Stan and Wendy are still in love with each other, even though they broke up. Kyle has a DATE with Bebe, and a mysterious new student has a HUGE crush on Cartman. In a tangled tub of love, swearing, insults, and pie, can our favorite bastards prevail? [StanWendy, KyleBebe, CartmanOC]

This story is the very first fanfiction I ever wrote before I knew what the word fanfiction was. It's a bit of an odd story and I'm not sure what I think of it anymore. It's currently on hiatus, but I'm rereading through it and editing because it sometimes helps me to continue with a story.

Sorry yaoi fans! I don't have any homosexual pairs in this story! I know it's rare for me, but when I started this story, I didn't have any gay pairings in South Park that I cared for. Now I, of course, have my number one gay pair in Cartman/Kyle, but this fantastical pair is not featured in this following story.

There is an OC, her name is Luffy Davincourt, the same first name as my OC in my Naruto fiction I Just Wanna Say I Love You. She is slightly based off of me, but not very much. I just used the name because when I wrote this I had a crush on Cartman and liked the idea of seeing my nickname near his name in writing. Pathetic, I know. But in reality, I think she's a driving character and she is. She is far from a Mary Sue, though.

Well, um I figure if I get any reviews or ideas from you fantastic people I'll restart the story. so if you like it, please to no hesitate to say so. And look forward to my new Stan/Wendy epic one-shot Never Get Over It.

Main Pair: Stan/Wendy
Pairings: Kyle/Bebe, Cartman/OC

South Park © Trey Parker & Matt Stone
Fanfiction © Courtney Dracon (LuffySP)

"Love in the South (Park, that is)"

Chapter 1: A Football Beginning…

Stan tossed a bruised football to Cartman, who caught it clumsily. He ran off at top speed, which was easily slower than all the other boys do to his bulk. The rest of the boys caught up to him effortlessly. "Uh... hey guys." Cartman greeted them in a slightly scared voice.

"KILL THE FATASS!" Kyle screeched in a rabid tone, his face screwed up in fanatically. The boys began to charge at the terrified Cartman.

"Screw you guys," Cartman threw the football to the ground, "I'm goin' home! I don't even know what we're playing!" Cartman gauchely waddled off the field. The other boys angrily watched

"Goddamit Cartman!" Kyle seethed. "Every time we're about to pounce on you, you decide to go home! You can't keep doing that or we won't play with you anymore!" he shouted at Cartman's retreating back. Cartman spun around to glare at Kyle in a manor that was second nature to him now.

"I don't need you!" he scoffed. "I can play all by myself! I can have WAY more fun without you bastards." Cartman pivoted on his heel and began to amble away.

Kyle jeered "What are you gonna do? Go play tea party with your dolls?" The boys laughed, and Cartman blushed, remembering the time when he desperately wanted to find his father.

"I was going through a traumatic time goddamit! And you shouldn't have been spying you goddamn hippies!!!" he defended himself. "Mel Gibson says Jews are evil liars! You suck!!! And if you mouth off again I'll kick you in the nuts!" Cartman yelled angrily.

"Are we gonna play?" Stan asked cautiously, he liked to stay out of Kyle and Cartman's battles, he didn't know who's side to take, neither of them made good points. It was just pointless squabbling to him, and Stan just wanted to play football.

The boys turned to face Stan. Cartman raised his eyebrows. "Did you not just listen to me? I refuse to play with a goddamn Jew!" he glowered at Kyle, sparks shooting from his eyes.

"I don't wanna play with a fat ass either!" Kyle retorted, putting his hands on his hips. Both boys walked in opposite directions leaving the rest of the boys sitting on the field staring at their receding backs.

"Well," Stan said "Glad that's over! Let's play!" he shouted to the on lookers

"Yippee!" hollered the surrounding boys, getting to their feet and running to random positions. Stan ran to pick up the football Cartman had abandoned and threw it into the air.