Summary: A time where youkai were masters and ningen were below them. A time where that tradition was being thrown out a journey began; an epic drama that many would know as time passed. This is how it all began, how Kagome the young heiress to the eastern realm began the cogs of fate. How her meeting the young heirs to the western realm changed all the realms fate. This is the journey for their Lost Light.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha in any way, all characters and ideas from the show called "Inuyasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale" belong to RumikoTakahashi. I am in no way gaining any profit off of this story, it is soul based on my imagination and thought's and posted for fellow InuYasha fans enjoyment.

Warnings: uh… I can't really think of any warnings to warn you about. So if you find any just tell me and I'll warn you. Oh and this is an AU in case anyone is wondering.

Rating: PG-13… maybe higher later.

Lost Light

By: TwilightKitsune1

Chapter one (1)

- Prologue –

It was one of the more peaceful days in a time where there was no war, famine, or diseases; a day that would be the beginning to a story that would be known as an epic journey. It would be a many years from now when the drama would begin, but for now, at this time, it was just a wonderful mid day where all seemed right in this world. The sun shinned lazily in the sky as a few clouds lofted by. A gentle breeze blew in the air, waving the nature it passed, giving gentle rustling sounds in its wake; also there was the noise of Koi as they jumped in the ponds in the area. There were a few songs from birds as the fluttered by high in the sky. There was also a soft scent of cherry blossoms in the air, a soothing smell. It was indeed a wonderful day to be alive.

In the perfect weather, on a perfect day, sat a young ningen woman who was obviously with child; she sat basking in the calm weather, the wonderful sound of nature, and the shinning sun. There was not a care in the world for her as she inhaled the soothing scent of cherry blossoms. She always loved her name, the name she had been named after cherry blossom; Sakura. She smiled softly as a lone blossom floated onto her lap decorating the kimono that she wore. The design of the Iromuji kimono was simple, yet obviously it was for an upper class woman. It was just a soft pink color; the Nagajuban and Hiyoku under the kimono were a darker color of pink; her Obi was also a darker color of pink. In her hair she wore a Kanzashi in her hair; its shape was like the blossom that had landed in her lap, it only pulled back the front of her hair allowing her bangs to hang slightly in her eyes and allowed the rest to flow like a pitch black waterfall down her back. Her Geta were placed beside her side by side, her feet only covered by her Tabi's. Her eyes were closed as the wind gently blew across her face, taking the blossom it had just given her.

As she sat there enjoying the nature around her she failed to notice as two men silently made their way towards her, trying not to make much noise. As they reached her one man leaned against the tree, smiling down at her he spoke, "Sakura, how are you today? Have you felt the pup kick much today?" said the man.

Her eyes sliding open and she turned her smiling face on the man who spoke. He wore a plain dark blue color Kimono, the under layers becoming darker and darker but remaining an obvious blue color; his obi however was a black color. His hair hung down his back in a thick braid, though only half was done while the rest hung free reaching down to his arse. On his forehead under the few bangs that hung there was a symbol. It was shaped much like a yin-yan though it was not a black and white color, nor did the two sides actually connect together. The upper was a soft blue color while the lower color was an emerald green; between the two colors was a golden color that seemed to connect them. This symbol proved he was the lord of the eastern realm. She knew his name was Natiku; he was a dear close friend to her and her mate.

She smiled up at him and nodded her head, "Yes, he seems more playful then usual today."

"Then what are you doing out here! You should be lying down in the castle if the pup is being so active!" said the other man.

She turned her gaze to the other man, just looking upon him seemed to strengthen her and give her more vigor. He had silver white hair, also in a braid. However, his mane of hair reached to the floor in its length; the braid seemed as thick as a tree branch, as tight as a snakes coil. He wore a plain white kimono, the layers as pure as the next. His sash however was a blood red color, as though it had in fact been dyed in actual blood. On his forehead stood a blue crescent symbol, showing he was lord of the western realm. He was her mate in life, her dearest companion in this world, her lord and love, Tiasho.

"Dearest, the fresh air calms the pup. Should I rest when he is active he becomes restless."

Natiku laughed at this, "My friend it sounds like you shall have a handful when the pup is born."

