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It was the morning after Robin and Starfire had returned to the tower and Starfire lay on the patient bed in the Titan's medical room. Robin stood at her side as Cyborg was looking at the computer screen, a very stern look in his face. Raven and Beast Boy were waiting in the common room, there was no reason they should all be there.

"Well, Starfire I seemed to have found the problem, but it may be hard for you to hear..." Cyborg paused to listen for Starfire's approval "Please, I just want to know why my sister could control me." Starfire said. Cyborg looked hesitant "Go ahead Cyborg." Robin prompted.

"All right then. Well, you remember Terra." Robin solemnly nodded, so Cyborg continued

"And of course we all remember when Robin was forced to be Slade's apprentice. Well, from the all the data, I think Slade was putting the two technologies together... There are probes inside of Starfire's body, only they aren't to be used to destroy her, although that is a possibility..."

Robin and Starfire nodded, they understood what Cyborg was about to say. "The probes are being used to control her. These probes plug into, and can override her nervous system. That's why she couldn't help following their commands, thing is, these probes are plugged into her body, thousands of them, and they've attached themselves... We might be able to do surgery on a few of them, but there's no way anyone could get rid of all of them by surgery without killing Starfire..."

Starfire nodded. There was nothing that could be done. Cyborg still had more to say, "But it may be possible for the probes to go away by themselves... They could just fall apart, though that would take at least a year, probably more... Up to four years maybe..."

"Thanks Cyborg." Robin said. Cyborg nodded "Yup, well you're both welcome, I just with there was more I could do."

Time Changes

Chapter One

Thoughts on the Past... And of the Future

Starfire sat on her bed in her room. She held a pen in her hand, along with her long- forgotten diary. It was early morning by her standards, about 730am. She sighed with satisfaction, as she began to write...

It has been so very long since I took the time to write. So much has happened since the last time I wrote. Looking in my earlier entries, the last time I wrote was back when I had my 16th birthday, almost a year ago, well, at least 10 months ago...

The day that I tuned 16 Robin took me out on a date we went to the movies and we were captured by Slade and his new apprentice, my sister, Blackfire. We were had captive for the rest of the summer and some of the fall. Many things happened while we were captive, the most important of all sometimes I could not control my powers.

Sometimes I would fell like I was being torn apart form the inside out. It was horrible. I remember the time I hurt Robin very vividly, but it brings too much pain to my heart to think about it too much. I remember crying myself to sleep that night.

Slade and Blackfire soon had complete control over my body and my powers. I tried to resist, but when I did the pain would cause me to throw up or become very weak or feverish. They tortured me for fun. They made me hurt Robin again, but he smashed their controller, and we got out alive.

I gained some strength back and the next evening Robin confessed his love to me, then he asked me to marry him. I gladly accepted. He gave me the necklace he had bought for my birthday to be our engagement ring.

I wear the necklace everyday, I only take it off when I go to sleep. Once I tried to wear it when I slept, but it got caught in my hair. Thinking of my hair, I have gotten it layered, now it has much body to it and I must curl it every day to keep it looking it's best. Every morning at breakfast Robin says I look like a angel. When he says that Beast Boy pretends to gag, but I do not mind, neither does Robin.

Now I must write about Robin. He has changed, at least on the outside. He is many inches taller then I am, almost as tall as Cyborg. He wears a long black cape. It is much the same style of his old one, but it goes all the way to his ankles. His costume is black with a blue colored bird on his chest. It is sleeveless for the summer, but he says he will wear long sleeves in the winter.

He still spikes his hair up with hair gel and he still wears steel towed boots, making him still look more like Robin, though every day I am reminded of Nightwing. I guess that makes sense, after all, Nightwing is who Robin will become. Still, it is strange how time changes people.

As of last week I am still infected with the controlling probes. Many of them are now gone, over a hundred have fallen apart, but still there are enough left that Cyborg thinks that it is possible that I may be controlled again. This scares me quite a bit, but my friends should be able to protect me if that happens. I think-

"Starfire!" Robin called from down the hall.

"Yes?" Starfire called back.

"Time for breakfast! We're having waffles and orange juice!" He told her.

"I'll be there shortly!" She replied, scribbling a few more words down in her book.

One more thing I must say, Robin and I are planning to have our wedding in two years. It is hard having such a long engagement, but we are both so young, and it is best for the team to wait.

-Starfire Korriand'r

Starfire put her diary away in one of her dresser drawers, leaving the pen on her unmade bed and ran out into the hall. She passed Robin's room, then she passed Beast Boy's room as she rushed to the elevator and went into the common room.

Like a breath of fresh air she entered the eating area.

"Good morning friends! I am awake and eager to eat."

"Hi Starfire." Raven said in her monotone voice, not even looking up from the book she was reading.Starfire flew over to Robin and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, now that was normal. Beast Boy and Cyborg began to fake gaging and both pretended they were throwing up. Robin laughed and said.6

"Well, if you two are ill, then I guess Starfire, Raven and myself will have to eat the waffles all by ourselves." Immediately the other boys stopped faking and readily sat down at the counter, forks in hand. Starfire laughed and passed out some plates and more silverware as Raven set the glasses on the table and put her book down. Robin got some syrup out of the fridge and everyone sat down.

Breakfast conversation was humorous, they talked about plans for the day and for the rest of the week. When everyone was almost finished Robin stood up. He cleared his throat as the titans watched him with interest.

"I have a announcement. Last night I received a invitation from my old mentor, Bruce Wayne!"

"Nan un un un un uh BATMAN!" Cyborg and Beast boy sang.

"Well, uh, yes but-"

"Nan un un un un uh BATMAN!" They sang again. Robin shook his fist at them, and they stopped.

"Tell us Robin, what did Mr. Wayne invite you to?" Starfire inquired.

"Well, actually he invited all of us, and it's a party, we are all to be the guests of honor. He also said he would like us to stay at his mansion for a week or so, just to visit." Robin answered.

"Party! Booya!" Cyborg exclaimed. Beast Boy stood away from the table/counter top and started doing a victory dance. Robin looked a little uncomfortable, but Raven snickered. Starfire looked questioningly at her fiance' waiting for him to clarify.

"Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's not that kind of party. It's a very formal dinner party. With the guys wearing tuxedoes and the ladies wearing evening gowns. And to close all arguments, yes, we're all going. This will be the first time for Bruce to meet you all." Robin said. Smiles on the boys' faces disappeared. Raven snickered again, but stopped when she realized she would have to dress up.

Starfire however looked pleased she began jumping and spinning around the room "How glorious, a party to honor us! To meet Mr. Wayne! Glorious! Robin this is a wonderful surprise!" She skipped around the room with as much enthusiasm as a little child on Christmas. Life was good, and she couldn't be much happier.

Raven in contrast was glaring at Robin. He shrugged, it was decided, they were going and Raven was coming with them, even if he, Beast Boy and Cyborg had to drag her out the door, but by the looks on the other male titans' faces, he might need Starfire to help him drag them out the door.

This was going to be interesting week...

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