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Summery: Sess/Kag AU Kagome, an employee of Tashio Inc, gets reassigned to a different job, Sesshoumaru's personal assistant.

Heart Hacking


Kagome grinned with smug satisfaction as she rubbed her hands together, her eyes fixated on her computer monitor. "Heh! This is my best virus I've created yet! I am INVINCIBLE!" she shouted, frightening several people who were walking by her cubicle.

Kagome shifted her eyes around the giant building. She was currently in one of the three 100 flight skyscrapers that belonged to Tashio Inc. Around her were other small, cramped cubicles; her's being slightly bigger and roomy than the other ones.

Behind her was a small pathway that led to the bigger offices for the managers and secretaries. Past the chunk of cubicles was balcony which allowed a person to see into the rest of the building, the floor way. The floor way was had the main computer system, the data system, and a print out station. It had giant TV screens on the walls, and it was three stories high, the ceiling of the floor way was even with the ceiling of Kagome's floor. In the flights above the floor way and Kagome's cubical were the offices of Tashio himself, his two sons, Sesshoumaru and Inu Yasha, and thousands of other people that Kagome didn't know the purpose of, and frankly didn't care about.

She cracked her knuckles as she smiled crookedly at her screen. A quick glance in both directions assured her that she was quite safe. She let out a small laugh and pressed enter.

The power went completely out, leaving the Tashio buildings a black, swirling vortex. Every computer screen and TV screen when black until white letters appeared on their screen saying, "You will NEVER shut down da master!" A little picture of chibi Kagome flashed up under the screens and Kagome cackled as everyone as various choruses of groans were released from the cubicles around her.

Kagome strained her neck to look out at the floor way and clapped her hands together. The giant TV screens were proudly flashing her message along with the millions of other computer screens on the floor way.

"Kagome!" an irritated female voice howled. "Do you ALWAYS have to turn off the lights?" She asked as she fumbled around the dark office.

"Sorry Sango!" Kagome said, not sounding the least bit apologetic.

"It's okay. It's your job I guess," Sango muttered, banging around her cubical.

"Hello ladies!" a cheerful male voice chirped.

"Don't do anything perverted Miroku," Sango said in a warning voice.

"Oh now why would I do-," SMACK.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Miroku, when will you get it through your thick head? Grabbing Sango isn't good for your health!" she explained as she stretched in her chair. The doors to the stairs opened and a flashlight was shone in Kagome's face.

"Kagome!" a male voice growled.

"Ah! Tashio! Turn that thing off!" Kagome pleaded, squinting as she tried to block the light with her hands.

Tashio stalked over to her cubicle and stood behind her, being sure to shine the light in her face, while staring at her computer which was the only non-infected piece of equipment in the building. "Only when you get my computer system back up and running! You've proved your point!" he barked.

Kagome gave a childish grin as her employer kept his flashlight spotlighted on her before shaking her head. "Nope. Not gonna do it," she childishly said wiggling her eyebrows.

"Higurashi, I am not in the mood! You just made me walk down 29 flights of stairs to get here. Thankfully I was in a meeting so I was much closer to you than if I was in my office!"

"Nothing will change my mind!" Kagome shot back.

Tashio reached over her and hit the enter key on her keyboard, and her computer screen promptly joined the other devices, saying. 'You will NEVER shut down da master!'

"Hey now! That was uncalled for!" Kagome huffed.

"Fix it, now," Tashio growled.

Kagome humped. "FINE! You could just say PLEASE you know!" she grumbled before slipping her jump drive out of her pocket and plugging it into the USB port on her computer. Her screen immediately returned to being normal, and the other screens in the building showed her movements until she downloaded the patch into the system. The giant TV screens in the floor way went black again, and the other computer screens returned to their previous pictures as the lights flicked back on.

"You! Come with me!" Tashio arrogantly ordered. Kagome grumbled and got up, following her boss to the elevator. They stepped in and Tashio pressed the button labeled '90'.

Kagome swallowed and glanced over at her employer. His golden eyes that were framed by silver glasses looked particularly blank as he hummed a song and rocked back and forth on his toes. His hair was a shiny silver and pooled down his backside as he fuddled with the pockets of his black suit coat.

Kagome twined a black silky lock of her hair around her finger as she bit her lip, her big cerulean blue eyes wide as she glanced around the elevator. There was a 'ding' as the elevator halted and the silver doors opened to reveal Tashio's office. The first part was simply silver walls with a big wooden desk where Tashio's personal secretary sat. She glanced over at Kagome and grinned.

