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Heart Hacking

Week of Weeping

Kagome's cerulean blue eyes shifted around the front of the Tashio Inc building as she exited the Taxi. A light drizzle was coming down, spattering her with cold drops of water. She was surrounded in a swirl of colors from the brightly decorated umbrellas, but to Kagome it was all black and white.

She entered the building, wishing not for the first time that she had a car, and kept her eyes cast downward as she made her way to the elevator. Her black heels made a clicking noise on the marble floor as she brushed past fellow employees and stepped into the humming elevator.

The contraption slowly rose as Kagome pressed her floor button and blinked in the florescent light.

The elevator rattled to a stop and Kagome quickly left it and walked down the familiar path to her old cubical. She paused at the entrance and saw that the box of her personal items from Sesshoumaru's office was waiting. "He must have wanted to get rid of me very badly." She mused as she put the box in a corner and sat down in her chair which creaked in response.

She twirled around a bit, her mind swimming with thoughts about her former boss and crush, Sesshoumaru. Her lovely face contorted in a scowl as she stood and stomped a foot on the ground. "I'm not going to let that jerk ruin my day." She stubbornly said as she tossed her head. "Kagome Higurashi never lets a slug wreck her life!" She said as she clapped her hands together and let a smile creep across her features.

"Kagome!" Sango cried as she leapt out of her own cubical three spaces down. "You're back!" She cooed.

Kagome gave her a smug grin. "Of course I am! Someone has to keep these computer nerds unhappy!"

A chorus of groans filled the room as several devout dweebs hugged their computer protectively as they peered at the girl who would dare to infect their precious'es.

Sango gave her best friend a quick hug before grinning. "How about a celebratory cappuccino?" She asked.

"Carmel dream?" Kagome said as her blue eyes grew bigger.

"Yep! I've got two in the snack room; one for you and one for me!" Sango said as she licked her lips.

"Let's go!" Kagome pulled her friend away from the cubicles and tore down the hallway at a breakneck speed, intent on getting to her creamy drink of goodness before anyone stole it.

"Kagome slow down! You're going to run into someone!" Sango lectured as Kagome whipped around a corner, still dragging Sango behind her.

"Pah! Whatever! I have Jedi Knight-like reflexes! Muwahahah." Kagome laughed before happily bursting into the dark snack room.

Kagome blinked in the darkness as she cocked her head. "Why is the snack room dark? Someone is ALWAYS in here escaping work, or being the victim of Miroku's perverted habits." Kagome complained as Sango fumbled around in the dark.

"Mmhmm." Sango vaguely replied.

Kagome turned around her blue eyes sticking out like shining beacons. "Well turn the lights on before we trip over something and die! Although then I suppose we could sue and never have to work another day in our lives…" Kagome said as she wrinkled her brow in great concentration.

Sango promptly flipped the light switch to reveal a large group of people who all yelled. "SURPRISE!"

Kagome blinked with shock and gazed at the laughing group as she was passed around and hugged while some people patted her on the back.

A huge banner hung from the ceiling and read 'Welcome back Kagome'. A bunch of balloons were tied to a chair on the small table, and streamers were crisscrossed around the room.

The room was filled with about twenty people. Kagome could spot Miroku, Inu Yasha, Shippo, Naraku, Kagura, Koga, Sakura, Tashio, and more.

"G-guys." She stammered as the group smiled at her. "I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything Kagome." Sango said as she slung her arm around Kagome's shoulders. "We're just happy to have you back here, where you belong." She added with a caring smile as Kagome gave her a trembling grin.

Everyone laughed and drank Caramel Dreams (Inu Yasha had bought enough for everyone.) as Tashio pulled Kagome aside under the premise of giving her a dunkin donuts gift certificate.

Kagome laughed as her boss handed it to her as he stole her from the crowd. "Tashio, this is really unnecessary." She said with a smile as her boss gazed at her with gentle amber eyes. Kagome swallowed as she blinked, staring back at the eyes that reminded her so much of Sesshoumaru's.

"I'm sorry Kagome." Tashio said in a low voice as he continued to watch her, concern flashing across his features.

"Whatever for?" Kagome asked with a small laugh.

"I should have never given you a different job." Tashio said as pain sifted into his golden eyes.

Kagome gently put her hand on her boss's arm. "Don't worry about it Tashio."

He scowled. "I worry! It's my fault, I knew Sesshoumaru would fall for you, I just didn't think he was be such an-"

"What?" Kagome asked, raising an eyebrow before chuckling. "Tashio you've got it all wrong, Sesshoumaru hates my guts."

Tashio shook his head once. "No. He's a stubborn mule who fell in love with you and decided to drive you away instead of dealing with it. He's quite a pansy when it comes to feelings." Tashio said.

Kagome gave him a sad smile. "Sorry Tashio, but he told me point blank that he hated me, and I can say that the feeling is mutual. Don't worry about it. It was one stupid little week; I'm just happy to be back." She said with a winning smile before Inu Yasha pulled her away.

Tashio watched Kagome walk away, her blue eyes shining as her raven black hair floated around her. " 'Love is a wonderful, terrible thing'" He softly uttered.

"Shakespeare." Sakura stated as she came up to her husband. "Shakespeare was right you know." She continued. "Kagome never saw it coming; perhaps love is wonderful and still so terrible."

