glad he believed me and didn't begin a quiz to insure I was who I claimed to be.

"Yes. But, I left soon after. Been out here in the Rim. Surviving." I said smiling sadly. I didn't think it wise to tell him that I was exiled. If I told this captain that I had been exiled he might think that I had fallen to the dark side and mistrust me.

What little news I heard told me that Revan had turned Sith on us and tried to conquer the galaxy. It sounded awfully theatrical but she actually tried to. Almost did too as far as I had heard. It's true that I had been doing some un-Jedi like things but I couldn't fall to the dark side since the force was dead to me. "Interesting choice of words" I thought. "The force, dead? To me it was."

"I see, sir." the captain said. "Well, I guess I can arrange for some quarters. If people ask questions I will just tell them that you're a retiree from Dxun."

"Thanks, captain." I was happy it worked out this way. "Where are we going by the way?"


"Telos? Isn't it destr-"

"Yes but were rebuilding. Were bringing them supplies. Peragus fuel," he pointed at the barrels. "Amongst other things. Since these people don't have much will stop by Peragus itself and buy some extra barrels."

A few hours later I was in my new quarters playing dejarik with the captain. He had told me his name over some ale. His name was Captain Moore and he was born on Coruscant itself. We had just finished our forth game which he lost. He lost all the others as well. "I guess that's why you're the general and I'm the captain." he joked.

"Yep, my strategic knowledge is unrivaled." I laughed.

"If Revan could hear you now…"

"I'm glad she can't. I would be playing dejarik till Peragus."

"Would that be so bad?" he asked bemused. "I heard she was very beautiful."

"Yeah? I wouldn't know." I didn't like to talk about Revan much.

He looked at me smiling. "Of course you do, you just don't want to tell me." he handed me another bottle of ale and smirked.

"You want to get me drunk to pry all my secrets from me?"

"Yes sir, but only in my best interest sir." I laughed again.

"Ah well. I guess there's no harm in telling. She was quite beautiful, long red-blond hair, and beautiful blua eyes…" I was becoming dreamy.

"Were you in love with her?" he asked smiling.

I smirked. "Maybe a little. And I have had a little to much."

We played one more game and then decided to call it a night. He actually won the last game so he left happily. "When will we reach Peragus?" I asked before he left.

"Well, were traveling at .2 past lightspeed so," he looked at his watch. "We should be there tomorrow around noon."

He left the room and I went to the freshner. I looked in the mirror. My green eyes were reddened around the iris. Probably due to alcohol. My beard had grown some more and now encompassed my whole jaw up to my ears. My hair was still brown and "Luckily," I thought. "No grays." I had become more vain in my exile since looks seemed to help with female bosses. I had gotten many job's for my looks or by flirting. I decided to call it a night and went to bed. Before I fell asleep though, I heard some talk outside my room.

"They say that the ship is sending signals. Its in damaged-" I couldn't hear the rest. "What's its name?" the other voice asked.

"The "Ebon Hawk"-" they began moving away and I decided to sleep.