"He sure roared today when you interrupted that meeting, Kagome!" she called with a sassy grin before picking up a few manila colored folders.

"I bet! You such a good sport to put up with him Kagura!" Kagome claimed with a wink as Taisho pulled her by.

Kagura grinned. "Don't you know it! I don't get paid NEARLY enough!" the secretary joked before answering the ringing phone.

Kagome and Tashio then entered Tashio's gigantic, no, colossal office. It took up the rest of the floor with it's plush navy blue carpeting with tan colored walls. Expensive wooden bookshelves filled to the brim with books covered the walls, and in the center of the room was a giant desk, behind it a wall that was made entirely of windows that allowed Tashio to see out into Tokyo City. A small kitchenette was off to the left, and a few couches and a TV were on the right.

Tashio took a seat behind his desk and motioned Kagome to be seated. Kagome did so and smoothed her skirt as Tashio tossed a book at her. She looked puzzled and he spoke. "Make yourself useful for once and check my schedule," he said as he checked his messages.

"Hm…Well…11:00 Fire Kagome Higurashi. 11:01 Hire Kagome with extra benefits. 11:03, throw a fit again and fire Kagome Higurashi. 11:04, Hire Kagome, drop her extra benefits. 11:05, compliment Kagome on once again fulfilling her job. 11:06 give Kagome a raise. 11:06 tell Kagome her new job then dismiss Kagome. 11:07 Contemplate sending out for donuts. 11:08 Send out for donuts. 11:08 Surf the web-"

"That's enough!" Tashio hastily said, reaching out to snatch his planner as he checked his watch. "Hm, it's already 11:05, so we'll have to skip the fire/hire part. I HATE being behind schedule!" he complained.

Kagome shrugged. "Whatever you say boss."

Tashio heaved a sigh. "Well Kagome… As a computer hacker for Tashio Inc you did a very good job. Since your job is to find holes in our system and to create viruses to show us what our problem is, you completed your task. As a matter of fact you're the best hired hacker we've had, and since we hired you two years ago our hacking percent has dropped by 88 percent. Well done!" he rambled. "However," he paused and adjusted his glasses. "I'm changing your job."

Kagome, who had been comfortably relaxing, suddenly sat up right, her eyes wide. "You're WHAT? I've been hacking computers since I can remember! You CAN'T switch jobs on me just like that!" she said, snapping her fingers to demonstrate.

Tashio raised a silver eyebrow. "Oh but I can! I am your employer! I can do whatever I want! Including ordering donuts!" he said as he glanced at the dunkin donut menu sitting on his lap.

"Well I quit!" Kagome huffed.

"You don't even know what the job is!" Tashio breezily said. "Do you want a Boston Cream donut?"


"Okay," he said faxing his scrawled order over to Kagura. "Anyway, you can't quit!" he triumphantly said with a smirk.

"What are you talking about? Of course I can!" Kagome sneered.

"Not according to your contract!" Tashio said pointing to a piece of parchment on his desk.

Kagome picked up her bond while wondering why he was so well prepared for this. "I Kagome will remain an employee of Tashio Inc for five years before the renewal of my contract. I will be unable to quit and will remain an employee of Tashio co for those five years," she read out loud. "You…" she hissed, dropping the paper with burning eyes.

"Now Kagome, be calm!" Tashio lightly said with a nervous laugh as he glanced out of the windows as if hoping he would be able to spot his donuts being delivered.

"I wouldn't have signed the contract if I knew I was signing with the DEVIL!" Kagome spat.

"Now that is no way to talk to your future father in law!" Tashio absentmindedly whined, making a clicking noise.

"WHAT?" Kagome yelped, almost having a heart attack.

"Oops! Just kidding, I wasn't supposed to say that yet!" Tashio sweetly said while removing his glasses to clean them.

"TASHIO!" Kagome snarled as she stood; ready to strangle her boss.

"Ah, yes about that new job of yours!" he hurriedly said, sitting back down as Kagome punched the spot where he had been moments before and fell over. "It's with my eldest son, Sesshoumaru. He's a bit cold and…well… his personality closely resembles a glacier, but I'm sure you'll be able to loosen him up!" Tashio confidently said.

"And what exactly is my job?" Kagome hissed as she crawled up into her leather chair again.

"Hm? Oh, you're his personal assistant," Tashio said as if it was the most logical thing in the worled while he rolled his chair back over to the window, still looking for his donuts.

