Rolling On Forward

Zero slowly transferred into a dark room with a deep musty smell to it. He had been here before; this was the trans-server they had used to escape from the old laboratory. He had been given his mission, it was something he wanted and had to do at the same time.

Investigate the lab to find to discover my past.

He didn't know anything about his past and even know he had made a decision to help Ciel, the opportunity to learn more about his past was not something he was going to pass up. He wanted to know everything he could like why he was there, why he was sealed in there, and maybe the source of the strong feelings he felt that urged him forward even now.

Help me! The begging looks on that girl's face that seemed to echo for ages in the back of his mind. It had grabbed a deep memory in his heart that couldn't be forgotten nor remembered and took the strong feelings behind it and brought it to the present. That blinding passion that made him fights beyond everything and everyone.

For what reason? I can't remember? Was I always like this? No. It is something I learned. From Who? I can't remember.

He could feel he hadn't always been that way, he knew what it was like to fight mindlessly and just fight with strength alone. Zero couldn't recall the specific memories, but the lesson was something that even without the memory was still affecting him even now.

Zero? You all right?

Ciel's voice brought him back to reality as he walked into the room he fought the Golem in, the remains of the massive robot remained room were it had been destroyed. He walked by it and towards the hallway ahead into the large drop, which had allowed him to escape the first Golem from before.

"I'm alright, continuing mission."

He looked up the long shaft and looked towards the wall. He put his left hand up against and he felt the wall. The wall was pretty solid, even with light plant life growing on it. Zero jumped up towards the wall and then pushed off of it and flipped over in mid-air and push off the other wall of the shaft and repeated. He began to wall jump up the shaft, slowly and carefully till he got back into the hallway he had been in before. The hallway was in ruins and the passage ahead was blocked off do too the damage the golem had caused before. He had to find another way to the room he had first awoke in. He slowly went further down the hallway and began to search for a way to bypass the blocked area.

Unauthorized Transmission!

"Huh? The resistance taking an offensive? That's got to be a joke."

A red reploid sat at a thin touch panel with controls of the troop management for a data extraction mission. He at first seemed rather displeased by sitting they're just watching but was sprung to life by the appearance of a target and the information reflected it came from the resistance trans-server to boot.

"It still sucks I have to sit here and just order people around to do stuff... for that matter who the hell decided to give me this dumb objective anyway?"

He recalled a green reploid and fellow comrade, Harpuia handing it to him before quickly rushing off to do something. He normally would have passed it off to another one of his comrades, a blue reploid called Leviathan. She had the honor, however of already being on duty for an important mission already. He thought about trying to sneak it into Phantom's pile of work, but he knew Phantom could have his ass if he tried to pull that stunt; he was the master of stealth after all.

"Well at least it won't be as boring."

He pressed a button to active commutations to the forces and received an instant reply from the commanding officer.

Lord Fenrir, your orders?

"You got a resistance solider headed your way. Terminate him."

As you command.

He looked around for a moment and then sighed again. He was a still a bit mad; he would want to be the one fighting out there against everyone. He quickly dismissed the thought as he remembered the people he would be fighting.

"It isn't fun to beat on the weak."

He leaned back in is chair and stretched a bit as he was pretty much sure that was as much as he would need to do.

Zero any sighs of hostiles?


Ciel had reports that said there was targets but as Zero looked around it seemed like no one was home. The lab only had dust everywhere. He walked slowly through a room with many human sized tubes were, all of which had nothing in them and very dull do to the large collection of dust. He stopped for a moment and looked at one of the tubes. He couldn't help but feel something was wrong and that something was not right was this place made him feel uneasy. He was pretty sure that this place was also the place he was sealed at but he couldn't be sure. He slowly pushed away the dust from the glass tube. He looked into it and saw his own face in the reflection.

Is this how I looked before I was sealed away?

He closed his eyes for a moment and tired to think about the past, only to quickly open his eyes and put on his emotionless battle face...


The large fist of a robot broke through the glass tube Zero had been looking at only a fraction of a second ago. Zero jumped back a few steps and drew his buster. He then fired off a volley of buster fire at the robot. The machine raised it massive fist and deflected the volley off its huge armored hand. It looked identical to all the other versions, blue frame with a signal red eye. The design was starting to become too predictable. The machine charged forward at Zero and thruster its fist forward. Zero quickly dashed to the side and fired the buster at its side as it passed by, but it quickly adjusted its arm and swung, deflecting the buster shots once again.


