When the Earth was purely water, there was no life except for the waves dancing across the Sea. That is, until Land began to reach up from the black depths of the Ocean and reached the surface.

"Get back down, this planet is mine." growled the Ocean as she lashed furiously at the Land.

"You shall not get me back down there! Besides, I make up the crust. Without me, you wouldn't be here," retorted the Land as great volcanoes reared up into the Air and spewed molten lava down to the water.

They were both so busy bickering that they didn't notice a figure forming in the lava as it flowed lazily down the hills and through the valleys. One day, a great long tail appearde, breaking through the surface of the lava and dripping with molten rock. A few days later, a large, red-scaled talon complete with five huge black claws scraped out at the open sky and the Air watched it silently.

When the Land and Ocean finally noticed the creature, they both tried to desperately destroy it, to stop anything living on this planet. A large red snout stuck out of the lava as the Ocean threw her waves at it, but quickly vanished beneath the slow-flowing molten rock as a small shower of the salty water rained across the surface. Land shook himself vigourously and caused huge earthquakes and violent volcanoe eruptions, but still the figure remained, growing larger as more lava streams flowed into the main current.

"This will not do!" cried the Land as the figure poked a large membrane wing out of the lava, almost as if it was taunting the Earth.

"We must not let anything live here," he continued in anger.

"Yes, I know. It is nearing my shore, so I shall throw my biggest waves at it to destroy it."

And so they waited for the creature to reach the shoreline.

As soon as the figure in the lava heard the crashing waves and the Ocean's scornful and powerful voice, it began to struggle, forcing its upper body from the molten rock. Its wings were too weak though, and it soon snak below the surface, but it did not give up. Time and time again did the creature rise up, beating its wings are hard as possible, disturbing the lavsa around where it lay and creating thick smoke around itself.

The Land gave a great cry of anger and distress as the bright red creature rose dripping and steaming from his grasp and into the free Air as it cooed lovingly to the creature.

The Ocean and Land watched the beast gliding on the skies and gave a sigh.

"Maybe we shouldn't kill all that lives," the Land whispered as he turned to the Ocean.

"Yes, let us grow a huge variety of life on this planet, but none will be as magnificent as that one," replied the Ocean as her waves grew softer and more comforting as she lapped against the Land. They turned back to the beast as it began to swoop, then looked at the Air.

"What will you name it, Air?" they both called out. The Air smiled down at them.

"Why, she is a Dragon," it replied.