Kagome promptly had a hernia and fell over again with a loud thud. She popped up a few minutes later. "I've heard rumors about him!" she said, looking nervous while shifting her eyes back and forth. "And there is NO WAY I'm working for him! Not a popsicle's chance in a desert am I working with him!"

"Pray do tell, what were those rumors?" Tashio wondered as he rolled back over to his desk.

"His last personal assistant, Rin Hikaru, got fired after working with him for SIX DAYS! She was one the brightest people in Tashio Inc, but now she's currently receiving mental therapy for the abuse he inflicted upon her!"

"Meh, it was five days. And Rin was his 2nd to last personal assistant. His most recent assistant, Yura Demisa, lasted two hours."

Kagome moaned and sprawled across the ground as Kagura opened the door with Tashio's donuts.

"YAY!" Tashio rejoiced as she set them on his desk. "The wife has been cutting off all my sources of 'transitive fats'! It's supposedly good for my cholesterol or something. So I'll just have to eat twice the normal amount here!" Tashio said while shoving an entire cream filled donut in his mouth.

"You are disgusting," Kagome said while eye her boss apprasingly.

"And you must leave with Sesshoumaru!" Tashio said around his donut while pointing to his son who had silently entered the room.

Kagome turned around and spotted her new boss, groaned, and slid down deeper in the leather chair, wishing it would eat her.

"Excuse me?" Sesshoumaru coldly said.

"Sesshoumaru, my boy! Come and meet your new personal assistant! Kagome Higurashi!" Tashio beckoned as he reached for another donut. "Kagome, Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru, Kagome!" Tashio breezily introduced. "Now go away. I wish to consume my donuts in peace, away from your bickering and icy looks," he said, turning his chair around so the back faced them.

"You have got to be kidding." Sesshoumaru said in a deadpan voice.

"As a matter of fact, I'm not!" Tashio said turning his chair around with a more serious look. "Rest assured Kagome, you only need to work with this icicle for a week while he looks for a professional human who can put up with him for longer then a day," Tashio wryly explained as he stood.

"But, but, but!" Kagome stuttered as Tashio gripped her upper arm and hauled her to her feet.

"No buts! No butt cheek's either!" Tashio said with a laugh as he pushed his son and employee out the door, firmly closing it behind him. "Ha-ha, I made a funny…Time for more donuts!" he said rushing back to his desk.

Kagome and Sesshoumaru stared at each other outside of Tashio's office. Sesshoumaru's lip curled up in an elegant sneer. "You, girl, are not worthy of my time, nor of the position my father has given you," he informed her in voice that was a mixture of velvet and dark chocolate.

Kagome narrowed her eyes; this guy needed an attitude adjustment. "You, boy," she mimicked. "Need to get off your high horse!" she taunted, stomping off toward the elevator.

Sesshoumaru glared and followed her into the contraption and pressed a floor button. "You need to learn some respect," he hissed.

Kagome groaned. "This is stupid! We only have to stand each other for seven days, just seven little days! Let's make a deal. I'll be nice to you, and you be nice to me."

Sesshoumaru was silent until the elevator dinged and the door opened. He walked out and called over his shoulder. "This Sesshoumaru is never 'nice'," he said blocking the entrance of the elevator while pressing the down button.

The door closed in Kagome's face, leaving her trapped in the elevator, going down. "Of course," she darkly said leaning against the elevator wall. "This means War!" She declared

Kagome reached her new boss's office about five minutes later. His office was only a small fraction of the floor; the rest of it was full of cubicles of the company's top developers. Sesshoumaru was the CEO of electronical development. (Tashio Inc sold electronic equipment and created programs for the equipment.) Inu Yasha, Tashio's other son, was in charge of advertisement. Kagome and Inu Yasha were actually on 'friendly' terms, and they had seen each other often enough to actually know each other. And Tashio himself mainly did nothing. Of course that's what he wanted people to think, mostly he fired and hired all of the employee's, kept his sons from killing each other, and he closed the deals with the clients who would buy the equipment and programs.

Sesshoumaru's office was not nearly as grand as Tashio's, it was rather boring with only a big oak desk in it for Sesshoumaru, Kagome's small desk, and three leather chairs positioned around Sesshoumaru's desk.

"I can see you've done a fine job decorating in here," Kagome dryly said, taking in the bare white walls as she eyed the box of stuff that had been sent up from her cubical. Obviously Tashio had been planning this.

Sesshoumaru ignored her and Kagome quickly set her desk up and then sat in her desk, looking around while doing absolutely nothing.

