A/N: This is not newly written. I have had it on my computer for some time. I am just trying to complete some of my stories.

Christmas eve: It was around two in the morning. Bridget, and Kerry were dead to the world. But a horrible noise woke Bridget up. It was Kerry. She was groaning as if she was in pain. Bridget stumbled over to her sister's bed. She gently shook her awake.

"Kerry," she whispers.

Kerry rolled over and opened her eyes.


"Are you ok?"


"You're groaning. Are you in pain?"

"I don't know. But I'm wet. Eww. Why am I wet?"

"Kerry are you having contractions?"

"I don't know what does a contraction feel like?"

"I don't know. Why don't I go get mom?"


As Bridget left the room Kerry got up, and turned on the light. She was soaking wet. Bridget walks into her mother's room, and gently shakes her.


"Huh?" she says still half asleep.

"Mom get up."

"Bridget it's two in the morning. Go back to bed," Kate begs after quickly glancing at the alarm clock on her bedside stand.

"Momཀ You have to get up. Kerry's in labor."

"Are you sure that she's in labor?"

"Yes mom I'm sure."

"How far apart are her contractions?"

"I don't know. But I think her water broke."


They leave get ready to leave the house around three in the morning. Kate lifts the garage door up before pulling the car out. When she opens it she finds about three feet of snow laid in front of her. She slowly closes the door, and then walks back into the house. Bridget and Kerry are in the kitchen waiting.

"Girls I don't think we're going anywhere."

"Why not?" Bridget calmly questions.

"Because there is about three feet of snow outside," Kate informs them.

"Mom we have to get to the hospital. I'm having a baby," Kerry panics.

"I'm aware of that Kerry. You're just going to have to wait until morning when they get the roads cleared."

"I don't think I can."

"Bridget will you go upstairs in my closet and get my brown bag and meet us in your room?"

"Yeah sure," she agrees.

Bridget goes into her bedroom just as Kerry lies down.

"Here you go mom," Bridget says sweetly as she hands her mother the bag.

"Mom this can't be happening the baby isn't due for another three weeks."

"Kerry everything will be fine you just need to calm down."

"Sure," Kerry huffs.

"Kerry I need to take a look..."

"A look at what?"

"Kerry I need to see how far you're dilated."

"Mom how are you going to know?"

"I'm a nurse."


"I have helped delivered babies before."

"Isn't that what doctor's are for?"

"Yes, but the nurses check on the patient up until just a few minutes before they have a baby."

"Whatever," Kerry huffs.

Kate assesses the situation, and then looks at Bridget.

"What?" she raises an eyebrow.

Kate whispers to Bridget, "Will you take a look?"

"Um... eww no," Bridget responds.

"Just for a second," Kate asks.

Bridget glances for a second, and then her mother takes her aside. They go into the hallway.


"Huh?" Kate asks as she racks her brain about what to do.

"Did I just see a head?"

"Uh huh," Kate bites her lip.

"What do we do?" Bridget asks.

"Get a few old towels out of the bathroom, quickly and meet me back in there."

"Ok," Bridget agrees.

A few seconds later they're both back in the bedroom.

Bridget hands Kate the towels.

"Kerry can you do me a favor?" Kate asks nicely.


"Will you give me a little push?"

"Yeah ok," Kerry agrees as sweat pours down her forehead.

She screams as she pushes.

"Again," Kate asks.

"What?" Kerry says.

"I need you to push again."

"But mom."

"Do it."

Kerry pushes. After a few pushes the baby's head is out.

"Ok Kerry a couple more pushes and you'll be done," Kate informs her.

Kerry pushes a couple more times and suddenly the baby cries, and Kate is wrapping him in a towel. She then suctions his airways wipes him off a little and hands him to Kerry.

"Here's your little boy."

Kerry starts crying. "It's a boy?" she cries.

"Yes," Kate replies. She picks the baby up and turns him toward Kerry.

"Look Kerry," Bridget says.

Kerry looks at the baby who is quietly looking at her.