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Draco stormed into the Slytherin Common Room, fury enveloping his mind. How could he do something so stupid?? What if someone had seen? He couldn't just throw his whole life away for one stupid little kiss for one stupid little girl.

Running a hand through his fair-hair, Draco sat down in a chair thinking about the events that had passed. He hadn't meant for the kiss to happen. It just did. He was going to threaten her, maybe do a few hexes, and that was it. Draco wanted to make sure that little Mud-Blood loving Weasly never talked back to him. But, it had all changed. Standing that close to her, with her red locks splayed out like fire and those eyes. God damn those eyes. They were so hauntingly beautiful. Deep and hazel, brown and golden flecked, with a thousand emotions running through them. Draco was hypnotized by those eyes. So striking were they in her pale face.

As Draco sat brooding in the chair Millicent strode in, going over to him. He looked up, alarmed by her sudden appearance.

"Millicent- what are you doing here??"

"Well, it is the Slytherin Common Room, and seeing as I'm a Slytherin I usually come here." Millicent replied sarcastically.

Draco rolled his eyes.

"I meant- what do you want with me?"

"How do you know that I want something from you Draco?"

"Millicent! Stop running around the bush. You'd only stand next to me if you wanted to say something. So spit it out before I put an Unforgivable on you!!!"

:"Ooooh, Draco why so spiteful today?? Well, if you really wanted to know I ran into that Weasly girl- Minny, is that her name??"

"Her name is Ginny!!" Draco replied, annoyed.

"Whatever her name is, I just wanted to let you know that she was furious out there. Almost as red as her hair!

"What does that have to do with me??

"She was mad at you Draco."

"How would you know? What- don't tell me you're suddenly physic like that loony Trelawney??"

"Haha," Millicant forcefully laughed out, "no you wanker- I could hear her muttering your name under her breath Draco."

"Really?? Well, I wonder why?? Probably is just mad that my father owns more money than her whole family combined. Pathetic Weasly's"

"I don't know Draco. She looked pretty furious and I don't think it was about money."

"Why are you telling me this Millicant??"

"I don't know, I thought you could curse her. Put a few warts on her face!"

'Why- so you could feel better about your own ugly one?" Draco sneered.

"Name calling won't get you anywhere Draco- you should be thankful that I told you this, you ungrateful little twit!!!" And with that Millicent turned around and ran into the girl's dormitory.

Draco was glad the he finally got rid of her and could start planning a way to solve this predicament. He couldn't possibly consider having a relationship with her of any kind! No matter how luscious Ginny seemed in his arms. He would find her tomorrow, sort this thing out and that would be the end of that. Draco stood, and while rubbing his eyes, slowly climbed the stairs to the boys dormitory where he could get a night's sleep.

His dreams were filled with her haunting eyes.

On the other side of Hogwarts, Ginny tossed and turned dreaming of Draco and his searing touch.

Both of them didn't know what was to come. But, they would and soon.

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