"Girl," Sesshoumaru glared as he stood. "I am leaving now, I expect you to take my messages and schedule the appointments I have written down on this piece of paper. My palm pilot is next to the phone, enter my schedule in there," he ordered.

"Yes sir!" Kagome smartly said while saluting him. "And while I'm at it shall I balance your check book, leave you a mint on your desk, or perhaps I could brush your hair for you!" she graciously offered.

Sesshoumaru glowered and stalked up to her, towering over her. Kagome gulped but swallowed her fear. "Girl," he growled. "Don't push me. I can make your life miserable," he then whirled away, expecting no response.

He got one anyways. "Would that be before or after I brush your hair? We can swap hair tips you know!" she called out. Her new boss slammed the door and sauntered away, leaving Kagome to her own devices.

Kagome made a couple funny faces as she seated herself in his desk and snatched the appointment list off the desk. She held it up and squinted. "For a CEO he sure could use some improvement in the handwriting department!" she muttered as she propped her feet up on his desk. "Oh well," she sighed as she got to work.

An hour later she nodded with satisfaction as she entered the last appointment in his palm pilot. She had also taken the initiative to peer around the pilot and found several holes in the programming system. They would come in handy if Sesshoumaru ever ticked her off.

"Hm. Lord Snow Pants didn't leave me anything else to do…" Kagome said, trailing off. "So I'll have to improvise!"

Ten minutes after that, Sesshoumaru stalked back to his office, he hoped the girl had done as he ordered. "If not, she'll pay the consequences." he thought with no small amount of satisfaction. He opened the doors in time to see Kagome zoom past him on his wheelie chair. She put her feet out at the last second, skidding to a stop before slamming into the wall. She still hadn't noticed his presence so she pushed the chair a few feet away, backed up, and ran forward, leaping into the chair and again she zoomed by him, this time nearly running him over.

"Girl," Sesshoumaru bit out. "What are you doing?"

"Neh," Kagome said, getting ready for another ride. "I don't answer to 'girl' anymore!" she informed him before whizzing by, this time purposely aiming for Sesshoumaru, who stepped back in time to barely avoid collision.

"Miss Higurashi," he snapped through clenched teeth. "Please refrain from coming in contact with any of my things."

Kagome wrinkled her nose at him, what did she have to fear? Her contract didn't expire for another three years! But she heaved a sigh and rolled her eyes; she couldn't allow herself to be totally rude! Then she'd be just like Sesshoumaru. "As you wish," she sarcastically said as she pushed his chair back into place and neatly flounced over to her desk.

Sesshoumaru sniffed with disgust as he seated himself in his chair and growled. It now smelled like the girl. He irritatedly flipped open his palm pilot and blinked with surprise as he stared at his schedule. She had even thought to include a breakfast, lunch, and dinner in his planner; none of his other assistants had done that!

Sesshoumaru was jostled out of his thoughts by the insistent ringing of his phone. Sesshoumaru looked up from his PDA and glared. "Must I tell you everything? Answer the phone girl!" he barked.

Kagome rolled her eyes and stood up before walking over to his desk. She paused by the corner of his desk where the phone was and folded her arms behind her back.

Sesshoumaru stared at the girl. Was she mad? "Answer it!"

"Well Mr. Smarty Pants. You just finished telling me a minute ago that I was not to touch any of your 'things.'" she haughtily said.

"Just answer it!" Sesshoumaru roared as Kagome hastily picked up the phone.

"Sesshoumaru's office, this is Kagome speaking, how can I help you?" she sweetly asked. She listened for a moment before speaking again. "I'm sorry, he currently has a stick up his butt and is being characteristically cruel, may I have him call you back at a more convenient time?" Kagome inquired before Sesshoumaru snatched the phone away from her.

He heard his father roaring with laughter on the other end of the line. "Isn't she just hilarious?" Tashio managed to get out between gasps.

"Yes, downright amusing," Sesshoumaru uttered with a look that promised Kagome much pain in the near future.

"Anyway; I called you to ask if you got that fax I sent you a few minutes ago," Tashio said.

"One moment please," Sesshoumaru said covering up the phone. "Girl, where is the-," Kagome was one step ahead of him and dropped a big packet on his desk. "Yes, I have it in front of me right now," Sesshoumaru said.

"It's the latest contract with Imagination Unlimited," Tashio narrated from the other side. "I need you to go over it for me; can you squeeze it in now?" he questioned, shoving his last donut in his mouth.

"Let me check," Sesshoumaru said juggling the phone in one hand, and getting out his palm pilot in the other. Kagome watched his actions with curiosity. He quickly turned it on and gazed at his schedule. "Now I'm supposed to go get my lunch, but I could skip it."

