The man stepped into the flower shop nervously, tugging uncomfortably at the tie wrapped around his neck and brushing the fat drops of water from his coat. He was good looking, with a strong jawline and curiously deep eyes with a mysterious air to them. The woman behind the counter looked up and felt a smile push her lips upwards in a temptress' smile. He strode forwards and stroked the petal of a white lily, his eyes scanning the faces of the surrounding flowers.

"Can I help you?" she said, leaning onto the counter and brushing her long blonde locks from her shoulders, revealing her plump breasts. The man looked up nervously without even a sly glance to his exposedchestand gave his collar another tug before leaving the flower behind and walking over to her.

"I need … ah … How much for a …" his voice trailed off as his dark eyes flitted around the displays of flowers. His eyes seemed strangely greenas his gaze returned to hers.

"Are you looking for your wife, girlfriend or … mother?" she said with a gentle smile, leaning forwards once moreand thrusting her chest slightly toward him.

"Uh, I'm not sure …" Yet again he did not look down to her chest and the woman pulled herself off the counter reluctantly. As she thoughtabout it, even his accent seemed weird, almost like he couldn't get the words quite right.

Must be from out of town, she thought as she tucked her hair behind her ears. Never matters though, they all have the same apparatus.

"Well, is this a woman you're getting them for?" she asked him. He nodded and she bobbed her head.

"Have you just met her?" Another nod and she grinned. We can soon sort that out.

"Ah, girlfriend more likely then!" she said, stepping neatly around the counter to take his muscular yetdamp arm and leading him to the large and exquisite bouquets of flowers.

"These are popular with a lot of women, sir," she said as he bent down to smell a pink and white bouquet. His eyes slid to the price tag and he said, "Pretty flowers. Pretty nice price too."

She laughed nervously and stroked a small clump of her hair as he straightened up to face her.

"Well sir, I'm afraid it does cost a little more than usual if you really want to impress someone."

"I think …. I think I'll only need a couple of flowers," he said firmly, walking back to the lilies and pulling the white one he had stroked and a pair of pink ones out, covering the ebony white tiles in drops of water and a dead leaf.

"These will do," he said as he laid them on the counter. Shrugging, the bewildered woman priced them and wrapped the bottoms in paper. As she handed them to him, taking the money from his outstretched hand, she couldn't resist asking, "Where are you from?"

The man smiled uncomfortably as he replaced his wallet into the inside pocket of his jacket.

"Not around here," he said, giving the flowers one last look over.

Shutting the till with a bang, she leaned over at him, revealing her breastsonce moreand whined, "Aw, c'mon. Where from? I like to know my outer-towners!"

He smiled again as he tucked the flowered under an arm and straightened his coat.

"A little country home on the eastern side of Saturn." And with that, he turned and strode out of the shop, without as much as a backward glance to the bewildered blonde flower-shop girl staring after him.