"I feel as though I have a handful now with my mate Natiku. Though how are Akiko and your child? I believe her term is ending soon is it not?"

"Oh yes, she had the child two nights and three days ago, I wished to come sooner and tell all that the mood swings should be gone. What joyous news I know, but my mate wished me to stay and seeing our first born was more then enough to convince me to stay a while longer and postpone my trip." Natiku said, pride in his voice. "We decided on the name Kagome."

"Oh Kagome, that sounds like a wonderful name." Sakura said from her spot not wishing to move from her spot and becoming comfortable again. "My lord Tiasho takes many a times to himself to flee from my mood swings, I am sure he is greatly envious of you for that."

"That would be the only thing I am envious of; I am not envious of the female guard you will have to find for the child to protect her from future suitors." Tiasho teased his friend.

A horror stuck face came to him and he looked between Tiasho and Sakura, then back again. "I had not thought… Oh my friend you shall help me in this task won't you?" he asked in a pleading tone to his friend Tiasho. "If she takes after her mother's beauty then she will need a brigade of soldiers instead of just a simple guard!" his voice losing its horror struck voice as he stared at his friend.

"I shall indeed help you, though I am sure you shall have nothing to worry about should she take after you in looks." Tiasho laughed at Natiku's imitation of a floundering goldfish.

Sakura also laughed at their antics, the day seemed as though it would be a wonderful day. "Now boys, truly you act like the children you have—" her voice cutting off as there was a sharp pain that shot threw her and she felt a wet substance begin to wet her kimono. She had been trying to ignore the pains thinking they were nothing to worry about, now she knew what they were.

Her baby was ready to be born, no wonder it was being so active today.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX – XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX - XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

It had been seven hours now since the lady Sakura had gone into labor and her water broke. She laid in the birthing room, her pained voice filling it and the castle wing it was in. Her yells and screams bloodcurdling sending Tiasho on alert; the times she went silent he stood against the door on baited breath. He paced the area out side the room in front of the door. He had seen a few ladies in waiting rush by him carrying towels and buckets of clean steaming water into the room. None stopping to speak and all telling him he was not allowed to enter. Having no answers and only hearing his mate in pain made him twitchy, if the door opened even for a moment he was right there trying to get answers or enter the room.

As Tiasho paced his friend Natiku sat silently watching his friends' movements, Tiasho's first born sat beside him; his curious eyes of three followed his father as well. When there was a scream from Sakura and the boy saw his father tense up he just tilted his head to the room with curious eyes; when his father began pacing again his eyes would follow his feet. "My dear friend Tiasho, if you do not stop you will succeed in making both Sesshomaru and I sick with dizziness from watching you."

Upon hearing his name Sesshomaru's ears twitched and he turned to Natiku. He wanted to know what was going on, why the lady Sakura was being punished so harshly. What crime could she have committed that would cause his father to allow such a punishment then he realized, "Father, is Lady Sakura being punished for stealing food?"

Tiasho stopped in his pace and gazed at his son confused, Natiku looked over at Sesshomaru as a small smirk played on his face, "Why do you believe she is stealing when she is the lady of this realm. None are to punish the lady of the western realm."

Sesshomaru looked down at his feet for a moment before looking back to his father, "Well she has been eating more and getting fat… I thought perhaps that might be why she was screaming." He looked back down at his feet and continued; "Mother was the lady of the west too, but…" he broke off at the thought of his mother and her damaged pride, her mind following soon after.

Tiasho looked at the door that led to Sakura and then back to his son; sighing he left the door and kneeled in front of his son. "My son, Lady Sakura became fat since she has your baby brother inside her; she was eating more to nourish him…" he could not continue on for his first mate, knowing he was the one that had caused her mind to become as damaged as it was. He had been the one to injure her pride, in the end he had to be the one to strike her down for the safety of his realm and family; he would never tell Sesshomaru that only one and a half years ago his own mother was going to snuff him out.

Sesshomaru looked back up to his father, "Then she is screaming so because my younger brother is inside her?"

"Yes." Tiasho said, happy his son didn't notice how he had skipped over his mother.

