Just another important Author's Note

How exciting...

Chapter 2 Revised is up...actually its been up for awhile but when a chapter is updated or whatever, it doesn't say updated...which makes me mad because how is everyone supposed to know that I changed the chapter!

Or maybe I'm just the only one that finds this a problem.

Well I guess this is just an update on everything...I actually started re-writing chapter 3 and it's actually almost done...but as it turns out, I'm not at my computer right now. How ironic...I finally find time to write some more and I'm not at my computer.

This chapter is taking me longer to get up than anticipated...it's just so hard to find a time when you are free to do stuff and then also have the inspiration to write! It's kind of fustrating actually.

I guess the other reason I haven't been working on my story was because I recently became very interested in the show 24. It's actually really cool. Every Monday is a new episode of Season 5. I've seen bits and pieces of the previous seasons so when they referred to something that happened in the past I knew what they were talking about...but I still figured I should watch the seasons before. The bad news is that each season is 24 hours long meaning 1 season takes me...oh about a week to finish. The good news is, I'm almost done watching season 1 (I didn't watch them in order . haha) and that leaves me more time for school and my story...and everything else.

Well now that everyone is sucessfully disappointed that this wasn't a chapter, I'll be done talking now. Go read the updated version of chapter 2 if you haven't already! I'll update the revised version of chapter 3 soon...

R&R and thanks for your patience with me!