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Note: Just a one-shot I did on a whim, really. Theirs not enough Aru POV's out there. Or at least I don't think so. He might seem a bit OOC but I figure when your little, just lost your mother to something as horrifying as a failed human transmutation, and your brother almost lost his life too, you'd break down and cry. Or at least I would.

Al winced at the screams of his other brother as he sat with his legs tucked close to his hollow body, arms wrapped around them. Only a few days ago did they start the process of getting him prepared before hooking each individual to wires for his automail. He had tried to peek inside, maybe sit next to his brother and comfort him while he struggled through the immense pain, but he had been shooed out.

Another scream.

Instinctively, Alphonse raised his gloved hands to his helmet to try and cover ears that no longer existed. Upon realizing this, his hands dropped and wrapped around his legs once more.

It was his fault. All his fault. His brother was in unbearable pain and it was all because of him. If he hadn't stopped him from doing that transmutation to begin with, they would never be in this position. He would still have a body and his brother would still have his limbs. Ed could have died just trying to attach his soul to this armor.


Alphonse jumped slightly and turned to look at Winry, who was standing next to him. He had been so in thought he hadn't realized Edward's screaming had stopped and she had been staring at him with such a sad expression. What if…? He pivoted to his knees, as tall as his childhood friend even though he was crouching.

"Is he alr-" Before he could finish Winry cut him off, auntie Pinako walking out of the room behind her and heading off to wash up and start on dinner without a word.

"He's fine, just asleep… You can go see him." She forced a smile.

Al shot up like a bullet and bent through the doorway, slowing his pace as he approached his brother. He heard the door click shut behind him.

"Nii-san…" He knelt down on his knees again, wanting to be more eye-level with him instead of looking down on him if he pulled up a chair.

Ed was covered in sweat and his face was pulled into an agonizing frown filled with pain. His tiny fist was still clenching the blankets over him, as if even in his sleep the pain somehow managed to seep into his dreams… or nightmares.

Alphonse pulled his phantom gaze from his older brother and looked down at his hands that were clenched into fists on his bent legs.

"I'm sorry, nii-san… I'm so sorry…" His voice heeved in sobs as his fists rose to clench over his hollow eyes, trying to push back tears that refused to come.

"It's all my fault." Al sniffed and shook his head, mostly at himself. "It's all my fault. I'm so sorry." He started to cry even more, the thought of loosing his brother overwhelming him. Who knows if this operation had some sort of complication and it killed him. His brother. The only family he had left.

"Don't leave me, nii-san… Were all we've got. I can't loose you too…" His large metal shoulders shook as another sob pushed it's way out of his hollow armor. He sniffed again and used the back of his hands to wipe at the two hollow openings that were his eyes, stopping midway. He didn't have tears. Alphonse started to stop sobbing, his shoulders shaking as he sniffed away what wasn't there. He let his arms drop to his legs again and looked at his brother.

He was breathing less labored now and his fist wasn't as tight as it had been. The frown was still there, but he seemed in less pain then he had been when Al first walked in. That was reassuring enough.

Alphonse sat there the rest of the night, his eyes not moving from Ed's sleeping form.