"Or Sesshoumaru is simply a tyrant." Tashio mused.

Sakura gave him a small frown before sighing. "Still angry with him are you?" She asked. Tashio became mute. "I don't blame you, I am very fond of Kagome; but Tashio, he is your son."

"Must you remind me?" He grumbled.

With this Sakura lightly slapped him in the stomach. "Cut the boy some slack, I highly doubt anyone else has ever made Sesshoumaru feel so… alive. He was rightfully scared."

"But that doesn't mean he should have done that to Kagome." Tashio growled as they watched the girl laugh as Sango chugged a warm drink.

"No." Sakura quietly agreed.

"I hope he's suffering." Tashio growled under his breath.

Sesshoumaru stared out the tiny window on the right side of the oak door in the conference room. It was Monday afternoon and he was holed up, listening to one of the company's boring speakers. He didn't mind though because at the moment Kagome was just outside the door, in perfect view of the window, playing cards with Shippo, Sango, and Miroku while eating her lunch.

She was smiling and her sapphire eyes shone as she laughed at something Sango said. Suddenly Koga pounced on her from behind and her cards flew into the air and slowly fluttered down to the ground as he proceeded to hug her to death.

She started gagging until Miroku and Sango pried the young man off of her. Kagome turned red as she started yelling at the unapologetic and smirking man who simply grinned wickedly before trotting off.

Sesshoumaru glared and the plastic cup he had been holding started to crack. Sesshoumaru jumped and glanced at the cup before mentally scolding himself for thinking about a girl he had already 'dismissed' from his thoughts. He looked up to see his father gazing, no, glaring at him. Tashio gave his son a hardened look before he returned his attention back to the speaker.

Sesshoumaru merely blinked and studied his notepad, ignoring the window by the door for the remainder of the meeting.

An hour later everyone rose and left the conference room. Sesshoumaru's chair scrapped against the tile floor as he stood and stretched. He gave a soft yawn as he relaxed his shoulders before collecting his briefcase and walking toward the elevator. As he past the cubical section of the office he could faintly hear Kagome's diabolical laugh as she undoubtedly programmed another virus that would render the company helpless until she fixed it.

She zipped out of her cubical and promptly ran into Sesshoumaru, knocking his briefcase to the floor. "Oh I'm so s-" She started and froze when she noticed who she had ran into. Without a word she flew away, quickly fading from sight.

Sesshoumaru paused, his stomach contorted as he remembered the pain and angered look in her eyes the moment before she had ran off. "If only…" he muttered. He quickly shook his thoughts off and continued walking after grabbing his abused breifcase.

Sesshoumaru rode the elevator up to his floor where he got off and walked to his office. He automatically braced himself for one of Kagome's practical jokes or redecorating schemes and paused after entering the room and glancing at the bare desk. "Hn." He simply said in an almost sneering tone as he walked to his desk and set his briefcase down. "Perhaps now I'll finally get some work done." He said out loud.

He was unable to and instead spent the next hour staring at a blank computer screen with glazed eyes. He was like that when the young authoress, Katten, found him.

"Buck up punk." She ordered as she strode into his office.

"Why are you here?" He asked with a scowl as his relative shrugged.

"I'm here to show you the outline for my new book; I'm hoping this one will actually get published."

"With you as the author that is quite impossible." He scoffed.

Katten glowered. "Be careful or in my next story I'll make you an ugly hunchback." She snapped her fingers. "That was the other thing." With this she picked up his briefcase, leaned over, and threw it at him, he dodged it but it still scathed the side of his face.

"What was that for?" He growled.

"You know what." She said as she studied her nails. "I told you to be careful you big dolt; I did not say to break her heart and yours in the process."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." He snorted.

Katten nailed him down with one glare. "Fine, deny it all you want Sesshoumaru. But I bet you fifty bucks you will not be filling that assistant seat anytime within the next month." She said as she stood and exited the room, disappearing from view.

"Whatever." Sesshoumaru said with a glare. "An assistant is a vital employee; I shall have a new one in two weeks."

Sesshoumaru glared at Katten's retreating back, now $50 poorer. He sighed as he gazed at the seemingly forever empty desk next to his. It wasn't as though he hadn't tried… He had to have interviewed nearly fifty students, but none of them had the qualities he was looking for.

He sighed and stood, perhaps going out to eat would clear his head. He quickly left his office and walked out into the city, blinking in the sudden sunlight. He allowed his feet to guide him to the nearest McDonalds™ and entered the busy fast-food-restaurant.

He quietly ordered; ignoring the loved filled looks he was receiving from a few of his fan club members who had followed him there. He turned to gaze out a window and heard it.


With a smirk he turned back, hoping to see Kagome with a camera, but frowned when it turned out to be one of his stupid fans who gave out a high pitched giggle before promptly dropping the camera.

He scowled and wiped off his hands as he stood and dumped his tray and exited the restaurant. He started walking down the street when he saw Kagome, who had already spotted him and was quickly weaving through traffic, staying as far away as possible.

"Kagome." He firmly said. The girl peered over her shoulder and established eye contact before fleeing, looking much like a scared rabbit.

Sesshoumaru ran after her, he wasn't sure why but he did. He saw her scramble around a corner and quickly followed her, blinking when he rounded the corner to see a Kagome-less street.

