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It is another lonely day for Melissa Marquez at Sampson Junior High. At long last, the final school bell rings, signaling freedom-that is, for most kids. Melissa made no rush to pack up and leave, but lagged behind as much as she would let herself.

Walking home along a familiar path lead her to a familiar home, but along the way came a very unfamiliar greeting. She turned slightly and her eyes widened as the black car stops…

48 hours missing

Vivian and Jack walk up to the Marquez's front door and knocked.

"Sixth grader at Sampson, lives with her dad, mother died during child birth. Tough." Jack talked as they waited for an answer.

"I remember sixth grade," Vivian added with a smile. "So, who called it in father?"

"No, actually. Ah, teacher said she had been absent without a call. Apparently they check up on unexcused absences. Dad never answered the calls."

"Really," Vivian asked with surprise. Just then the front door opened and a large man dressed in trousers looked angrily at them.

"What," he asked disgruntled.

"Mr. Marquez, we're following up on a missing report on your daughter, Melissa. Do you know where she is?" Vivian asked, a little annoyed at the man. Jack glances at her.

"She's at school." he says, making to close the door, but Jack stops him.

"Listen, your kid hasn't shown up for school for two days, you want to talk about that?" Bob Marquez thinks about it then let's them in reluctantly.

Back at the FBI office, Martin and Samantha go through various papers.

"Teachers say she was a good student, never any trouble, but quiet. 'A bit of a loser to the other kids, but an angel to the teachers,' says the math teacher." Martin reads of a paper.

"The teacher said that?"

"Yah, I guess."

"Hmm. Okay, well I don't get it. Why is it always the good, quiet kid who live secret lives at home who go missing? Everyone has a sob story, but it's always the same." Samantha says a touch of bitterness to the last phrase. Martin looks up, not sure what to say.

"They're the most vulnerable?" He guesses. Samantha prepares to respond, but Danny walks up to them.

"Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Jack and Viv. It seems the dad is a real bitch. Looks like we got another runaway." Samantha gives Martin an, "I told you so," look.

"Maybe so, but we still got to try right?" Samantha asks. Martin is again alarmed by her reaction, really wondering what's up with her.

"Well yah, but our chances of finding her just got slim." Martin responds slowly.

"Not so fast. We have an eyewitness that says he saw Melissa get into a black car walking from school." Danny says.

"Well, let's go talk to him," Samantha grabs her coat and heads out immediately. Danny and Martin share a look before Danny follows her. Martin remains for awhile before assuring himself that she has a split personality. He would live with that for now.

(FBI office)

Danny and Samantha talk to Greg Monterey, the eyewitness.

"So this black car pulls up beside her," he explains. "She seemed surprised at first, but relaxed and got in."

"So she recognized them?" Danny questioned.

Either that or they had a gun to her head." Danny and Samantha look at him questioningly. He shrugs. "I could only see her face from my front lawn. The gun was just a guess…"

"Okay, well thanks for your help Mr. Monterey." Samantha says. Greg Monterey nods, and walks off.

"What do you think?" Danny asks Samantha.

She shakes her head, "Na, he's just a crazy dude."

Danny smiles. "Crazy Dude huh? Well, if he's got his story strait, then we have a big lead."

"Yah," Samantha says sadly. "She ran away."

(Marquez Residence)

"Okay, thanks Sam." Jack hung up his phone and turned to Bob Marquez and Vivian. "It appears that Melissa went willingly into a black car. Do you know anything about this?"

"No!" he replied outraged. I just want to make things better with my daughter!" Jack didn't know whether to believe him or not, but his thoughts were cut by a phone ringing. They all looked toward it. A technician hooked a wire to the phone and signaled for Bob Marquez to answer.

"Hello?" he said. A low voice answered him.

"I have the girl. Send an unmarked agent to 4374 Alley Lane. If anyone else comes, she's dead." click. They hung up.

"Wait, they didn't ask for a ransom!" Bob Marquez shouted, confused. Jack shook his head. "She knew them huh?" He spat.

Neither Jack nor Vivian knew what to think.

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