Awaken the Legendary Hunter

"Run Ciel!"

The reploid yelled as her turned around to confront their pursuers. He knew he was going to die but he was going to make a distraction enough so that maybe the human scientist could escape. His eyes covered with goggles and a simply round green hat with matching green shirt that was his uniform. He looked like all the other soldiers and he would die like the rest of the soldiers that night.

"Puff! Puff!"

The human girl keeps running. Her hair waving from the back of her head threw her head protector. Her pink shirt waving as she was running so fast that she could feel the wind against her.

"Keep running!"

She had a company of soldiers with her, all with one objective, to protect her at all costs. She couldn't help while running but notice how one by one they stopped and fired at the enemies behind them only die from incoming enemy fire. They didn't seem to care; they all were willing to throw themselves at the enemy to keep them away from the girl at all costs, away from the scientist Ciel.

"What is this? Some kind of monster?"

Ciel heard the yell from behind as three of the soldiers had stopped to hold the enemies off. She only heard the sudden fire of plasma weaponry and then the high-pitched screams of the soldiers. She found it hard to keep her stomach from throwing up and worse yet she found it harder to keep running. She was human but the soldiers around her will all reploids, unfazed by the never ending running. Almost when she thought she was going to pass out, the solider leading group stopped.

"Puff... puff... A dead end?"

Ciel spoke out for the first time since the screaming began as the solider rapidly turned around to see if the enemy was upon them. Only two soldiers remained with Ciel, while the others had stayed back to hold the enemy at bay, even if only for a few seconds. A small pixie-like creature flew over Ciel's shoulder; it had been with the group the whole time. It went over to the door and then flew back and spoke with the voice of a small girl.

"I sense a strong presence behind here! This must be it!"

The solider didn't question the pixie's senses. He spoke with a strong male voice, showing he was the leader of this group of soldiers, or what was left of them. He quickly pulled out his bag and pulled out a small pack of explosives. He didn't have time to waste, so he set the counter to only 3 seconds. He yelled out the group so he could be heard over the cannon fire.

"Ok stand back!"

He turned on the explosives and hurled it at the door; it almost didn't even make it to the door before it exploded. It caused the whole wall to collapse revealing a hidden room behind it. The room was flooded with sewer water, as the lead solider walked into the room with Ciel and the pixie creature with them. The last solider quickly took up a position at the newly made hole in the wall, believing it to be a good cut off point to delay the enemies. He yelled to the rest of the group, knowing it will be the very last time he ever talks to them again.

"I'll hold them off, you guys go on ahead."

The lead solider nodded, while Ciel didn't seem to like the idea but she didn't voice her opinion. She knew it was the only things they could do to buy time for her to escape. Her consensus was getting to her as it hurt to see already in a matter of a few seconds, to seen a group of 12 soldiers be reduced to nothing but dead bodies. Ciel and the remaining solider began to walk through the sewer water; they only had it a few steps into the room where they saw what they were looking for. The solider was in awe at the sight, even know the enemy was so close, he couldn't help it.

"This must be..."

Ciel was also in awe at the sight, she didn't expect it to be like this but yet it still seemed amazing. She thought how the report was right, it was the site of the legendary reploid.

"The Legendary Reploid... Zero."

She was looking at the body of a reploid; he was on his knees and had hair that reach all the way down into the sewer water. His head was down and his back was connected to a huge central machine, his life support and hibernation unit. The reploid seemed extremely damaged, one of his arms was missing and some parts of his armor where damaged or missing completely, he didn't look in good shape at all.

"We found him at last!"

The solider yelled in joy as he approached the reploids body. He only made it two feet before an energy field repelled him. The solider remained on his feet but was in shock at an active defense net still running in the run down building. Ciel seemed surprised as well but the pixie creature wasn't as she spoke matter-of-factly.

"It's protected."

The solider seem to be somewhat mad by the appearance of this new problem, and turned to the pixie like creature and said in a rough voice.

"Well! What am I suppose to do about it?"

The pixie creature didn't get a chance to reply as they heard a scream from the entrance of the room. All they saw was the solider guarding the entrance fly across the room and fall lifeless on the ground. Ciel saw for the first time the enemy that had been following them. The enemy soldiers had blue armor with all there weapons built into there arm, like the legendary X was built with one major difference, they only had one central eye which glowed an evil red. The red eye fit their personality only living to serve one purpose, to bring retirement to anyone who opposes Neo Arcadia. She watched in horror as the machine brought up its cannon arm and fired at her, she closed her eyes in fear of the impending death.


The lead solider jumped in front of Ciel taking three rounds of cannon fire to his chest as he protected Ciel from the attack with his own body. He was still standing as some of his circuits started to spark showing the damage he had taken. He spoke in a hurt voice as he backed up slowly with Ciel behind him.

