Title: Playground

Summary: James and Sirius take baby Harry to a Muggle playground.

A/n Just got back from taking my sis to a playground, so, that's where the idea came from.

"Lily, have you lost it? You're going to leave me, and this idiot, alone... with our son?" James asked, gawking at Lily. "Do you know how untrustworthy we are?"

"I do, Mister Potter. But I also think that you need to learn to take care of our son without me here."

"But Lily!"


Sirius couldn't help but snicker at their arguement. "Sorry." he whispered as Lily glared at him.

"I'll be at Gen's if you need me." Lily said, brushing a quick kiss on Harry's cheek. "You behave for Daddy, OK?" Harry laughed. But as soon as his mother left, he begun to cry. James and Sirius stared at him.

"What do we do?" James asked.

"Get Lily?" Sirius suggested.

"Sirius, she already thinks I'm a screwup." James sighed. "If I go get her right after she's left, she'll think I'm a bigger screwup."

"Well, gee, Captain Obvious, whatever gave you that idea?" Sirius shouted, his fingers in his ears.

"Let's take the little man for a walk." James sighed, picking Harry up. "Who's my little man?" James cooed. Harry stopped crying and began to giggle.

So, they headed outside, James carrying Harry, and they headed off towards Diagon Alley. "Great idea, James." Sirius muttered.

"I thank you." James laughed.

They walked past a small park with a playground and tennis court. And Harry began to squirm. "Aw, you wanna play?" Sirius asked, taking him from James. "Well, let's go play." Harry cooed and blew spit bubbles as Sirius pushed him gently in the baby swing.

James sat in the swing next to Harry. "He seems to be enjoying that, doesn't he?"

"He does."

Soon, Harry began to nod off. "Aw, maybe we should take him home?"

"Naw, let's enjoy ourselves." Sirius grinned. James begun to swing, keeping an eye on Harry as he slept. Sirius, meanwhile, was enjoying the slide very much. It was one of those that looks like a pipe, you know. Until he got stuck. "James? A little help?"

"Sirius, you idiot! How did you manage that?" James asked, crawling over and peeping inside the slide.

"I have no idea. JUST GET ME OUT!"

It took some time, but Sirius finally managed to get out. "Let's go home." he muttered.

"Let's." James said, picking up Harry, who was still asleep, and carrying him home.

"Where have you three been?" Lily asked. She was curled up on the couch, reading a magazine.

"Extracting Sirius out of tight places."

"I don't want to know."



Awww. If anyone has anymore baby Harry stories they want written, just let me know. Thanks for reading.