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And after she said that the white thing rose up high in the air and opened it's mouth wide. A large gust of wind came from its mouth and sucked Kurogane, Fai, and Sayoran up towards it.

Chapter 5: Battle Strategy

The quartet landed on a strange dimension.

"Pathetic," Kurogane said while looking over at the young boy who was lying unconscious on the ground.

"What do you mean, Blacky-ta?" questioned the blond. "Just because he didn't remain conscious for the whole trip doesn't make him pathetic..."

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" shouted Kuorgane, not liking the nickname that Fai had given him. "My name's Kurogane, you'll call me that."

Then an energetic "Puu!" came from the mouth of the white "thing" that was with them.

"WHAT THE HECK?" shouted Kurogane.

"Puu! Puu!"

"Ha ha ha!" laughed Fai as Mokona jumped up onto Kurogane's head and Kurogane brought down a heavy punch to where Mokona was perched, but Mokona had jumped out of the way so the man really had just hit himself hard over the head.

"Ha ha ha! By your standards then, Kuro-ri, you're pathetic!" the blond man laughed for a bit more then glanced over towards the young boy on the ground.

Syaoran felt grass beneath him and squeezed his eyes shut. "Just one more minute, let me dream of her for just one more minute," he thought then opened his eyes. "No, that would take away time that I could save her in." He looked around, dizziness still throbbing through his head.

"Hello!" greeted the lanky, blond after seeing that the boy was away. "My name's Fai D. Flowright and that guy over there is Kurogane!"

"I'm Mokona!" exclaimed the white thing happily.

"I-I'm Syaoran," said the boy while looking down.

Prince Eriol looked out of the window in his room. He had never actually told him, Syaoran, everything. He knew, but never told. Never told Syaoran his past from before he met up with him. All Syaoran knew was from after Eriol's family had found him and taken care of him, had treated his injuries and nursed him back to health. He knew that Syaoran was often cold towards others, he knew why. He knew what Syaoran didn't. Syaoran had watched both of his real parents die, had watched his four sisters die, had almost died himself, and had cut off his heart from the world for a long time. He knew how Syaoran's life took a sudden change when he became a commoner, how hard it was for Syaoran who had no experience of it in his life before. "Be strong," he whispered, though knowing that Syaoran would never hear him.

Syaoran had after meeting Sakura started to become softer, but Eriol still knew that part of him was very cold, that part of him still felt the unavenged pain of the past. "Be strong" may not be enough to say. "Be strong" may only be a curse in itself, for there are moments in which weakness is inevitable.

"Syaoran, is it? Might I call you Syaoran-kun?"

Syaoran nodded his head in the direction of Fai. He didn't feel like talking now, it was strange, when he first met Sakura something in him changed, something became softer. He knew that before he met her he was much colder, and now, now that she was gone, he felt that coldness coming back.

"The girl's life depends upon her feathers of memory, if I'm correct," the blond said, "so we should find her and at least one feather before she dies, so that she'll live."

Syaoran nodded and the white thing, Mokona, ran up to him.

"Puu! Puu! Every time Mokona senses the waves of her feathers of memory Mokona will do this!" eagerly exclaimed the ecstatic thing while making his eyes become big and glow.

"Thank you," Syaoran said in a quite voice.

"And you know that I'll also help you, that is as long as it doesn't endanger my life or anything," said Fai.

"Thank you," Syaoran said while nodding in his direction.

"Don't expect me to get tangled up in your mess. The only reason I'm here is to return to my world. I won't help you, don't expect me to."

Syaoran looked over at the black clad man and nodded. "I'll do my best to not involve you." As he said that the man looked almost annoyed, but on the other hand the blond seemed to find the who matter quite amusing.

"You're so serious, Syaoran-kun!" he exclaimed while picking up Mokona. "Really, you are!"

"Fine, I'll do one thing," said Kurogane suddenly.

Syaoran looked at him confused, the man had just refused to help at all and now was saying he'd do something. "What is it that you'll do?" he asked warily.

"Give you idiots some directions," he said while pointing westward towards the setting sun. Moreoverly he was pointing at a castle that stood there. "A sinisterly evil aura is coming from that castle. I'll advise that you go there."

"Wow, Kuro-tan, you're so useful! We'll go there come morning!" The blond looked over at the young boy and saw his desire to go there that night. "Besides, if we go there now we'll all be tired, and if the princess captor is there we'd lose to him right away. We should wait until morning, call it a battle strategy."

Syaoran nodded, despite the lack of sunlight it was easy to see the pain in his eyes.

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