His golden eyes scanned the street as he lifted his chin, listening for the frightened girl. He frowned and turned around to walk back to the original street, his silver hair streaming out behind him.

Kagome breathed a sigh of relief the moment he vanished down the street. She quickly emerged from her hiding spot, a niche behind a garbage can, and slowly walked in the direction of a Dairy Queen ™, intent on getting some food before Sesshoumaru managed to track her down again.

She hummed a little tune as she skipped down the street, doing her best to calm her frantically beating heart. "He hurt me." She reminded herself as she tried to erase the picture of Sesshoumaru's backside from her memory. "He hates me." She added as she remembered the strange look in the depths of Sesshoumaru's golden eyes as he spotted her. "He probably wanted to talk to me so he could ship me off to Spain or something." She said with a frown as she entered the restaurant.

She quickly ordered (a large shake, chicken nuggets, and a large French fry.) and sat as she mulled over some thoughts that had been nagging her for the past month.

She remembered back to fateful night that Sesshoumaru had told her to pack her bags… Inu Yasha had taken her home and listened to her terrified ramblings.

"I despise him Inu Yasha! What did I do to him, what did I do?" Kagome sobbed on Inu Yasha's shoulder as he carried her into her apartment complex. "I wasn't mean to him, sure I might have redecorated his office once, but I don't know why he hates me! What did I do?" She repeated as she feebly beat her fists on Inu Yasha's firm chest.

Inu Yasha threw the door to her apartment open as he shifted her around in his arms, seemingly ignoring her.

"Does he really think I'm replaceable? Am I that easy to forget?" She whimpered as Inu Yasha closed the door with his foot. "Are you listening Inu Yasha, am I that unimportant?" Kagome sobbed once again as she banged her fists on him once more.

Inu Yasha slowly eased the aching girl onto the couch as he made soothing noises. "No Kagome, I'm just thinking of the different ways I can murder him." He comfortingly said as he allowed Kagome to cling to his waist, wasn't like he minded much anyways.

"It's not him, it's me! It's my fault." Kagome sobbed. "He's right, I am a pity case." She said before exploding into loud heart wrenching sobs that filled the air and could have moved even the coldest of hearts.

"No, Kagome. It's him." Inu Yasha said after the storm subsided. "You are priceless to the company, that is why Tashio hired you in the first place. It is Sesshoumaru who is out of line." Inu Yasha firmly said as he lifted Kagome's chin up so her blue eyes met his.

"It was Sesshoumaru?" She whispered.

"Yes." Inu Yasha said as he clasped the girl close to him.

Kagome closed her eyes as the tears continued to burn her face. "Sesshoumaru, I HATE YOU!"

Kagome jolted awake as her mind returned to her current project, eating. She quickly consumed her food before tramping back to the Tashio Inc building. The wind was icy and cold and Kagome continued to pine away for a car.

She quickly returned to the building and shivered with gratefulness as she entered its warm depths. She rode the elevator to her floor and smiled at Sango as she walked to her cubical and threw her coat on the chair. She sat down and had just settled in when she heard loud, angry voices.

"Sesshoumaru!" Tashio thundered as his oldest son stormed out of a conference room.

Sesshoumaru said nothing and simply walked on, his eyes sparking dangerously as he ignored his father.

"Sesshoumaru, get back here!" Tashio hissed as Kagome and the other startled computer nerds watched Sesshoumaru get on an elevator and ebb from view as the doors closed behind him.

"Hm." Sango said. "He must have done something to tick Tashio off again." She observed.

"He never comes for anyone; he rarely even answers when people call his name." Miroku responded from his position behind the standing girl.

"Perhaps." Sango thoughtfully said as Kagome continued to watch the spot where Sesshoumaru had been moments before. "PERVERT!" Sango screamed as she proceeded to strike Miroku over the head with a small wooden boomerang Kagome had gotten her since her old cardboard one broke after the last beating.

Kagome grinned and rolled back into her 'den' as she smiled at her screen. She smirked as she cracked her fingers. Her newest creation would be ready by Wednesday.

"As you can see our profits have jumped once again." A nasally, nerdy speaker informed Sesshoumaru, Tashio, and Inu Yasha as all three rubbed their heads and fought off sleep. The little geek continued to ramble on as Sesshoumaru began to succumb to slumber while Inu Yasha's arm that had been support his giant head gave out and Inu Yasha's head fell with a splat onto the large table. Tashio was rubbing his forehead as he quietly ran his fingers over a dunkin donuts menu, and still the speaker droned on.

It had been three days since Sesshoumaru last saw Kagome after his lunch break. He had tried talking to her in her cubical numerous times, but usually her dratted friends managed to create some sort of blockade, rendering him unable to get to her.

Sesshoumaru's eyes fluttered as he yawned, wishing something would happen to shut the gabbing man up. Thankfully something did.

Extremely loud music suddenly blared over the loudspeakers as the lights flickered on and off and the screens played the music video to Who let the dogs out.

Who let the dogs out? (Woof, woof, woof, woof.)