Zero noticed how the machine had a better AI then the last models he had fought before but it still lacked something that made it challenge. What was it these machines lacked? He couldn't place his finger out it. He drew his Z-saber with his free hand and holstered his buster. The machine swung out for another punch at Zero. He responded by virtually laying across the ground, ducking completely under the punch with a stab attack. The beam went right through the machine sending a few bolts and its armor out the other side. The machine however still moved its attacking arm as if still trying to attack. Zero didn't let it have its chance. He dashed forward, coming up from his almost laying position and back flipping, making his saber create a half crescent as it came upward at the machine. The machine fell into ruins, the upper section spilt into two from the strike. Zero put his hand up to his helmet to turn on his commutation.

"This is Zero, hostile found and neutralized."

Roger that, continue with the mission.

Zero looked around as several red eyes began to appear in the shadows of the room, he could sense there were a lot of them and he didn't have time to be bothered with the destruction of them all.

"I don't have time for this."

Several of them charged forward at Zero, the first one Zero saw was side-stepped and cut horizontally form the side with a follow-up vertical swing to Zero's opposite side to cut another incoming fist in two. He looked at the others that would be coming.

"What the..."

Fenrir watched as several of his forces all began to go offline. The large trap of soldiers he had setup and all turned into ruin as several dots were disappearing all at once and there seemed to be no stop of the little red dot on the sensors. All the green dots on the screen were disappearing at an alarming rate, despite all this Fenrir just started to smile as if he was cheering on the red dot, his opposition.

"Well... there might be finally someone strong... very strong."

The concept of someone powerful he could fight seemed to get him very excited. He watched as the last green dot disappeared

"Well my little red dot... you better stay alive... for my sake."

He seemed rather happy and pleased with the idea of the resistance having some strength. He had been fighting on the winning side so long that it was getting boring with all the simple victories. He pressed the button on the commutations panel.

"Maha Ganeshariff, you got a resistance solider coming your way. He just took out all your support. You think you can take'em?"

The line was a bit of static but it was still clear but the heavy deep voice.

It shouldn't be a problem Lord Fenrir.

Zero didn't find the smaller bots much trouble at all; they only delayed him but never really managed to get any damage on him. They were effective in general military sense but with no mind of there own they were mere cannon fodder for someone of his skill.

How did I become this skilled? Was I designed this way?

The thought crossed his mind as he tried to think for a moment of his past but couldn't remember anything. He came into a large sewer filled room that looked familiar to him as the center of the room had several suspended cables like an advanced reploid stasis chamber.

"This room..."

He remembered it. It was the room he awoke in, the room where Ciel had awakened him. He slowly walked towards the center and found he wasn't alone. A large rounded robot stood in the center just staring at him. He was mainly green and had almost a circus-like appearance to him. His head was similar to that of an elephant and he over-sized arms and legs. There was nothing that appeared to be a weapon. He didn't seem to have any sort of weapons or attachments for combat.

No weapons? Something isn't right.

Zero walked towards the reploid and stopped about a few yards away from it and stared at it. They didn't say anything. Zero broke the silence first.

"Hand over the data from the chamber."

It was hard to see the reploids facial expression since he was so much taller and his face being animal like but the mouth seemly curled a bit, enough that Zero considered a smile.

"My name is Maha Ganeshariff and I will not hand over the data."

Zero expected as much as he drew his buster from his side and pointed it at the reploid. Maha just smiled a bit more as he took one huge step forward, the impact of his foot on the ground was enough to make everything shake it was so huge.

"The sad part is the data will be useless once I retire you. Such a pity."

Maha at that moment brought in his arms, legs, and head into his body and began to spin rapidly. Zero dived to the side as Maha hit the ground and launched forward at incredible speed as he almost ran over Zero on his first attempt. Zero spun his buster around in the wake of Maha's rolling attack and fired a few rounds but they bounced right off the armor. Maha made a complete turn and increased speed as he attempts to run him down again.

Too simple.

Zero rolled to the side and drew his Z-saber with his free hand as Maha was about to pass by again, and he swung one handed at Maha. The Z-saber hit Maha and bent around Maha's body as he pasted by again.

It bent?

He watched Maha carefully as he began to make another turn for another pass. Zero knew he wasn't going to make much progress as long as the buster and the saber didn't work. He had to figure something out. Maha however had stopped for the moment and his head popped out of the sphere of a body.

"My armor can't be damaged by a buster and the electro-magnetic barrier I create makes you're saber unable to even reach my body. You can't possibly win."