As he began to stand Sesshomaru spoke again, "Then is he killing her so he can get out?"

Tiasho fell back onto his knee and looked at his young son in horror while Natiku was chuckling beside them deciding not to intersect knowing the young Sesshomaru would question every little thing until he understood. "No, no, no, my son. He will not kill the lady Sakura while he is being born. There is… there is an exit he shall go out that only women have."

Sesshomaru thought for a moment the looked at his father confused, "Why do only women have such a thing, and is that all it's used for?"

Tiasho could feel his checks light up, he was definitely not about to explain how things worked down there for his three year old son while his mate was giving birth. "That is how things are, I can not explain why women have something men do not. It is as impossible for me to tell you as it is for me to see the future." He finished, hoping his son had forgotten the latter question he began to stand up.

"But father, is that the only thing it is used for?" he asked again, apparently Kami wasn't taking any requests today.

"I shall explain that later my son." And Tiasho was back to pacing the length of the door.

Sesshomaru pouted beside Natiku who was having a difficult time keeping his laughter at his friends' plight. However his laughter was gone when he sensed a certain person coming. To their right the door slid wide open with a great force, though not hard enough to cause any damage to the door itself. Apparently there was a storm that had started recently since the traveler was slightly wet; their dark violet traveling cloak had droplets rolling down the sides. None could see who the new comer was which caused Tiasho to become even more agitated and his claws to lengthen, he'd not let any who wished harm near his mate as she was giving birth. Slowly reaching up the new comer jerked the hood of the traveling cloak off and stared with burning blue grey eyes. Her hair was slightly damp from the weather outside so it hung to her face dripping slightly; its color was a dark black, like night with no moon, and in it were dark blue streaks in her hair. Her skin seemed like a porcelain color though on her eyelids and below her eyes were silver markings, her lips as red as blood. On her forehead, slightly hidden beneath her soggy bangs stood the same symbol Natiku had on his forehead, showing she was the lady of the eastern realm.

"A-Akiko!? My dear what are you doing here, you know you shouldn't travel…" he said feebly as he jumped from his seat and rushed towards his mate he only now realized was cradling their new born in her arms. He would not question her decision, and was even more pleased to notice she was mostly wet from protecting the child from the storm.

"I left a few hours after I discovered you had left my dear mate." She said, freezing him in place with a glare.

"Oh… did I not tell you my love, I could have sworn—"

"Do not try me love." She said, her voice steal. Tiasho was now relaxing from the stance though not quite as relaxed as he wished he could be as he heard his mate scream again. Akiko looked to Tiasho, "I heard Sakura was giving birth when I arrived at the castle and rushed here as quickly as I could, I apologize for startling you my friend."

Tiasho nodded to her, accepting her apology and then went back to pacing as they continued the quarrel. "I am sorry, I did not think I would be gone long, that you would hardly notice my leaving."

"I understand my love… You just wished to inform everyone of the birth of our little Kagome, of how you are now free of the mood swings?"

Natiku stood there for a moment and looked guilty. Shuffling his feet a little he sighed, "Yes."

Her steal glare turned to daggers as she closed the distance between the two and punched him in the shoulder. "Cruel."

"…sorry." Was all he could say, his voice like a whisper.

"Oh, it is alright my love. Had you not come here we would not be able to witness another birth, luckily it is not myself this time."

She laughed and looked down to Kagome only to find the infant staring up at her expectantly. When Akiko was fully looking at the child Kagome laughed and giggled, reaching up for her mother's attention. Natiku smiled as he watched his mate and child, walking over to see Kagome again, how he had missed her. Sesshomaru was curious what was going on so standing up on his tiny legs he hurried over to the small group and tugged on Natiku's clothes. Natiku looked down only to find a curious looking Sesshomaru looking up expectantly. Smiling he reached down and lifted the boy so he could see Kagome.

Tiasho smiled at them and then looked back to the door quickly as it slowly slid open. Standing there was an old youkai doctor, Sakura's blood slightly staining her clothes from the waist up. Tiasho looked at her expectantly waiting on baited breath. "You may go to you mate and second son my lord." And that was all that was said as he passed her like a blur to his mate and child.

End Chapter One (1)

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