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Soda's POV

I didn't know the little guy had it in him, I mean, he's sixteen and all but I honestly didn't think he was into girls yet. He didn't show any signs of it anyway. Well, I guess you learn something new every day.

"Ya know, we have enough food for you guys too," I said smirking at them playfully. To be quite honest, if I was him I would rather stay here, but he may not now that his secrets out. I watched as Johnny looked over to Abby for confirmation. She nodded shyly. Wow, it's like they found their other half.

"Sure, we'll be there soon," Johnny said, softly. The poor guy. I winked at them and ushered everyone else to the kitchen for him. They came in shortly after we sat down. Johnny pulled out a chair for her like the gentleman he was. They ate in silence but as always I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

"I'm glad Twobit's got Jessi, he needed someone and they're cute together, don't you think Ponyboy?" I asked between bites. He looked across the table absentmindedly like always. I swear, that boy thinks too much.

"Yeah, they're the kinda couple you see in romance movies or in novels." See, I was right, too smart for his own good.

"Yup, it's a sign!" I said dramatically. Well, at least I got him to crack a smile.

Ponyboy's POV:

I hope Johnny and Abby end up with a successful relationship like Twobit; he needs to feel the love since he never got it from his parents. I looked across the table and noticed the two of them sneaking glances at one another and I had a good feeling about them.

Johnny's POV:

My hand was entwined with Abby's as we ate, she was really shy but I knew she didn't need to be around the gang, they were my family after all. It was like bringing her over to meet my folks 'cause that was never gonna happen. Our plans for after dinner were to go see a movie. There was one that just came out and she wanted to see it and I wasn't about to protest. So we sat there eating in companionable silence listening to Soda go on about Twobit. He was lucky but I honestly think I'm luckier. Abby's great and I never would have imagined meeting someone like her.

We skipped dessert because our movie would be starting soon so we left once we finished the main meal. Before I exited the door I saw Soda wink at me and give me the thumbs up. I swear he's nuts, but in a good way. I don't know what any of us would do without him.

It was a nice walk there. We met no one along the way and we talked about random things. It was real nice until we got there. Dally wasn't there so we went in the legal way, by paying. We were a few minutes late so the beginning of the movie had started when we sat down. All was going well until we heard a crash outside the theatre at the concession stand. I quickly stood to see two hoods face to face with switchblades drawn. They were backing up into the theatre. The person behind the desk at the concession stand was on the phone while watching them so he was most likely talking to the cops. The two hoods getting closer so I grabbed Abby's hand and headed for the back door. It was locked but I had a paper clip in my pocket and a blade so I was able to pick it. A skill I had learned from being locked in my room so much.

We ran down the back lane behind the movies and ran straight into…Tim Shepard kissing Dally?

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