Ok here is my first ever fanfic entitled Two-bit's Angel

Two-bits POV

As I walked down the street to the Curtis' home, I noticed a moving van just across the road. I saw a sweet-looking young girl, about 16/17, sitting on the curb reading a book. I wonder what her name is, I thought as I walked past her staring at her in a stupor. Suddenly she looked up and opened her mouth to say something, but I didn't hear it, for the next second I walked into a pole and passed out cold.

I woke up in a silent and dark place. On my head there was a wet cloth and I appeared to be lying on someone's bed. I heard a sound from outside the room and the door creaked as it opened. I sat up to see who was coming in and realized how much my head hurt. "Lie down", I heard a soft, heavenly voice say, "You got hit pretty hard when you walked into that pole."

"Who are y'all?"

"Me? My name is Jessica-Rose, but you can call me Jessi, and you are?"

"Two-bit Matthews"

She gave me a funny look, I knew I had thought she looked sweet and nice before when I saw her in the street, but looking at her now I realized how wrong I had been, she wasn't sweet, she was more beautiful than anyone I had ever seen. She had long, silky, dark golden hair, just like Soda's, that came down past her butt. Her face was pale and milky, with huge amethyst eyes and soft-looking pink lips. She had long legs, and a good figure with quite large boobs. She was still looking at me in a funny way as I stared at her in awe. "Two-bit?", she said in a tone that matched her look perfectly, "That's an odd name."

"It's Keith, actually, but no-one has called me that since grade school."

"Oh, ok, that makes more sense so Two-bit, do you want an aspirin or something for your head? Your gonna have a pretty big bruise, but there's not much I can do for that"

"Yeah, thanks. What's the time?", I asked as she handed me a couple of aspirin and a glass of water.

"5:30, why?"

"OH SHIT!", I shouted, "The guys are gonna be wonderin' where I am. I was meant to be there an hour ago!"

Jessi's POV

"Guys?" I asked the strange boy lying on my bed.

"Yeah, my mates. I gotta get goin'. You wanna come meet 'em?"

I thought about it a little then said "Sure why not". So Two-bit and I walked out of my new house together talking about nothing in particular until the subject got around to where we were from, our interests and stuff like that. "So, where y'all from?", Two-bit asked me.


"Wow, y'all came all the way to America just to meet me? I feel so special", he wisecracked.

"Haha, very funny. I moved here from Adelaide, South Australia because Mum got a new job"

"Cool, say ya don't look like a greaser, why'd y'all move to this side of town?"

"What's a greaser?", I asked, puzzled, I'd never heard of a greaser. Two-bit looked taken aback, like no one had ever asked him this before.

"Y'all tellin' me that ya ain't never heard o' a grease before? Or Socs?"

"No, what are they?", I really had no idea what he was talking about.

"Greasers, well we're from the North side, working class, less privileged ya know? And them South-side Socs, well they're the rich bastards that can't leave us alone and don't seem to be happy with their Mustangs and Corvairs, so they come and jump us."

I was shocked, I figured "jumped " meant mugged, and wondered how they could hurt such nice people. "So, so they just jump you for fun?"

"Yeah, rotten bastards." We didn't finish our conversation because we came to a run down house, like all the other houses around here, I thought, and walked up the steps. I went to knock but Two-bit just laughed and told me you don't knock, you just go in. We walked into the lounge room to be greeted by six guys smoking, playing poker, watching TV and drinking.

Two-bits POV

"Yo, Two-bit where ya been?" Steve shouted from across the room.

"Uh, I got knocked out when I walked into a pole and this broad here helped me" They all burst out laughing "Yougotknockedoutbyapole!" Ponyboy shouted between fits of laughter.

"SHUT UP!" I yelled. Sodapop jumped up and ran over to Jessi, grabbing her hand getting down on one knee and saying "And may I inquire as to whom this young beauty is?"

"Jessi this is Darry, Ponyboy, Sodapop, Dally, Steve and Johnny. Gang, this is Jessi" I announced and each of the guys smiled at Jessi as I pointed them out, except Johnny he just went red and looked away.

"Hi, how are you all?", she asked in that sweet, heavenly voice with that different, but enchanting accent.

"We're…good", Steve managed to get out after recovering from the initial shock at the beauty of her voice.

Ok there is my first chapter of my first ever fanfic. SNIFF, I feel so HAPPY! Hope you enjoyed it. Please review, and the reason she is from Adelaide and not a more well known place is because this is dedicated to Jessica-Rose my friend, long time Two-bit lover and fellow Adelaidian.