Who let the dogs out? (Woof, woof, woof, woof)

When the party was nice, the party was jumpin' (Hey, Yippie Yi Yo.)…

"Finally." Tashio muttered. "Thank God Kagome has a perfect sense of timing." He said as he stood and fumbled out of the room, stumbling as the lights blinked on and off like some sort of club. Sesshoumaru followed his dad out with Inu Yasha, and the three ran down the flights of stairs and walked onto Kagome's floor, which was in an uproar.

Many of the employees were simply dancing as different lights in the rooms flicked on and off in some sort of beat; Sesshoumaru could even spot a blushing Naraku dancing with a grinning Kagura. A large group of the computer nerds had joined in, the music video was still flashing over the screens as the music continued to boom.

Sesshoumaru saw his father walk over to a dancing girl. "Thank you Kagome." He yelled loudly over the music as Kagome jumped up and down with the beat. "You can stop now." He yelled as he did an impromptu jig while Kagome and Sango twirled each other around.

"Nah, I'm having fun." Kagome yelled back. "You turn it off." She ordered before Koga picked her up and whirled her as Sango beat Miroku over the head. Kagome laughed and gently pushed the amorous man away as Tashio wrinkled his brow.

"You know." Tashio continued to loudly converse with Kagome. "I think some of us are going to have strokes after this."

"What makes you say that?" She asked as she grabbed Inu Yasha's wrist and spun him around a couple of times.

"The flashing lights and stuff." Tashio responded. "They're always warning you about that in those fan subs you download off the internet."

Kagome raised an eyebrow as Sesshoumaru glared at his brother with something akin to jealousy. "And you know that how?"

Tashio looked bewildered.

Kagome rolled her eyes as Inu Yasha twisted her around him once. "I don't download anything but games here… You are the one that downloads the anime." She lectured.

"I do not!" Tashio protested as Sesshoumaru gazed around, looking for Kagome's cubical.

"Do too."






"Oy, you two be quiet, we all know that dad downloads Fruits Basket™, it's not secret!" Inu Yasha yelled as he twirled Kagome around again.

"You stay out of it; you're supposed to be on my side anyways!" Tashio ordered as Kagome laughed.

There was a blurring noise as the lights slowly started to stay on and the music slowed down before shutting off completely and the music video flickered and disappeared from the computer screens.

Kagome turned and scowled to see Sesshoumaru holding her jump drive as he stood in front of her computer.

"You didn't have to shut it off." She snapped as everyone stopped dancing and gazed around with red faces before they returned to their workspaces.

Sesshoumaru raised a silver eyebrow and simply turned and slowly swaggered away, Kagome glowering at his back.

Tashio sighed. "Well good work Kagome." He smiled. "You always do a wonderful job." He said with a nod before he followed his eldest son. Inu Yasha gave Kagome a warm smile before he ran after his father, nodding his head to the song that was still playing in his mind.

Kagome smiled as the family disappeared from view. "Well back to work." She said with a sigh as she returned to her computer and started playing a game.

Sango poked her head over the divider and rolled her eyes. "You said work Kagome, not play!"

"I am working!" Kagome insisted. "I decided that the next virus I create will be a game that you can't pause or stop playing!" She said before letting an evil laugh erupt from her mouth.

"You are strange." Sango said before sitting back down in her own chair.

"I know!" Kagome said with a smirk. "Oh, I know!"

"I have double jointed thumbs" Sango announced while showing the Thursday morning card group as she twisted her thumbs. Naraku merely looked up from his hand while Miroku stopped shuffling his cards and Kagome grinned.

"I have double jointed ankles." Kagome said, demonstrating.

"I have double jointed arms." Naraku said with a shy smile.

"Well…" Miroku started, frowning thoughtfully. "I can fart."

"MIROKU!" Sango yelled before bashing him over the head with her fist.

"What?" Miroku whined as he nursed the large lump on his head. "I didn't do anything!" He complained.

"You were being a gross boy." Kagome said with a nod as she gave him a discusted look.

"I am a boy." Miroku said, thumping his hand on his chest.

Sango rolled her eyes. "Not a normal one."

Naraku and Kagome chuckled as the couple went back and forth, bantering and arguing.

"Did you guys here about the creep that's stalking around the city?" Naraku asked as he played his cards.

"Yeah, doesn't he grab girls off of the streets and mutilate them or something?" Sango shuttered.

"It's pretty gruesome from what I hear." Miroku grimly said, waiting his turn.

"I wish the police would find him, he's injured eleven girls and killed two." Naraku continued.

"Meh, at least we know it's not Miroku." Kagome said with a wink.

"Hey! Give me more credit then that." Miroku protested.

"Whatever for? You are the pervert who taped a video camera to a counter top in the snack room!" Sango said, once again beating him over the head, making Miroku fall over in a small, unconscious heap.

Their mirth was disrupted when they heard someone shouting.

"Sesshoumaru! Oh Lord Sesshoumaru, wait up!" Jaken howled. The group turned around to see Sesshoumaru stalking by their small gathering area, a black haired girl clinging to his arm.

"What do you want?" The silver haired CEO snarled at the short Yoda-like figure that was waddling after him. The girl on Sesshoumaru's arm giggled as she dramatically ran her fingers through her hair and leaned closer to Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru's eyes hardened and his lip started to sneer as Jaken stuttered and stumbled, quaking under the businessman's glare.

"I-I-I" The little toad stuttered.

"Forget it." Sesshoumaru growled as he stalked off, his female companion still giggling and winking.