Zero didn't say anything as he fired a few rounds at the reploids head while he was talking but his head simply retreated into the body to avoid the attack. The time Maha to transform was just too fast to take advantage of.

How can he power an electro-magnetic barrier without an outside power source!

Zero looked a bit grim as Maha spun up again and rolled at him with his rolling attack again. The sheer mass and size would be enough to destroy even a tank with that type of attack. Ciel must have been watching him using the commutations link as a way to see what Zero was seeing cause she came on the commutations.

Zero, it's generating a barrier. The barrier will protect it from almost anything.

"Tell me something I don't know!"

Zero dived to the side again as Maha shot past him again and this time faster as Maha stepped up his attacks.

The barrier is created cause of the rotational moment by his spinning. That's the only possible way to maintain his barrier without an outside generator.

Zero understood what it meant. Maha barrier was up when he was spinning and then he can't create the barrier without the rotational motion. Maha spun around and was coming for another pass at Zero. Zero charged up his buster and grabbed his saber and got ready.

Clever, once he gets moving there is no stopping him.

Zero dashed over to the thickest wall he could find as Maha rolled after him. Zero jumped up at the last possible moment and slammed his Z-Saber into the wall as a peg. Maha crashed into the wall harshly sending dust, dirt, and large fragments of wall flying downward. Zero held onto the saber and planted his feet against the wall. He swung his buster downward towards Maha and waited only for a second to see Maha pop out his head to try and find if he had crushed Zero or not. Zero fired his charged shot right at its head. The blast dispersed across his head but the impact left some rather harsh facial damage as one of his eyes was broken and one the metal heavily melted.

"Good shot, but you can't..."

Zero pull out his saber and came down for a vertical slice attack. Maha rolled backward as the attack came down to just barely avoid Zero's attack. The sewer water and bit of the rubble were sent right towards Zero as he landed, blinding him. Zero covered his eyes and looked towards the ground to avoid getting any rubble in his eyes.

? What?

He saw a small green sphere at his feet with a blinking red light.

A bomb!

Zero attempted to jump away but didn't even get his feet off the ground as the explosion blasted him straight into the crater in the wall left by Maha a few moments ago. Maha was laughing from behind the smoke left behind from the bomb.

"Did you really think rolling was my only attack? Did you really think I'm that simple? You disappoint me. Lord Fenir seemed to have such high hopes for you."

Zero got back on his feet; a large chunk of his frontal armor was cracked and damaged. His arms seemed to have taken a good amount of the explosion as well as they gave a few sparks as Zero checked to make sure he still had his weapons and if they were functioning. The buster seemed to have had it's as the front section of it seemed completely ripped off. The saber was still glowing brightly in his left hand.

"Well you are well built for a century old reploid. Any normal reploid would be pieces from that explosion."

Zero didn't care about how well built he was. He was focused on finding a way to retire Maha, and with his buster down, the odds weren't looking very pretty. Zero heard the whine up of Maha's spinning attack and quickly dived as Maha burst through the smoke. He impacted the wall again, only enlarging his previous crater. Zero swung his saber for a horizontal slash at Maha, leaving a huge cut across Maha's body. He jumped up into the air and brought his saber down for a vertical attack. Maha's huge arm came out of his body at surprising speed and slammed Zero and his attack into the wall. Zero barely was able to get his saber in a defensive position as he was pinned against the wall, holding Maha massive hand back with the flat section of his saber. Maha's head came out and looked at Zero while attempting to squeeze him further into the wall.

"How can you keep fighting? You've barely caused any damage to me. All my core components are deep inside my protective shell. What hope do you have for winning? What will that achieve?"

Zero was busy holding Maha's hand back with his saber and barely able to hold his position. The wall cracked a bit, as he was forced deeper into the wall.

"What chance did you think you had?"

Zero just glared back at Maha as he finally spoke in response.

"I never thought of my chances."

Maha seemed a bit surprised that Zero finally decided to speak and in response he attempted to push on Zero some more, and the distance between Zero and the massive arm grew smaller.

"I was a given a mission and I'll terminate anyone and anything that gets in my way."

Zero twisted his saber causing all the force Maha had placed to slice his hand directly to side sending Maha forward as his arm went deep into the wall. Zero pushed off the wall and had his saber pointed directly at Maha's head. His head reacted to his body as Zero landed where his head would have been. Zero took his saber and stabbed it right where his head had been, sending the entire saber all the way to the handle into Maha's body. He pulled it out just as quickly and jumped away. Maha began to spark harshly as Maha began to make jerky movements as he turned around.