"I'm going out to eat," Kagome stated gathering up her keys and coat. "I can get you something and bring it back for you," she offered.

"Alright, thank you." Sesshoumaru hesitantly said. The girl would probably get him something horrid tasting just to spite him. "Yes I can fit it in now," Sesshoumaru said, returning to the conversation with his father, unaware that he had heard the small conversation.

"Good, please call me up when you're done with it," Tashio said as Kagome pranced out of the office and smoothed her knee high black skirt. Sesshoumaru could hear her black high heels click as she walked on the smooth marble and disappeared down the hallway as the glass doors swung shut.

"Fine," Sesshoumaru said, after exchanging a few more words with his father he hung up and got to work.

Fifteen minutes later Sesshoumaru heard Kagome strut down the hallway. She pushed the door open with her butt and Sesshoumaru glanced up at her before returning to his work.

She set a take out McDonald's™ bag on his desk before returning to her desk to eat her own food. Sesshoumaru gave her an absent minded thank you, and Kagome shrugged. "No prob!" she breezily said as she leaned back in her chair.

Sesshoumaru peered inside his bag and his jaw dropped. "You cannot be serious," he said as he turned to look at Kagome who was pulling the exact same thing out of her bag, a McDonald's Happy Meal™ for kids.

Kagome arched her eyebrows. "Oh, but I am. Besides I wanted this toy SO bad!" she cooed as she ripped her Happy Meal apart and pulled out her toy, a small Barbie™ dressed in solid pink.

Sesshoumaru took out his happy meal and noticed there was extra food in the bag.

"I wasn't sure if that would be enough 'nutrition' for you. Especially since you are your father's son," Kagome said as she ate a french fry before loudly sipping her soda.

Sesshoumaru said nothing and instead ate his burger in silence as he studied the contract sent by his father. He finished his meal and took a quick look at Kagome and saw her studying the crossword puzzle that was printed on the side of the Happy Meal box. Her brow was wrinkled with concentration and she was chewing on her pen before calling out. "AH-HA! Ronald McDonald!"

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes and was about to throw out his meal when he paused before reaching in to retrieve his toy, a Barbie wearing roller skates. He gave a small sneer but dropped it on his desk and trashed the rest of his garbage. By this time he had finished looking over the contract and phoned up his father.

"Tashio's office, Kagura speaking," the secretary said.

"Put me through to Tashio," Sesshoumaru ordered.

"One moment please," Kagura chirped.

Seconds later Tashio picked up the phone. "So, what do you think about it?" he asked.

Sesshoumaru peered through the documents. "Everything appears to be fine, although the length of the contract worries me," he said as his eyes followed Kagome as she got up to throw out her trash.

"It's for ten years!" Tashio said. "We like long contracts."

"Yes but Imagination Unlimited is a new company, you can never be sure how well they'll flourish until they've been out on the market for at least a year or more. If they fail we'll be tied to them for ten years," Sesshoumaru said as Kagome walked over to his desk, holding her hands behind her back. "What are you doing?" Sesshoumaru asked Kagome as Tashio chuckled over the line, he knew Kagome would shake Sesshoumaru's perfect, flawless world for a while.

"Nothing," Kagome innocently said, simply standing in front of him while batting her blue colored eyes.

"Well son I see your point; Imagination is well funded though!" Tashio said.

"That may be, but funds do run out," Sesshoumaru dryly said. "Don't you have any work to do?" he peevishly asked Kagome, who shook her head.

"Not as long as you're on the phone," she replied, still holding her hands behind her back. The moment Sesshoumaru turned his attention back to the conversation Kagome quickly set the two Barbies up on his desk and walked away, her mission was accomplished.

Sesshoumaru spotted the Barbies moments later. "Kagome!" he hissed. "What did you do?" he demanded.

Tashio chocked back the laugher along with Kagura who had entered his office to hand him a few documents.

"I have no idea what you are talking about!" Kagome artlessly said as she started stapling papers together.

Sesshoumaru frowned and tried to peel the Barbies off with no avail. "Well if we got them to shorten the contract to five years I would say it's an excellent plan," he grunted as discovered what kind of adhesive she had used, duck tape.

"Sounds good. I will suggest it and let you know tonight how that goes. I assume I'll be seeing you tonight for dinner at the Feudal café?" Tashio asked.

"Sure. I'll see you then," Sesshoumaru tightly said before hanging up without waiting for a reply. "Girl-," he started to say but Kagome cut him off.

