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Demon Princesses

Summary: Kagome, Sango, and Kikyo, the Higurashi sisters, are 3 of the most beautiful princesses in all of the demon land but there's one problem…they have been arranged to marry princes of the North in order to form an alliance. Will love bloom or rejection?

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"Dum dum dum," A girl the age of 18 wandered through a set of halls, all adorned with portraits of important people, though most she didn't recognize.

"Lady Kagome!" a woman's voice called out somewhere from around the corner. The young woman turned around calmly, blue-grey orbs surveying her surroundings looking for the said voice.

"Lady Kagome!" the voice called out again, and this time Kagome saw who it was; Her personal maid, Ayumi.

Kagome gave her warmest smile while straightening out her silky dress somewhat. "Good morning Ayumi,"

"Good morning Lady Kagome," the young servant replied, slightly out of breath. Ayumi gave a low bow of respect for her young cat-demon princess. "Your father, the king, requests your presence in the dining hall. Says it's a matter of urgency, Miss,"

Kagome gave a light sigh while tucking a lock of ebony hair behind her ear. "Tell him I'll be right there,"

"Yes Lady Kagome," the young maid said before bowing once more and scampering away, white skirts billowing from behind her.

Kagome was the youngest of her 3 sisters, all of whom were cat-demons. Having the King of the Southern Lands as your father had many benefits. Living on beautiful lands, in a large palace-like home overlooking a beautiful lake, having personal servants, and lastly, being rich. Normally, having all these luxuries normally resulted in spoiled, bratty children, but it was quite the contrary for these sisters. Their sweet disposition was widely known across all the lands. But being cat-demons, they definitely had a temper.

The youngest of the sisters was now on her way to the dining hall. Her light blue skirts flowed gracefully behind her, accenting her figure in all the right ways. A modest bust line, thin waist, long flowing sleeves, and draping skirts, all a light and dark shade of blue.

Finally reaching the enormous oak doors to the dining hall, servants dressed in simple pants and a button-up shirt opened the doors with no difficulty at all, bowing their heads in respect. Kagome cast them both a polite smile before entering the room.

"Ah there you are Miss Kagome," a booming voice belonging to the king himself addressed the young lady.

"Good morning Father," Kagome greeted with a smile. "Good morning also Sister Kikyo and Sister Sango."

"Good Morning Sister Kagome," both sisters chorused together.

Kagome walked over to the large table, choosing a seat next to Sango, and began to help herself to some fruit and tea. "So what was it you wanted to talk to me about father?"

The elderly man sighed, running a hand through his dark hair, careful not to scratch his cat ears. "I have some bad news for you girls."

All three sisters attained a look of confusion and mild concern. Kikyo, the eldest, was the first to speak.

"What is it?"

Lord Higurashi looked stressed, knowing that his daughters would not take the news well. "Well girls, you see, an opportunity has risen. One that could be very beneficial to the lands."

Neither of the sisters spoke, knowing that this couldn't be the bad news their father was talking about.

"But, in order for this alliance to happen, you three must marry the Princes of the North, as a, let's say, binding promise."

Lord Higurashi waited a couple seconds for the news to sink in, knowing that the reaction would come soon enough. He began to silently count the seconds before one of them blew up. And of course, it was none other than Kagome.

"FATHER THIS IS ABSURD!" she exclaimed, fury etching into her words.

"THIS GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING!" Sango added her opinion, none so nicely as well.

"Isn't there some other way?" Kikyo sighed, always being the calmest in the worst of situations.

"No there isn't. Trust me, if there was, I would be the first to take it," the King replied wearily. "I'm just as upset as you guys are. Cat-demons and Dog-Demons don't mix as well as we would like."

"I can't believe this," Sango huffed angrily, magenta cat-like eyes burning with anger.

"Nor do I," Kagome added.

"Well there is nothing else that can happen girls. Do you realize the benefits that this alliance could bring us?" Lord Higurashi attempted to point out. Key word: attempt.

"I refuse to marry some…some mutt!" Kagome declared, slamming down her fist in anger. An arranged marriage to a dog-demon didn't sit well with her.

"I suggest you all stop complaining about your situation and go and get ready for your trip to the North, which will be nice and long as to get to know your new fiancées. Go get clean and packed and meet me in my study in two hours. No excuses." The King said in a no-nonsense voice leaving no room for complaints. "Now if you will excuse me, I have important matters to attend to."

And with that, Lord Higurashi headed toward his study, leaving his daughters to their own devices.

"I just can't believe that father would do this," Kagome complained for what seemed like the umpteenth time.

"I'm sure everything will work out in the end Lady Kagome. You never know, you may learn to like your fiancé," Ayumi replied while adding another strand of raven curls to the growing set that now set upon her mistresses' head.

"Yeah sure, and maybe I'll sprout a second head," Kagome mumbled.

"Well, you are ready Milady," Ayumi announced excitedly after one hour of hard work.

Kagome got up to face her full mirror. "Ayumi, you never cease to amaze me," she replied with a gasp.

Kagome was dressed in an elegant red gown made of a rich satin material, that flowed softly to the floor looking like icing on a cake. At the ends, the material was bunched up at regular intervals to expose the white with black embroidered material underneath. The dress had a thin waist, making Kagome look skinnier than she really was. Below the bust line, the fabric was laced together, once again showing the white and black material underneath. The dress showed quite a bit of cleavage, but not enough to not be considered modest. A simple diamond accented her milky skin, along with matching earrings and a matching band of diamonds resting on her mountain of curls.

Kagome's hairstyle was a thing of beauty. Her ebony tresses were curled and pinned together with a diamond hair clip. Strands of hair escaped the clip and rested at the nape of her neck and a couple framing her face. The band of diamonds placed around her head contrasted with the deep black of her hair.

Kagome Higurashi truly was a stunning woman.

"Well Lady Kagome let's get you packed for your stay," Ayumi suggested after admiring Kagome's natural beauty (which was only accented by the beautiful dress, jewelry, and an exquisite hairstyle.)

Kagome nodded mutely. 'I wonder what's going to happen when we get there. Will things go smooth or is this whole ordeal a disaster waiting to happen?'

Half an hour and many suitcases later, Kagome was finally ready for her trip to the North.

"Let's go Lady Kagome. You wouldn't want to be late,"

Kagome nodded with fake cheeriness. She couldn't help but to be depressed for her situation. As a girl she had dreamed of falling passionately and happily in love with the man of her dreams, but now it didn't seem like that dream would ever come true. 'Oh well. No denying my fate, no matter how bad it may be.'

"Where is Kagome?" Lord Higurashi asked with frustration. Everyone else was ready besides her.

"I'm sure she's coming Father," Sango replied with a sigh. Tucking a lock of curls similar to Kagome's behind her ear, she continued. "Oh look there she is now."

True to her word, Kagome came out of the mahogany doors with a cheery smile, not that anyone noticed it was fake of course.

"I'm ready," she announced with a nod causing her hair to bounce with her.

"Excellent. Now if everyone will just mount their horses…" Lord Higurashi commented with a sigh of relief. It would be absolutely rude if they were late.

One by one, the three Higurashi sisters were helpedonto theirseperate horsesand then followed by Lord Higurashi himself. Servants loaded the family's luggage ontoa following horsebefore they set off.

Now for the journey to the North.

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