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The drive to the secluded neighborhood was a long one, so Jack and Samantha went while the others stayed. Samantha spent most of the ride staring aimlessly out the window. Jack was worried about her, but was afraid to speak. Finally, Jack parked the car at the entrance to a residential area. Squad cars followed suite and they all entered the area, spreading out.

Samantha walked away from the majority of people, thinking of places she would go. She herself had run away, and was familiar with a runaways mind. She spotted a nice big clump of bushes and trash and quietly headed over. The young girl was curled up against a brick wall, shivering in the cold wind. Samantha approached her cautiously.

"Melissa?" She called out. The young girl looked up at Samantha and nodded. "Can I sit with you?" Melissa nodded again. Samantha took a strategically took a seat so they were both out of plain view.

"My name's Samantha," still, she got no direct response. "It's kind of cold out here." Melissa only nodded once more. "You may not believe me, but your father is really worried about you."

"Yah, right." Melissa blurred out. Realizing she talked, Melissa looked down.

"Some people…have a funny way of showing love." Samantha reasoned. "Some just have trouble linking their thoughts to how they act. But they'd be devastated if something happened." A strong wind blew across their faces, and thunder rumbled above them. Samantha wished the rain would hold.

"My father isn't like that." Melissa stated slowly.

"Your father is really shaken up, right now. He's always been secure in knowing where you are. Once you left, he couldn't function."

"He didn't care that I was gone. He left me for two days, and still didn't report me missing." Melissa's voice was beginning to rise. "Probably hung over like always." Melissa jumped up and started to run. Samantha hoped up after her.

"Melissa no!" she called. The clouds gave way and a downpour struck. Melissa pushed her way through a back gate, stumbling in the mud. Samantha wasn't about to give in however. "Melissa, you don't need to run!" But Samantha's frail attempts were to weak to stop her. Melissa tripped and landed in the mud. Samantha couldn't stop in time, and fell painfully one her left knee.

Samantha grabbed Melissa, who continued to struggle. Samantha held her tight, but she wasn't restraining her. Samantha's comforting hold made Melissa stop fidgeting and look at Samantha.

"I'm really sorry," Samantha whispered to her ear. They sat there, letting the rain fall down upon their already muddy bodies. Samantha's knee continued to throb painfully, but she ignored it. Faint voices came running toward them and before long, Samantha was making her way toward the car, Melissa being checked by medics.

She leaned against the jet black car, letting her emotions get the better of her. She sighed, letting tears streak deftly down her face. She could only hope that they wouldn't all end like this.

Martin waited in the lobby area with Mr. Marquez for the troupe to return.

"I never got to thank you for you're help." Mr. Marquez stated. Martin nodded.

"It's our job…but, actually, I wouldn't be thanking anyone yet." Mr. Marquez shot Martin a puzzled look, but just then Samantha walked in with Melissa. Melissa took a deep breath, and swallowed. Samantha gave her a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder and let her forward.

"Melissa," Mr. Marquez rushed foreword, but out of nowhere, Jack intercepted him.

"Mr. Marquez, I'm afraid you're under arrest. You won't be touching Melissa for a long time."

"What!" Mr. Marquez yelled outraged as Jack led him away. Melissa looked unbelievingly up at Samantha. She smiled and Samantha smiled back.

"Your under arrest for numerous accounts of child abuse, neglecting to report a kidnapping…" Jack went on as he let an angry man go with an officer. He then proceded to wander over to Samantha and Melissa.

"You want something to eat?" Jack asked Melissa kindly, who nodded vigorously. "Okay, come on."

"Can you come?" Melissa asked Samantha.

"Oh, uh, sure, you go ahead and I'll be right there." Melissa nodded and followed Jack.

Martin walked over to Samantha beaming at her.

"Looks like you got a little dirty." Samantha just noticed how muddy she was.

"Yah," she laughed. "This mud better come out."

"Anyone ever tell you how beautiful you look when your muddy?" Samantha looked at Martin unsure if he was kidding.

She concluded that he was serious after they broke away from a kiss.