"Who was that?" Miroku asked in a confused tone.

"Who was who?" Sango asked, rearranging her cards.

"The girl with Sesshoumaru." Miroku replied as Naraku watched Kagome who was staring off at the space where Sesshoumaru had stood moments before.

"Her name is Rin. She once was Sesshoumaru's secretary when she supposedly had a mental breakdown. Tashio said that she's been going to a psychiatrist for a while, who helped her 'realize' that she wasn't really hurt by Sesshoumaru, she was just secretly in love with him. She's now Sesshoumaru's girlfriend according to Inu Yasha." Sango said; avoiding Kagome's gaze as silence filled the gap.

Kagome gave everyone a weak smile. "We should probably get back to work now." Everyone reluctantly agreed and slowly put their cards away and went their separate ways.

Naraku watched Kagome and the others leave before flipping out his cell phone. "Kagura? Hi, would you mind putting me through to Tashio?"

Tashio frowned as he clasped his hands together while staring out into the city. Young Naraku had just called him; Kagome was still in love with Sesshoumaru. "The question is: am I willing to gamble and try to get them back together?" He murmured. He closed his gold eyes and shook his head as his mind replayed the memories of Kagome's broken gaze the night Sesshoumaru ruined her. "No…Even if I wanted to I doubt he would want her. He never comes when called." Tashio said with a sigh. "Sesshoumaru made a mistake, he doesn't deserve her. It's up to him if he wants her back." He said before turning his back on the city and walking out the doors.

Sesshoumaru rubbed his head as he gazed at the clock. It was about six o'clock, Thrusday afternoon, and that stupid Rin girl hadn't left yet.

"Oh Sesshoumaru!" She happily giggled as she danced around the room, throwing flowers as she went.

"Go away." Sesshoumaru said with a growl, he just found out that his demented brother had been spreading rumors that this Rin chick was his girlfriend. Disgusting, she was even more moronic then his sibling.

The girl simply laughed and for once did as she was told. Sesshoumaru slumped over from relief as his headache lessened substantially. He gazed around the office before quietly getting up and creeping out of the office and down the hallway, escaping Rin's clutches.

Sesshoumaru walked into the elevator and after going down one floor the contraption paused and opened its doors. Sesshoumaru blinked to see Kagome, digging through her purse and totally oblivious to her surroundings, walk in and she muttered to herself while searching for something.

She apparently gave up, shrugged, and looked up as the elevator doors closed. Kagome gave a startled gasp as she noticed Sesshoumaru, and instantly backed into a corner, her blue eyes growing wider by the second.

Sesshoumaru frowned. "It's not like I'm going to eat her or anything." He thought as his headache disappeared upon seeing her. "Kagome." Sesshoumaru said, nodding his head. The young hacker simply made a squeaking noise as she attempted to press herself deeper into the corner while wishing the ground would swallow her.

Sesshoumaru's frown deepened. "Why are you here so late?" He questioned.

"Working on a new virus." Kagome peeped.

Sesshoumaru frowned. "This one will be more appropriate then the last?" He asked, nailing her down with a gaze.

Kagome scowled, no one insulted her viruses and got away with it. "There was nothing wrong with the last one!"

"Oh really, so disrupting work and sending an entire building into chaos is acceptable?" He scoffed.

Kagome glared. "It's my job, what can I say? At least I do mine." She snarled.

"That is debatable." Sesshoumaru responded.

"How would you possibly know?" Kagome threw back. "You don't see me at all!"

Sesshoumaru opened his mouth, about to confess how he purposely walked by her cubical nearly three times a day ,before he thought better of it. "I don't have to; I know what kind of work ethic you have. It shows in your personality." He sneered.

"Where do you come off?" Kagome stormed, stomping a foot on the elevator floor. "Honestly, what is your problem? I haven't done a stinking thing to you and you still single me out! Why don't you go away and leave me alone and happy, go marry that Rin girl and get a life!" She yelled before running out of the elevator that had just opened its doors upon stopping at the first floor.

Sesshoumaru watched Kagome run out of the building with hallow, golden eyes. He sighed and slowly followed her, blinking in the sun as he exited the building. "I'm sorry Kagome." He whispered as he stared straight ahead, his eyes giving off a dead look. "I'm not good enough for you…"

Kagome stormed through the city park, her shoes clicking angrily on the cement sidewalks as birds launched themselves, fluttering and chirping, into the air. "Stupid dweeb." She muttered as she wrathfully walked down the path as the sunlight dwindled over the horizon line. "Crummy, busybody CEO." She said before she stubbed her toe on a crack in the cement and fell down.

Kagome cringed as she painfully stood, brushing off her black coat and ruined skirt. "Just my luck." She grumbled before she shivered and pulled her jacket closer to her.

She blinked and grumbled, still wishing for a car; then she wouldn't have to walk in the park which was kinda freaky when it was dark.

"Stupid Sesshoumaru." She muttered. "He is always causing problems." She paused to complain as the trees cast long eerie shadows on the sidewalk. A twig snapped. "Who's there?" Kagome asked, turning around as a raven cawed in the distance. Kagome blinked and started walking again, grumbling to herself about creepy stalkers and bosses.