"Well I need a phone! After all you cannot expect me to get up and walk the amazing five feet between our desks every time you have a phone call; so I'll be right back!" she chirped before hopping up and running as fast as she could to the supply room.

Sesshoumaru growled as she left and returned his attention to several new reports that Kagome had given him. He could see her own comments in pencil on the margin. 'Nosey little coot.' He thought before pausing to read them. Actually as much as he didn't want to admit it most of her comments were quite, dare he think it, intelligent!

Kagome tip-toed into the office and quietly set up the phone, being careful not to disturb ice butt. Amazingly time passed and their shift ended at 5 o'clock. They had gotten along relatively well, and there were no casualties….yet.

"YAY!" Kagome shouted as she burst out of the office exactly at 5, fleeing Sesshoumaru and his evil den. She skidded to a stop and turned around to yell. "See you tomorrow Lord Frostbite!" before laughing madly, turning around, and running straight into a hard something. Kagome rubbed her sore nose and backed up to see she had run straight into Inu Yasha. "Oh, hi Inu Yasha!" she chirped as she nervously glanced behind her to see a stormy Sesshoumaru getting up from his desk.

"Hey Kagome," Inu Yasha said, not really registering she was there. He paused. "Wait, Kagome? What on earth are you doing up here in the bowls of the beast?" he inquired.

Kagome scowled. "Playing maid for your half wit brother."

"That's half wit half brother!" Inu Yasha corrected.

"Yeah, yeah whatever!" she was starting to get nervous; soon Sesshoumaru would be on her.

"AHEM!" came an incredibly fake cough. Kagome and Inu Yasha turned to see Kikyo, Inu Yasha's secretary, scowling and tapping her foot on the ground. "Inu Yasha!" She all but shrieked. "I thought you said we were going out to eat!" she demanded.

"Erm, yeah," Inu Yasha said rubbing his forehead. He didn't hate Kikyo, as a matter of fact he thought she could possibly somehow be nice, but she really was rather irritating and overbearing.

Kagome turned once more to see Sesshoumaru mere feet away. "Hah, hah well you two have fun! I'll be seeing you later!" she said as she quickly ran around Inu Yasha and hit another firm chest. "Ow," Kagome groaned, studying and prodding her nose. "I think I broke it."

"Kagome!" a booming voice greeted her and Kagome turned her attention from her nose to the speaker, Tashio.

"You!" Kagome said narrowing her eyes and leaping for her old boss. Thankfully Inu Yasha grabbed her arm in time, restraining her.

"Oh my!" Tashio exclaimed, clutching his throat as he watched her lunge for him while Inu Yasha tried to hold her back. "I hope there aren't any hard feelings after this morning!" he said while smiling and innocently batting his eyes as Kagura strode into view behind him along with Tashio's wife, Sakura.

"What are you talking about old man?" Inu Yasha grunted as he grabbed Kagome's other flailing hand and leaning back, grinding his teeth.

"Oh, I switched her position to being Sesshoumaru's personal assistant. Didn't you get the memo?" Tashio said with Bambi eyes as he linked arms with his wife.

"WHAT?" Inu Yasha yelled as he promptly let go of Kagome in his surprise.

Kagome lunged toward Tashio but Sesshoumaru grabbed her by the waist and haul her back to his side. She forgot all about Tashio in her disgust at being held by the ice king, and instead focused all her struggles on releasing herself from his hands.

Tashio ignored Inu Yasha and turned to his eldest son. "So Sesshoumaru did you tell Kagome?"

Kagome paused upon hearing her name. "What?"

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes and sighed; still keeping her clamped to his side. "No. Why must we do this anyways?"

"Do what?" Kagome curiously asked.

Sesshoumaru pressed his lips together and scowled so Inu Yasha spoke. "Once a month Dad, Sesshoumaru, and myself all take our secretaries/assistants out to eat with mom. Dad says it's our 'repayment' to you guys for all your hard work. And if you've managed to last a day with him then you definitely deserve it!" he explained.

"Ahh, I see," Kagome said with a nod.

"So! Onward! To the Café!" Tashio laughed madly before dashing to the elevator, dragging his wife behind him as she waved to Kagome.

Kagome and the rest followed him at a much slower pace, and they divided up into two groups to fit into the elevators.

Kagome yawned; she was in the second elevator with Inu Yasha, Kikyo, and Sesshoumaru, who still hadn't let go of her waist. She frowned and pulled a little, then a lot, and then finally strained forward using all of her weight when Sesshoumaru unexpectedly let her go. She fell flat on her face and yelped. "Sesshoumaru!"