"We have to evacuate! Now!"

Ciel almost panicked at the statement, as they needed to get Zero, if they left him behind Neo Arcadia would surely retire him for good.


The solider cut her off, if he had already predicted what she was going to say.

"We have no choice!"

He did indeed have no choice as another round of cannon shots hit him in the chest causing him to fall to the ground and into the sewer water on the floor. Ciel screamed in the horror.


She quickly crouched down next to the fallen solider as she tired to get a reply from him, only to see he was clearly dead. Her eyes watered as she was no longer aware of anything around her as she just stared at the dead body of her last remaining body guard. She couldn't believe it. It was all going to end here and now, she had nothing left. She couldn't fight back, she didn't even know how. The pixie creature looked at the legendary reploid and then at Ciel, and finally at the coming enemy soldiers. She spoke in a weak voice to try and reach Ciel.


Ciel didn't hear as she put her arms into the sewer water to bring up the solider in her arms. She looked into the goggles of the solider to see if she could spot any movement of his optic units, for any signs of life. She found none, as the solider was limp and heavy, devoid of life. The pixie was rapidly looking between Ciel and the enemy troops. The blue soldiers where between Ciel and the legendary reploid. The pixie creature screamed to Ciel now.


Ciel was brought back to everything around her as she noticed how close the soldiers were to her now. She dropped the solider back into the sewer water, she didn't get to her feet she only struggled backward through the water till the pixie creature flew right in front of Ciel's face and looked directly at Ciel.

"Use me."

Ciel felt a cold chill go through her body, she had watched all the soldiers die and now her last remaining friend was going to join them. Ciel spoke to protest it, as the robots came closer to her.

"But then... you will..."

The pixie nodded, knowing what its fate would be if it was used.

"It doesn't matter, you got people waiting for you to return, you need to make it back!"

Ciel shook her head in disbelief; she didn't believe it was going to happen. She didn't want it to happen. Ciel's scientific mind saw the logic in the pixie's decision. It was the only way she could make it alive. The soldiers now coming to almost reaching range of Ciel now, began lift up their arms with their build in cannon. Ciel nodded and then spoke with a clear but shaky voice.


Ciel quickly got to her feet and moved back a couple of more feet as the pixie like creature put itself in front of Ciel now. The pixie created a ring around itself as if like a digital control for itself. Ciel tripped cause of her high heels and began to fall backward but her arm reached out and made contact with the ring. The ring instantly disappeared and then the pixie shot forward toward the soldiers. The pixie said something before it fired off and very quickly to Ciel, but everything seemed to slow down for the moment.

"I am very glad to have met you Ciel, and goodbye."

Ciel screamed in horror of what she just had to do, how she knew when her pixie friend was 'used', the pixie would die. This is the fate of all cyber-elf once they are used they die.


Ciel fell onto her into the sewer water rear first as she watched Passy fly forward right at the soldiers. The soldiers watched the pixie with there cannon arms up and ready to fire at Ciel but distracted by the pixie, they turned there heads and watched as the pixie flew right by them and right at the legendary reploid, Zero. It hit the defense gird and quickly passed right through it like it was nothing and disappeared into the reploid's body. The soldiers seemed interest very much by this, as they remained looking at the reploid, to watch if anything happened. The first second, it seemed like it had failed but then the reploids body was engulfed by light blinding Ciel and even the soldiers sight. There was a sudden noise of breaking mental and then the flash died as quickly as it had come. Ciel was now back in a state of awe and the soldiers seemed to be analyzing if the new reploid was any threat. Ciel spoke in a general statement, almost completely to herself.

"Zero, has been resurrected."

The reploid has a crimson vest-arm, and two fins on his helmet that formed a v-shape mark were also crimson, and a gem right above the vertex of the V, was a blue gem. His arm and legs also crimson, his limbs mostly a dark blue with a white waist and groan area planting. On one leg there seemed to be a holster for a weapon of some sort, but no weapon to be found in it. His long hair was almost touching the sewer water even while standing; his eyes simply have a cold stare as he looked at the soldiers and then at the human. Ciel wasn't sure what he was going to do now; she had revived him but now what. She did the only thing that came naturally to her.

"Zero, Please help me!"

The reploid looked at the human again and then back at the soldiers, who finally decided the reploid was a threat and slowly began to bring up there arm cannons on the new threat. The reploid looked at the human, noticing the tears in her eyes. He couldn't explain it but he didn't like seeing her cry, and he also didn't like the arm cannons being pointed at him. He didn't know what anything or anyone was but he somehow knew what he needed to do.