Suddenly a hand clamped down on Kagome's shoulder. "WHAT?" She shouted as she turned to face a tall, creepy man who was flashing her the most frightening smirk she had ever seen. She promptly gave an ear piercing scream as the man clamped his free hand around her face and switched his grip to her waist as he brought her in, tight against his chest. "Oh my gosh, it's the guy Naraku was talking about!" Kagome thought as she felt him twine a gross hand further around her waist, making her want to gag.

"I'm in for some fun with you girlie." The creep said as he rested his clammy head on Kagome's neck, making her feel sicker. She promptly bit his hand and screamed as he cursed and flexed his appendage.

"SESSHOUMARU, SESSHOUMARU!" She screamed before the stalker slapped her roughly in the face and covered her mouth again.

"Shut up wench!" He growled. "I'm going to kill you for that." He said as he eyed her up.

Tears poured down Kagome's face as she struggled while the man fumbled around in his jacket before pulling out a knife that glinted in the fading sun. "I'm going to die." She thought.

Sesshoumaru whirled around, randomly stopping on the busy streets of the city. He had decided to take a walk before leaving so he could clear his head, but he swore he could hear someone yelling his name.

Sesshoumaru turned back, his troubled golden eyes gazing ahead of him as he continued on.

Kagome was roughly thrown against the trunk of a large tree. Her back scrapped painfully against the rough bark as the offender held her there, one hand still over her mouth and the other one pressing her shoulders deeper into the trunk. "You've got guts lady." He admitted in an oozing voice as Kagome tried to kick him in the shins, he responded my merely nailing her body closer against the tree with his own legs. "But that's nothing against me." He said as he made a small slit in her clothing with the knife that was still clenched in the hand that was holding onto her shoulders. He continued with his work, slicing and tearing most of her clothes so that half of her body was revealed.

"Nice body, girl." The stalker sneered as he hungrily eyed her up.

Kagome closed her eyes and trembled as she felt the knife's cool surface scrape against her skin making a small cut. She tried screaming again but the stalker rammed her head into the tree, making her vision go fuzzy as he adjusted his grip on the knife, flicking it so it was touching her throat.

"It's no use fighting back." He said; laughing as the knife punctured her skin once more, this time a thin river of blood poured out of the small wound. "Once I get a victim I never let go, until they're dead." The man confined to her in a raspy voice, his putrid breath nearing her face. Suddenly he was blown off his feet and slammed into a large tree before falling into a shrub.

Kagome fell to her knees, shaking and crying as she covered herself with her arms. She rocked back and forth but managed to focus in on the sight before her.

Sesshoumaru in all his glory had magically appeared and was standing in front of her, his silver hair streaming out as his amber eyes turned icy. "I've never seen him so angry." Kagome dimly thought as the mutilator stumbled to his feet.

"You're gonna regret that." The criminal said, spitting blood out of his mouth.

"Really." Sesshoumaru said, sounding unimpressed.

"What is he doing here?" Kagome whispered to herself. "Did he come because I yelled?"

The armed stalker yelled and jumped at Sesshoumaru, who easily dodged the jab, and was again propelled through the air as Sesshoumaru kicked him in the gut. The man fell onto his back and skid for a few feet before he once again got up and stumbled toward Sesshoumaru, his black eyes burning with anger.

Sesshoumaru bordly dodged each move that the man sent his way while watching Kagome out of the corner of his eye. He would then kick and/or punch the criminal who would go flying. The mutilator would then rise with a string of curses and try again, and again, and again.

The criminal had just tried stabbing Sesshoumaru in chest, when the CEO calmly grabbed the man's arm and pulled him in, sneering in his face. "Never hurt anyone who is important to this Sesshoumaru." He growled and in a second he had the man on his stomach as he held and bent the stalker's arm into an unnatural position. The offender screamed and howled in unearthly pain until he blacked out.

"W-What did you do?" Kagome stuttered as tears clogged her throat while she retreated behind a bush, attempting hiding her ripped clothes.

Sesshoumaru frowned as he slowly perused her. "I broke his arm and popped it out of the socket." He frankly said.

Kagome, who was still crying, stumbled and fell onto the park floor. "Don't touch me!" She begged, weeping loudly as Sesshoumaru slowly walked toward her.

Sesshoumaru took of his suit coat as he neared her location. "I won't, I'm going to wrap you in my coat." He soothed as he kneeled down next to Kagome who was violently shivering. Kagome protested, but true to his word she could only feel the soft material of the jacket cover her body as he picked her up.

"I was so scared." She whispered as she tucked her head under his chin. "I thought he was going to kill me." She sobbed, clinging to her savior.

"Shh, don't worry." Sesshoumaru soothed as he fished for his cell phone in his pocket while cradling Kagome. "He won't be waking up for a while." He dryly added.

"Why did you come?" Kagome quietly asked, still trembling in spite of Sesshoumaru's warm embrace.

"You called me."

Three hours later Sesshoumaru hefted Kagome into his arms after unbuckling her from the car seat. They had been forced to stay at the park until the police arrived to collect the criminal. They then needed both Kagome's and Sesshoumaru's testimony, but not before Sesshoumaru had Jaken run to Kagome's apartment to get her some more clothes. The two had been thoroughly questioned, and Sesshoumaru was hailed a hero after receiving a lecture about letting the police do their job, before the law enforcement let them go. Kagome had fallen asleep on the way to her apartment, which Sesshoumaru was grateful for.