"What?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow. "You obviously wanted me to let go."

"You weren't supposed to let me fall like that though!" Kagome said through clenched teeth as she stood and rubbed her sore butt.

The elevator dinged and the group got out of the small space and ambled toward the parking garage. Sesshoumaru frowned; he didn't feel like having to drive to the café and back to drop Kagome off by her car… "Girl," he started.

"I walk. My apartment is only a few blocks away," she said swinging her briefcase while wondering if she could hit Tashio with it from this distance.

Sesshoumaru was startled, how could she possibly know? He returned to his frigid self moments later. "Very well, then I shall drive you to the Feudal Café. I suppose I could drop you off at your apartment afterwards," he said while gritting his teeth. 'Curse my father and his sense of honor.' He thought as Kagome nodded in agreement.

He slowly walked over to his car as his father and step mother walked toward their own vehicle. Kagura would be riding with his parents, and Inu Yasha would be taking Kikyo. Sesshoumaru yawned as he pressed the button to open up the car doors of his black Mercedes. Kagome was practically drooling as they climbed in, her eyes roughly the size of saucers.

"No slobbering on the interior." He blandly said before starting the car as Kagome gave him an evil glare. She was about to give him a scathing reply when Sesshoumaru pulled out of the parking garage and roared down the street.

Sesshoumaru was a reckless driver, he enjoyed going fast and amazingly was never caught, most likely because he went so fast that most police men never got a chance to even see what color the car was much less what the licenses plate said.

It was at this time when Kagome became a most solid believer in God and prayed to him with all of her being as she watched Sesshoumaru roar past a little old lady who was in the process of crossing the street.

The radio blared, something about a creepy killer/stalker loose in the city, Kagome couldn't be sure though since the sound was all blending together. In between her reverent prayers she suspected that Sesshoumaru had just broken through the sound barrier.

When the car finally stopped Kagome was shivering, her eyes clenched shut, and was curled up in a ball. After confirming the car was in a stationary position she leaped out, landed on the ground, rolled away, and then stared fondly at the ground as Sesshoumaru exited his Mercedes and rolled his eyes as he took off his sun glasses.

"There is no need for theatrics girl," he said as he closed the door and walked toward the entrance of the Café.

Kagome muttered and got up as Sesshoumaru opened the door of the café for her. She entered it and he followed.

A short, perky lady came up to them wearing a traditional kimono. "Hello!" she said, fluttering her eyes at Sesshoumaru. "What can I do for you sweetie?"

Sesshoumaru scowled. "We have a reservation for 7 under the name of Tashio."

The hostess checked the reservation book before nodding. "Right this way please!" she said in a honey smooth voice as she swayed her hips so much she looked like she was stumbling around like a drunk hippo.

Kagome rolled her eyes and Sesshoumaru simply looked disgusted before following the foolish waitress.

They were seated at a large table where they waited for approximately ten minutes.

"So Sesshoumaru. Do you have a life besides work? If you don't I suggest you get one," Kagome said while stirring her water with a straw.

"Girl what is it with your irritating plan to aggravate me?" Sesshoumaru frowned as he stared at Kagome who was studying a menu while still swirling her water around.

"There is no plan," she glanced up at him. "I just say what others don't dare even think about you."

Sesshoumaru scowled and opened his mouth when Kagome interrupted. "Well seeing how you apparently have no life I'll tell you about mine! After all you broke about fifty three traffic laws getting here so I doubt your father and brother will be on this street, much less in the building, any time soon."

"Girl," Sesshoumaru growled.

"Kagome," Kagome corrected. "Hm, where to start. Well I have a little brother who's eighteen, and he still lives with my mom and grandpa. My grandpa runs a shrine, and when I was little he used to give me all sorts of gross artifacts for my birthday. I went to college for computer programming, but when I applied for a job at Tashio Inc your father found out that I had excellent hacking skills and hired me as a hacker to try and hack Tashio Inc's equipment, and their own system. And I've been doing that up until today," she summerized before taking a sip of water. "Now you have to tell me, you must have some sort of life."

Sesshoumaru sneered. Well if she wanted to play the 'get to know you' game he could do it to surprise her. "My mother died when I was three and father remarried when I was five. Inu Yasha was born when I was almost six, and during my entire life I have been trained so that one day I could take over Tashio Inc."

Kagome was silent a moment. "I'm sorry about your mother," she quietly said.

Sesshoumaru shrugged. "Things happen. Besides something obviously happened to your father since you did not mention him."