"I don't think I ever looked back at things I did."

Maha fell over with a huge crash, sending sewer water everywhere and causing the entire building to shake from his fall.

"I only look forward."

Zero turned back around and walked over to Maha's body. He got on the commutations while he lifted up his saber, almost ready to use it again.

"I'm retrieving the data."

He swung his blade several times in horizontal and vertical fashion causing a large section of Maha's armor to fall off and reveal his internal systems. Zero threw his hand deep inside the pile of circuitry, as several sparks came from different sections of remains. He felt what he was looking for, a huge box-like object. He pulled it out, ripping it harshly free from all the wires and circuit boards. He pulled it out and saw it was a type of black box. Ciel must have been watching again as she instantly came on over the radio.

That's the memory box, all-important data a reploid had should be stored in that container.

"Transfer me."


Zero raised his eyebrow in surprise. The escape pack he was given before the mission should have allowed them to transfer him back to the base regardless weather being at a Trans-server or not.

"Something wrong?"

The escape pack is no longer transmitting. Zero did it get damaged?

Zero looked at his right arm, where he had stored it. The little device was nothing more then a small discoloration in his armor now. It had been destroyed during the explosion before.

"Ya. I'll head back on to the trans-server."

Zero put his saber away and slowly began to walk back the way he came in. He heard several explosions and then the whole room light up with red and a loud howling alarm.


The building began to shake horribly and weak walls began to collapse. The building had become finally too unstable for its own weight.

"Ciel! What's happening?"

I'm sorry to interrupt.

Zero eyes went a wide as someone else had broken into there commutations line and he waited to hear Ciel but it seems she was being jammed.

I placed several explosives at key structural points. The building will collapse and bury this old place and you along with it.

The voice seemed straight and to the point and wasn't making any room to laugh or taunt about it. He was stating everything so plainly. Zero knew it had to have been done by someone far more skilled then Maha.

"Maha was a decoy."

Correct. He used far too much energy and had become long since become impractical. We can't afford to have such reploids hanging around in Neo Arcadia.

Zero broke into a run as he started to dash through the hallways as roofs began to fall downward and walls began to fall apart. The whole place was coming down and Zero had to escape. He at least was going to get some information on who attacked him.

"Who are you?"

I am Phantom, one of Master X's most trusted Guardians. I believe we might be seeing each other in the near future.

The commutation went dead as Phantom must have cut his end off. Zero jumped to the side to avoid another large fragment of the roof. The building was collapsing but the building wasn't collapsing that fast at all, almost if it had been design in case of failure to allow the maximum amount of time possible. Zero dashed around a corner to the pitfall that lead to the trans-server but as huge section of the roof fell in his path. He grabbed his saber and swung cutting it perfectly into two and clearing the path for his fall down the pit. He landed gracefully on both feet on the lowest floor as he heard crashing above and then quickly the light from above being cut off as the whole was covered with the collapsing building.

Zero, come in! ZERO!

"This is Zero, Mission Accomplished."

Zero, thank goodness you're all right.

He slowly made his way through the destroyed computer room and into the transfer room. He was a bit more concerned about what Phantom had said.

He knew I was going to make it out alive.

Zero wasn't sure if Phantom had intentionally let him lived or was simply trying to cover his mistakes. He stepped onto the trans-server with black box in hand and entered in the coordinates to the resistance base and the password as well. In the end, it didn't matter. If Phantom or anyone tried to get in the way, he would terminate them with extreme prejudice.

Phantom stood in a tree in the forest just outside building as he watched it fall into ruins at a rather slow pace. He didn't seem too pleased with the results as the building was taking its time to fall apart.

"The building took to long to collapse."

"You sure you aren't losing your touch?"

Phantom looked across to a large branch next to the one he was sitting on. Harpuia stood also watching carefully as it fell into ruins. They both didn't seem to please about the results of mission.

"So part of your objective was to destroy Maha as well?"

Harpuia questioned him carefully as he looked right at him. Phantom didn't make any attempt to hide his plans or intentions.

"That is the wish of Master X."

Harpuia didn't say anything as Phantom walked away from Harpuia and quickly disappearing in a beam of light as he transferred back to Neo Arcadia. Harpuia remained for a few moments as he closed his eyes and thought of what he just watched happen.

"Even willing to strike down our fellow Neo Arcadians?"

He shook his head and then disappeared in the same fashion as Phantom had, back to Neo Arcadia. The only thing left behind was only the smoke and ruins of their destruction.