Sesshoumaru carried his precious cargo down the hallway before pausing at Kagome's door. He fuddled around a bit before coming up with the copy Jaken had given him, and he slowly opened the door, entered the apartment, and closed the door, solidly locking it behind them.

Kagome stirred in his arms and he watched her as she woke up, clutching her as though he was afraid she would disappear in thin air. "Do you want me to wait here why you shower?" Sesshoumaru asked, imagining that she would want to thoroughly wash herself after the experience.

Kagome gave him a swift nod and he slowly released her, allowing her to pad into her room to retrieve some night clothes before moving on to the bathroom. Soon enough the shower started and Sesshoumaru flicked on the TV, thanking God that Kagome was still with him.

It had been strange, after getting the weird feeling that someone had called his name Sesshoumaru felt a ripping pain in his chest and he swore he could hear Kagome screaming his name. His instincts led him to the park where he saw the creep about to mutilate his ex-assistant.

Sesshoumaru allowed his golden eyes to close as he breathed in the comforting scent of Kagome that was sprinkled liberally through the apartment. As far as he was concerned he was never going to let the girl walk again, nor would he allow her to be with anyone but him… if she still didn't hate him that was.

Ten minutes later a wet Kagome emerged from the bathroom. Sesshoumaru simply gazed at her, knowing it would be asinine to ask if she was okay. "Will you be fine being alone tonight?" He asked.

Kagome gave him a weak nod and Sesshoumaru let his gaze intensify before she shook her head. "Go to bed." He said pointing to her room. The unusually quiet girl hopped into her bed and settled down into the sheets as Sesshoumaru slowly followed her before pulling up a chair at the bedside and relaxing as best as he could.

"Will you stay here until I fall asleep?" Kagome quietly asked.

"I'll stay here until I leave for work. Now go to sleep." He ordered. Kagome gazed at him with blue eyes before she slowly shut them. She was still turned, facing him, as her breath deepened and her body relaxed, a sure sign that she had drifted off.

Sesshoumaru gazed sadly at the frightened girl before him. Moonlight pooled off her hair and made her long, dark eyelashes stick out against her creamy skin. He frowned as he saw the thin wound on her neck and a few bruises on her cheekbones and neck, Kagome was sure to have nightmares for weeks. "I'll never leave you." He promised the sleeping girl as he softly touched her hand. Kagome's breathing became irregular for a moment before her hand softly clutched his and she returned to normal. Sesshoumaru smiled at the poor broken angel that had caught his heart, she had gone through so much and asked for so little in return. "I love you." He whispered; Kagome's steady breathing was the only reply he got.

Kagome opened her eyes and blinked. She heard some clanging in the kitchen and froze as memories flooded her from yesterday. She slowly slipped out of the bed and crept around the corner to see Sesshoumaru, still in his clothes from the day before. He was sipping a cup of coffee and reading the morning newspaper while sitting at her kitchen table as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He looked up and caught her eye.

"Good, you're up. Here." He said tossing her some keys. "These are the keys to my Mustang. Once you are ready to come to work, if you wish to come at all today, you may drive it there." He said as he stood, putting his suit coat on.

"What about you? Are you going to walk?" Kagome asked as she fingered the silver keys.

Sesshoumaru snorted. "No." He firmly said. "Jaken brought the limo." He said before downing his cup and setting it in the sink. "I'll see you sometime today." He said, leaning over the counter to plant a small kiss on her forehead before he exited the apartment, leaving a thoroughly stunned Kagome in his wake.

"That was very strange." She observed as she gently touched her forehead.

Kagome entered the Tashio building at eleven o'clock. She had spent the morning moping around and trying to forget the night's previous incident, but since nothing helped Kagome decided to go to work, hoping it would be able to distract her. She had just hopped off the elevator when she ran into Sesshoumaru.

"Kagome." He said with a nod; Kagome quivered, thinking that he was going to return to his cruel self at work. "Would you come with me for a moment?" He softly asked.

Kagome paused, hesitation shown clearly across her features before she slowly accepted, Sesshoumaru could see that she was placing a great deal of trust in him. He grasped her small hand in his before he gently pulled her into the elevator. They rode down to the garage floor in silence until Kagome handed him back his keys.

"Thanks… could you please close your eyes?" Sesshoumaru asked; sounding slightly embarrassed as they walked out into the parking garage.

Kagome shuddered but did as she was told. To her surprise, and secret delight, she felt Sesshoumaru's gentle arms around her waist as he pulled her lightly to his side, silently reassuring her. They walked for a few moments until he paused. "You can open them." He said.

Kagome slowly did so and stared at a new, black Lexis that was parked in the space in front of them. "Sooo?" She said gazing up at Sesshoumaru with questioning eyes. Sesshoumaru gave her a rare smile and dangled a pair of keys in front of her face.

Kagome's mouth dropped. "For me?" She stumbled.

