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Jareth stared up at what appeared to be Queen Demi. He stared at her long silver hair that flooded over her shoulders like a river. Her large luminousely dark eyes. The perfect
full lips that had curved into a smile that would cut glass. She was lovely, no doubt about that.

"Why have you done this, Demi, what is their for you to gain."

She laughed coldly,"Oh Jareth, you do amuse me so. You were so easily fooled."

Jareth narrowed his eyes,"Explain."

She laughed agine,"Well, since you'll be dead in a few momments; why not. It was all so very easy. Take my dear twin sisters place as the Queen of the east and get that little foolish
mortal to go into your realm. I didn't count on that idiot Elfen King to interfear, not that it matters now. I soppose I should thankyou for your help in disposeing of the imbecial. All
I had to do was switch the Mortal's body with one i'd been makeing to fool you into thinking she was dead. But no, you had to come here. What a pity."

Jareth barely controled his anger as he meet her gaze,"Who are you really?"

She smirked,"Queen Larina. And you, my dear Goblin King, it is time for you to die."

With that she threw a dagger of magic at him. Jareth raised a hand into the air and a the magic redirected itself back at Larina. She was so suprised she had no chance to bloak. She hit
the wall with a thud. Grimmencing she stood. Weary now of her foe.

She laughed slightly,"You are a formidble foe, Jareh, perhapes I shouldn't of taken you so lightly. But, unfourtantly for you I still have some tricks up my sleeve."

With that she threw a fire dagger. Wordlessly Jareth moved out of the way and hit her with one of his own Crystal balls. She tried to move but, was not quick enough and it caught her
in the side. She coughed woundedly but managed a sickening smile.

"You think you have won, don't you Jareth? Well, you have not."

Jareth's eyes glinted with fire and ice,"To the countray, Larina, I have won. You are to weak to fight. What did you do with the true queen of the east?"

Larina smirked,"She's.....around I soppose you could say. hehehe"her giggling turned to coughing her time drew near,"Jareth"she spat his name like a curse,"If I can not have my desteny;
then you will lose the only one you have cared for in hundreds of years."

With that she tossed something red at Sarah and Jareth ran to intercept it with his own body, but was too late. In is anger he tossed a crystal at her and exploded into glitter. Never to be
seen nor herd from agine. Gently he lifted her into his arms. He stared down at her unmoveing form. Secouds later they where back in his Kingdom, in the same garden from before really.
He felt his legs calapse benigth him and he held her body close.

She was so cold and unmoveing. He carresed her pale face with his gloveless hand. She was so very beautiful. Ah and that spirt she had. More fire then any he'd ever meet before. She was
so lovely, and yet so fragile. She knew more then Mortals, yet she knew so little also.

He closed his eyes and for the first time in hundreds of years, Jareth King Of The Goblins felt a tear fall down his cheek. His tear fell untill it spaltered on her cheek. Suddenly their was
a misty green light and when Jareth opened his eyes he saw what looked like Larina, only this woman's eyes seemed so kind and knowing.

"Jareth, its been a long time. I've come to thankyou for restoring me to my rightful place. I am sorry that this costed you the life of the Mortal girl."even her voice was different from Larina's.

Jareth met her gaze,"I did what was necary, my lady Demi."

Demi nodded sand pulled out a small crystal,"Here Jareth, take this as..........my thanks to you."

Jareth held it in his hand,"What is it?"

She smiled widely,"Its a crystal, nothing more. But if you turn it this way, it'll give you what you desire most."

With that she vanished leaveing Jareth to his thoughts. Gently he layed Sarah's body on the soft warm grass and closed his eyes. He made the one wish wanted more then anything in the
world to happen. When he opened his eyes he saw only Sarah's still body. Grief toke him and he dropped the crystal, he didn't even notice as it touched her hand. He closed his eyes.
She was really gone.

Suddenly he felt a hand touch his cheek, brushing away his tears. He opened his eyes and felt his eyes widen with joy.

"Sarah! Your, your alive"

Sarah smiled,"You really came for me."

His smile widened showing his canine teeth,"Always,my Sarah, always."

Suddenly Sarah reached up and held him close. She inhaled the sweet scent of Magic that had a praticuler smell that only Jareth wore.

"Jareh?"she murmered.

"Yes Sarah.?"

"I-I-I love you..."

He pulled away slightly,"Sarah, I love you too....will you be my queen?"

Sarah laughed joyfully,"Of course!"

With that they embraced in a firey kiss. And finnly they both had what they'd always wanted. Love. True untainted love.

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