Okay, now I want to start by saying that I wrote this because I was bored one night. It's just sort of thrown together, but I like it.


She thought she knew him. She loved him and she thought he loved her. She thought a lot of things before that night.

When one of the doctors at Rittenhouse is faced with seemingly insurmountable events upon events, will the support of her friends and family be enough to get her through it all? (Based around Andy)

Rating: PG 13

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot and the extra characters I make up. Everything else belongs to other people.

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Author's Note: Just so you all know, I'm not good with all this medical stuff. So if anything is like contradicting or I have it wrong, just try and bear with me! ;)

AN (cont.): So anyway, I hope you enjoy. And if a certain character (you'll know which one I'm talking about really soon) seems completely out of character, I'm sorry. But I just felt like making them behave the way I did. This babble will all make sense if you keep reading.

"Lu! The telephone in your office is-" Lana shouted at Lu as she walked up the hallway.

"Yeah, so I hear!" Annoyed, Lu ran into her office. "Hello?" She sighed as she picked up the phone.

"Hey Mom. Don't sound so happy to hear from me." Mark's sarcastic voice was on the other end.

Lu rolled her eyes. "Sorry Mark. You just caught me at a bad time. I'm really busy, can I call you back?"

Lana poked her head into Lu's office. "Lu, patient."

Lu groaned and held a hand up to her.

"I was just wondering if I could spend the night at Tony's tonight instead of Dad's?"

"Uh, Mark I really have to go. It's fine with me, but you have to call your dad." Halfway out the door, she said her good-byes and hung up. Today was Wednesday afternoon and Lu was already being pulled in twenty different directions. She was dreading the up-coming all-nighter.

As she rushed down the hall, she quickly turned the corner into Exam 2.

"Hey Whitney." Lu plastered a smile on as she tended to the little girl.

"So how are things going with you?" Andy grabbed her clipboard and caught up with Lu.

Lu picked up a file and glanced at Andy. "No comment."

"Same here. Les and I are still arguing."

Lu couldn't help but laugh. "How surprising."

Andy raised her eyebrow. "Meaning?"

Lu looked at her. "Meaning, you two have been arguing on and off for the past month or so now, right?"

Andy huffed at her. "Patient." She turned down the hallway.

Since Lu wasn't in the "making-up" mood, she decided she'd apologize later. Right now, she had a gun shot wound in the ER she had to get to.

As Andy drudged up to her front door, she shuffled around in her purse for her keys. "Damnit!" She cursed as she realized that she left them inside that morning. Jessie and Lizzy were visiting her parents. Between awkward silences, this morning Les had told her that he was going to be home late. Andy didn't really care to find out why.

Realizing that she would probably have to crawl through a window, Andy walked around to the back of the house. After trying almost every window, she finally found one that led to the living room was open. She struggled with it only to find that it barely opened halfway. Moaning, she attempted to squeeze through the miniscule opening. As her hand grabbed the edge of the window, it slipped, slicing her. At the same time, she managed to wedge herself in such a way that she couldn't move.

"Smooth move Dr." Andy's head snapped up as she heard a voice coming from the inside of the house. Les was sitting on the recliner watching her.

"What are you doing?" Andy strained to keep her head from falling limp.

"Watching you." He smirked at her.

"Could you help me?" She snapped at him.

Les stood and easily lifted the window up, allowing Andy to tumble to the floor.

"Do you frequently get in the house through the window?" Les crossed his arms and looked at her.

Andy ignored him and went to clean up her hand.

Suddenly, anger flashed in Les's eyes. He grabbed Andy's injured arm and twisted her around. "Don't ignore me!" He screamed almost at the top of his lungs. Caught off guard, Andy's eyes just widened in fear.