"Kagome Higurashi, I have been a complete moron. I hurt you and purposely drove you away simply because I was a coward. I had fallen in love with you and I didn't want to face the facts, which simply are that I care for you like I have for no one else." Sesshoumaru simply said as Kagome stared at him. "I'm sorry that I have hurt you so much, and I know it will take a while for you to forgive me for all I've done, but last night when I saw you about to be hurt before my very eyes, I wanted to kill that man." He said as he pulled the girl closer to him. "I don't want to lose you, so I'm willing to wait however long it will take for you to forgive me." He said, stopping after this speech. (Kagome secretly thought that he must have used all of his stored up 'caring' words from the past decade on her in that single speech.)

"I don't think it will take that long." She said, awkwardly gazing away from him and her new car.

She felt Sesshoumaru's gentle hand cupping her chin to face his. "Good." He purred as he leaned in. "I wasn't sure how long I would be able to stand seeing you, not knowing you were mine." He said as he gently kissed Kagome, giving her plenty of time to pull away.

"AWWWWWWWWWW" Tashio, Inu Yasha, Miroku, Sango, Naraku, Sakura, Kagura, and Shippo all simultaneously said.

"I'm finally going to have a daughter! We can have donut dates!" Tashio tearfully said as he wiped his eyes, watching his oldest son gently kiss his soon to be daughter in law.

Sakura tapped the TV screen thoughtfully. "I told you it was a good idea to have those security cameras installed, Tashio."

"We should give them some privacy." Sango suggested.

"Why? Sesshoumaru knows that he is in front of a camera, look at that smug smirk!" Inu Yasha argued.

"My dear Sango, would you like some privacy with me?" Miroku hopefully asked as he edged closer.

"Ack! No, you Pervert!" Sango yelled before beating him over the head with her boomerang.

The room erupted in laughter as Tashio gave a small smile before turning off the screen. "Well done, my son."

Kagome giggled as she ran around a huge oak tree. She heard Sesshoumaru give an 'angry' roar before he pounced on her and picked her up by the waist, whirling her around.

Kagome laughed as her blue black locks mixed with her husbands silver ones. Sesshoumaru slowly set her down, keeping his forehead resting against hers. "Shall we go inside?" He teased.

Kagome blushed and Sesshoumaru chuckled, she looked cute whenever she did that. "Isn't Katten supposed to visit us this afternoon?" She inquired before breaking away with a wink and running a few feet before her husband caught up with her and picked her up, carrying her like a doll.

"True." He said as he walked across the lawn and entered the giant Victorian style mansion. "We had best clean up our little monsters first then." Sesshoumaru suggested as he set his wife down on the couch. "Katten always does enjoy poking fun of their dirt stained attire."

Kagome snorted. "Only until they convince her to go play in that well with them. Honestly they are bad influences on each other." She said as the wooden floor started to shake.

"Mommy, Daddy!" Childish voices yelled before lumps of energy flung themselves onto their parents.

A six year old girl with dark black hair had attached herself to her father's leg, her blue eyes gazing up at him with adoration as her older, eight year old brother, tugged on his father's arm, a mirror image of him with silver hair and golden eyes.

Two four year old children, twins, had launched themselves onto Kagome. One was a little girl with silver hair that was streaked with black and dark blue eyes, her twin was a taller boy with black hair that had silver streaks. He laughed with his twin, his amber brown eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Mommy, mommy! Aunty Kitty is here!" He said as he grinned revealing a toothless smile.

"Thank you for telling me Conrad, why don't you go wash up with Kairi?" Kagome said with a proud smile as the twins grinned and slipped off her lap, doing as they were told to.

"You too, Rior and Ahira." Sesshoumaru said. Eight year old Rior nodded before dragging his sister off in the general direction of a bathroom.

Kagome smiled as Sesshoumaru settled down in the couch next to her. "We are so lucky." She said as she watched her children disappear.

"Yes." Sesshoumaru agreed as he gave her a loving gaze.

"Am I interrupting something, you two lovebirds?" A sly voiced teased.

"Katten, come in!" Kagome welcomed.

"What brings you here?" Sesshoumaru wryly asked. "Don't tell me you want me to actually publish one of your books!" He teased.

His relative rolled her eyes. "Please! I'm now a best selling author! Four of my books have done quite well! I'm actually here to show you the second one, the one I was planning out right before you two got married." Katten said as she seated herself on a comfortable, leather chair.

"You mean people actually read your stories?" Sesshoumaru questioned.

Katten smiled as she winked at Kagome. "Shut up you pile of steaming poop! I figured Kagome would like the story… you probably won't though seeing how this is the one that I turned you into a hunchback for." She said as she tossed a book in their direction. "I kid!" She added after seeing Sesshoumaru's murderous gaze.

Kagome studied the bright blue cover and said out loud. "Heart Hacking… sounds interesting." She opened it to the first page and continued to read as Sesshoumaru sneered in disinterest… until he heard Kagome speak. "Kagome wickedly grinned as she rubbed her hands together and watched the computer screen. "Mwhahahaha! This is my best virus I've created yet! I AM INVINCIBLE!" Kagome yelled, frightening several people who were walking by her cubicle…"

"KATTEN!" Sesshoumaru bellowed as he shot off of the couch and ran down the hallway, tearing after the diabolically laughing authoress who had started fleeing the moment Kagome read the first sentence. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" He shouted as they rounded another hallway and disappeared from hearing.

Kagome skipped to the end of the book and laughed. "What do you know? He said that in this book too! Now all that's left is to say 'and they lived happily ever after'."

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