In car

Rand: hey thanks man

Friend: No prob. Where to?

Rand: Why don't you take me to the good ole RWHC to pay Dr. Delgado a little visit?

Friend: Sure

Rand: but how to get past Ms. Hawkins?

Friend: everyone's got to pee sometime

Rand: Good idea. Thank you.

Jessie's School

Officer: Det. Stabler. Where is Dr. Kilner?

Stabler: what do you mean an officer just picked him up?

Officer: Ummm I don't know how to say this, but whoever that officer was, was probably one of Dr. Kilner's buddies.

Stabler: damn it how could I not know that?

Liv: Elliot, what's up?

Elliot: the bastard had one of his buddies dress up in uniform and pick him up

Olivia: Oh My God! How am I going to tell Jessie? She finally stopped worrying.

Elliot: I don't know but we got to get to Lizzy's school then the RWHC

Liv: Fine. I'll get Jessie.

Elliot: Ok.

Olivia: (walks back with Jessie)

Jessie: what happened?

Elliot: they tricked me I am so sorry

Jessie: don't be let's just go get my sister please

Elliot: ok

Jessie: Ok, here is her school.

Elliot: ok come on we will all go in to get her

Jessie :( gets down with Olivia and Elliot and walks to school office) Hi. I'm here with Detectives Stabler and Benson. We need to pick up my sister Lizzy Campbell. There's an emergency.

Lady: Ok, what happened?

Benson: she is in danger

Lady: Ok, I'll have her come straight here.

After a little while

Lizzy: What's wrong Jessie?

Jessie: They caught Dr. Kilner, but then he got away.

Lizzy: where's mommy

Jessie: Were going to her work now.

Lizzy: I'm scared

Jessie: (gives her hug) it'll be ok.

Olivia: Ok girls, let's go


Lana: Hi girls. What are you doing here?

Jessie: We need to see our mom and Lu.

Lana: Your mom is in Lu's office, why don't you go in.

Jessie: thanks Lana

Andy: what happened?

Jessie: He showed up at my school so I called the detectives. They caught him but then they got tricked by one of Kilner's friends who dressed up as a police officer.

Lu: how does something like this happen?

Benson: It usually doesn't

Lu: great just great

(Phone rings)

Lu: hello

Kilner: Hello bitch

Lu whispers to detectives: it's him

Stabler: keep him on the line as long as possible

Lu; How?

Kilner: are you there?

Lu: yes I am here

Stabler: just keep talking to him

Lu: What do you want?

Kilner: you know

Lu: No, I won't lie. How many times do I have to tell you?

Kilner: you will if you know what's good for you

Lu: What will you do if I don't?

Rand: wouldn't you like to know

Lu: Yes I would.

Rand: You will know when it happens

Lu: (covers mouth piece) what now?

Benson: ask him why he is doing this

Lu: Why are you doing this Rand?

Rand: I want the truth to come out

Lu: The truth already is out!

Rand: not the truth I want out

Lu: That's really too bad. (Covers mouth piece again) What now?

Stabler: just one more minute and we will know where he is

Lu: Please stop torturing my friends. I don't care about me. Just leave them alone!

Rand: but you care about your friends so that is hurting you.

Lu: Fine! (Covers mouthpiece) Do you know where he is?

Stabler: 4 3 2 1. go go go! He's at a pay phone a block away

Lu: Stop calling me! (Hangs up)

Phone Booth

Stabler: Damn it, he's gone!

Lu: You guys won't ever catch him, will you?

Benson: yes we will

Andy: Lu, come on. Why don't we go back?

Lu: No Andy I am tired of this bastard he is controlling my life and I want it to stop

Andy: Lu, please just come with me.

Lu: Just leave me alone! (Lu storms away)

Benson: I'm so sorry

Andy: don't worry she doesn't exactly have the best temper

Andy: good idea

Jonas' cell goes off

Jonas: hello

Andy: Hi Jonas, this is Dr. Campbell

Jonas: What happened?

Andy: First they caught Kilner and the cops got tricked, so he got away, then he called Lu and they figured out where he was, but by that time, he was gone. So now they have no idea where he is.

Jonas: where's Lu

Andy: She stormed off. We were hoping that you could come talk to her.

Jonas: I'll be right there.

Andy: Thanks (hangs up)

10 minutes later

Jonas: finds Lu down the block crying

Lu: what are you doing here?

Jonas: Andy called me she is worried about you

Lu: oh

Jonas: Lu what's gotten into you?

Lu: I'm sorry

Jonas: Lu I have never seen you like this and frankly it's starting to scare me

Lu: I'm really worried that what happened to me is going to happen to Andy. That's why I'm so out of it. He's out there somewhere.

Jonas: he won't try to rape Andy don't worry about that I don't think he will try anything with the cops watching him so closely

Lu: I can't help it, he's gotten away so many times, what's one more to him, he could rape her and go who know's where

Jonas: just try not to think about that

Lu: I can't help it

Jonas: Ok, do you want me to take you home?

Lu: umm yeah

Jonas: Come On, we'll go tell Andy then we'll get you out of here

Lu: ok (they walk over to Andy)

Andy: oh Jonas great you found her

Jonas: Yeah, I'm gonna take her home, can you cover for her for a few days?

Andy: of course Lu, get some rest.

Lu: Thanks Andy, I'll try

Andy: good

Later, at Lu's apt.


Lu: Oh my god! breaks down sobbing

Jonas: Lu its gonna be ok its ok be ok Jonas puts his arms around Lu

Lu: I have to warn Andy!

Jonas: calm down we will call the cops and then we will call Andy

Lu: Ok

phone rings

Elliot: Stabler

Lu: This is Lu Delgado, he's back and he left a note on my door that said "I will be back, you won't know when or where but I will be back

Elliot: we will be right there

Liv: what

Elliot: the bastard left a note at her apartment

Liv: let's go

10 minutes later

Lu: Thanks for coming

Liv: can we see the note

Lu: sure it's right here hands her note

Liv: son of a bitch hands note to Elliot

Elliot: We need to put a detail on her and that friend of hers Dr. Campbell he's already threatened to hurt her

Liv: I'll call the 2-7

Jonas: Thank you detectives

Olivia: Lu maybe you should call Dr. Campbell

Lu: Yah, I was thinking the same thingpicks up phone

Andy's House

phone rings

Andy: Hello?

Lu: Hey Andy, its Lu

Andy: What's up?

Lu: ummm... Kilner left a note on my door, he said that he's coming back and we won't know when or where.

Andy: Oh My Gosh!

Lu: the cops are gonna put a detail on you and the girls.

Andy: What about school for the girls?

Lu: there are cops all around anyone sees him and he gets arrested

Lu: do you and the girls want to come over for a while? It might be good for you guys to talk to the detectives.

Andy: umm yeah sure it would be good for the girls to talk to them

Lu: Ok.

Andy: I'll be over in like 15 minutes

Lu: ok