Kagome gave him a sad smile. "He died in a car crash when I was twelve."

"I see," Sesshoumaru said, praying that his father and moronic half brother would show up soon.

His prayers were answered and Inu Yasha entered the Café, Kikyo gripping his arm like she was afraid he would run away, with Tashio, Kagura, and Sakura.

"There he is! Sesshoumaru my boy!" Tashio thundered as he walked toward the table. The group quickly seated themselves with Sesshoumaru across from Kagome at one end. Next to Sesshoumaru was Kagura, then Sakura, and Tashio at the head of the table. Inu Yasha sat next to Kagome, and Kikyo next to him.

The group quickly ordered their food and sat around and talked. Well Kagome teased Inu Yasha while Kikyo sulked and Sesshoumaru glowered. Everyone laughed and talked, discussing the most recent deals that Tashio Inc was closing. The food was delicious and Tashio paid for the bill as everyone stood to leave.

"Thank you very much Tashio." Kagome said with a bright smile. "It was a lot of fun!"

Tashio glowed. "Oh yes, I think this was one of my greatest ideas!"

"Inu Yasha!" Kikyo whined while tugging on his arm. "I want to go home!"

Inu Yasha cringed at the sound of her voice. "Yeah, sure. Let's go," he muttered, walking toward the door. "Good luck surviving this week Kagome!" he called out over his shoulder. "I'll see you tomorrow," he waved before Kikyo shrieked and pulled him out of the café.

Kagome muffled a yawn as Sakura smiled warmly at her. "Sesshoumaru drive carefully when taking Kagome home," she mildly said as she helped the younger girl with putting on her coat before smiling at her again.

Sesshoumaru frowned and said nothing while Sakura quickly embraced Kagome.

"It was wonderful getting to meet you," Kagome shyly said with a bright smile. "I hope to see you again!"

A sly smile slipped across Tashio's lips as he wrapped his arm around his wife's waist. "Oh, I'm sure you will!" He told them as he smirked at Sesshoumaru.

Kagura yawned. "Well it was nice having dinner with you all. My apartment is just a block or so away so I'll be going. I'll see you tomorrow at work Tashio. And oh, Sakura? I suggest you ask him what he ate today," she said with an smirk before walking into the night.

"I'll do just that Kagura," Sakura said turning to give her husband a stern look.

Kagome, seeing that a lecture was about to take place, hauled Sesshoumaru out of the café saying. "Exit scene one! And oh, I'm driving."

"It is my car. Needless to say I drive," Sesshoumaru scoffed as they walked toward his vehicle.

"Yes but it is my life and I choose TO LIVE!" Kagome shouted the last part before snatching the keys out of his hand and racing to the drivers' side. She hopped in and locked the door behind her.

Sesshoumaru tapped on the glass. "Open up Higurashi," he ordered.

"What are you going to do?" she said in a sing song voice.

He leaned into the window to prove his point. "Something horrible."

Kagome stuck out her tongue. "Hah! Like that will work on me!"

"It will involve the stuffed animal cat you keep on your desk."

"WHAT?" she screamed. She scowled and unlocked the car and hopped out, bopping Sesshoumaru with the door. "You really are cruel!" she huffed as she flounced over to the passengers side.

Sesshoumaru smirked and buckled his seat belt before turning on the car. Kagome shivered and clenched her eyes shut in preparation for the wild ride she was in for.

Seven minutes later Sesshoumaru pulled up to Kagome's apartment complex. (Kagome had barked out the address to Sesshoumaru while they waited at a red light that Sesshoumaru had amazingly enough stopped for.)

Kagome sprinted out of the car and ran up the side walk before collapsing at the door. "I expect to see you at the office at exactly eight o'clock tomorrow morning!" Sesshoumaru called as he rolled the window down.

Kagome made a fake salute. "Rodger Lord Sesshoumaru! This Kagome shall meet you there Lord Sesshoumaru…armed to the teeth with revenge equipment for that ride. See ya then Lord Sesshoumaru!" she called before throwing the door open and disappearing in.

Sesshoumaru shook his head before driving out to his giant apartment which was a good twenty minutes away. He parked his car in the garage before walking up to his empty apartment. He walked in after checking the mail, only bills were in it, and saw with a single glance that there were no messages for him on his answering machine. He checked his personal email address which was not connected to the company and again there was nothing.

'Perfect, no messages and no one bugging me.' Sesshoumaru said with a smile. 'Just the way I like it.' He thought, trying to ignore that empty feeling at the pit of his stomach.

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